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Phish 08/09/11
Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, NV
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Source # 115653 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums 24bit-FLAC-md5 , 24bit-ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.72 GB (1847312891 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac24; (FOB) Neumann AK 40's > LC3 > KM 100 > Aerco MP2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 > Cd Wave > TLH > 24/48 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Harvey's Outdoor Arena
Stateline, Nv

*Brought To You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC 60' Back> Neumann AK 40's (NOS) >
LC3 > KM 100 > Aerco MP2 > SD 702 @ 24/48

Transfer: Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 >
Cd Wave > TLH > 24/48 FLAC

-Added +3.5 db gain for Set I

Set I
t01. Party Time
t02. Oh Kee Pah >
t03. AC/DC Bag
t04. Mellow Mood
t05. Rift
t06. Punch You In The Eye
t07. Meat
t08. David Bowie
t09. Bouncin'
t10. Horn
t11. Water In The Sky
t12. 46 Days

Set II
t13. Gotta Jibbo
t14. Light >
t15. Chalk Dust Torture
t16. Slave To The Traffic Light >
t17. Free >
t18. Rocket Man *
t19. Harry Hood >
t20. Walls Of The Cave
t21. Bug
t22. The Squirming Coil

* Elton John Song, 1st Time Played

Show Checksums
139fb68f0b6430d0d1228f135ab005f1 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t01.flac
6d7d58144d7630347cb69711d3eba27a *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t02.flac
f8a0a5ee28485c735b8a9b883f9f9059 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t03.flac
e07ca2218ee63533dc99f73a1c4f3c28 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t04.flac
347a13a39690216a296ae6afa9a273bc *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t05.flac
31067f448e4853f6628e80906693bed8 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t06.flac
b4b45c09a0e7c57cd71cf10c96880f47 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t07.flac
aff23dfa811ef12f361d0aa82a3cc24b *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t08.flac
895bbc36561a7ec9c59663e84b49f357 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t09.flac
d4e9ff50cce4cb45f55ab9b72748cd7a *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t10.flac
21fc075f64b72bdae1a187c57a3001b7 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t11.flac
e503d30a6a7ea89cc637de055e52b7cf *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t12.flac
c3b2e86723a67b6336be6c60b8fa770f *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t13.flac
6af9366d65d44f05c575ea8eb8c3aa9d *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t14.flac
a4b9f8c4fbf2c71197ae4c3b81e2b917 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t15.flac
5a1fd9a82d37c6559f4ac037821b45ae *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t16.flac
05d15a5ca262ca42aee5006ee8869ec0 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t17.flac
aef6338b3e02aaae10428fbc1a05b6ca *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t18.flac
c8eb4208e855b235abe1d1c19323ee22 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t19.flac
95f13f45c5b7bdb16d240252f81d8833 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t20.flac
6ff7f9553e237ba5079fd1014e772b9c *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t21.flac
a3ada97276b9eba1fb7d4cd97137d116 *ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t22.flac
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t01.flac:919d89b3a95bd74766f32c3191b52860
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t02.flac:3cebcda7cbf3128ff6e72f6ea9be8385
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t03.flac:579852fe64331d618cb3b0d078c025f0
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t04.flac:4ffdc26e945012246c44123683f250fd
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t05.flac:a8e69927c00f7620bb2c9ef24f0c8d63
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t06.flac:3a0d8545609082597882e077ce767efd
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t07.flac:5c3029c3879b72630f5d8a02a02d278d
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t08.flac:f55dd4e15806e6be52c687fd1016b357
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t09.flac:e7f1f00c231f9157e98990801aed05e9
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t10.flac:947833c1bb6c949045c187738c9f7a5f
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t11.flac:c775d1ffa4f4ac388e9c58e54751de36
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t12.flac:e90f1752b5b20fe1438069aff60cde87
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t13.flac:810bd71f8f9d0b5e694844c3ca986081
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t14.flac:2efdd54c8cba1613d0e558c1eec9550c
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t15.flac:4c66dd66846d14df62178ca3fed3b5b3
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t16.flac:743f14ed971a0f9b1f9fd308c7b19af0
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t17.flac:c393a55b766c3d8fcddd8b4a5fa18746
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t18.flac:288d69fee08f7b8086b844abf11462fd
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t19.flac:0b45cc9e84deb1cec2ceca1b7db11c2c
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t20.flac:6b7a408a23c427533cf07be7479b1c80
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t21.flac:ad7bb0421c7caacb3669436c513c1efe
ph2011-08-09 Stateline, Nv 2448 t22.flac:932a8df85f874c5fb34a5f4760b775b3

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