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Phish 08/15/98
Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4 , d5 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav , d4wav , d5wav
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Source Summary Schoeps mk4 > VMS021B > SBM-1 @44.1kHz > DAT > DAT > SPDIF > VX Pocket > Soundforge 5.0 > CDWav > mkwACT > SHNv3; Taped by Derek Gregory; Transferred by Jamie Lutch 
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August 15, 1998
The Lemonwheel
Limestone, ME

Schoeps MK4 > VMS021B > [email protected] > DAT > DAT > SPDIF >
VX Pocket > Soundforge 5.0 (trim and fade sets only) >
CDWAV1.53 > MKW0.97b > .shn w/seek tables appended

Recording by Derek Gregory
Transfer by Jamie Lutch 2/2002

Transfer was done twice, then inverted over itself.  All errors were inaudible.


*Dankseed Certification received 2002-08-21*
and posted at
Listening test performed by *5* danksters

positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK
Passes SHNTool- OK

negative criteria met:
Unecessary resampling- NO
Diginoise- NO

Disc 1 50:44
~Set I~
1. Mike's Song > 09:53
2. Simple 11:57
3. Beauty of My Dreams 03:20
4. Roggae 09:07
5. Split Open and Melt* 12:01
6. Poor Heart 04:27

Disc 2 60:37

1. Moma Dance 13:00
2. Divided Sky 16:55
3. Water in the Sky 03:29
4. Funky Bitch > 07:50
5. Cities** 08:28
6. Weekapaug Groove*** 10:55

Disc 3 74:16
~Set II~
1. The Wedge 06:58
2. Reba 17:02
3. Gumbo > 13:31
4. Sanity 05:36
5. Tweezer 16:09
6. The Horse > 01:37
7. Silent In The Morning 05:22
8. Chalkdust Torture 08:01

Disc 4 70:27

1. Slave To The Traffic [email protected]@ 10:50
~Set III~
2. NICU > 05:40
3. Bowie Intro > 08:56
4. David Bowie 16:28
5. Strange Design 03:03
6. Limb by Limb 11:34
7. Brian and Robert 03:42
8. Loving Cup 10:15

Disc 5 71:37
1. Halley's Comet > 07:00
2. Cavern > 04:09
3. Tweezer Reprise+ 09:06
~Set IV~
4. Ambient Jam 51:23

* Played for Sam, little kid freaking out in the front row

** With lyrics about the 'Garden of Infinite Pleasantries'.  Trey tries to make ferris wheel patrons sick with loop jam

*** Fishman sped it up and at the end the boys basically gave him a solo...  "Bob Weaver ladies and gentlemen"

@@ With Glowstick War

+ - After Tweezer Reprise, Trey explained that the band wanted to do something to combine ideas from The Clifford Ball and The Great Went, going into detail about the band/fan artwork from last year, and announced that the band would do a freeform ambient jam (lyric-less; nearly an hour long; "in the Brian Eno style of ambient music"), surrounded
by candles that were made by the audience throughout the day.  There were no lights used during the jam, the band using only the light from the candles, which Trey explained is similar to the idea of what happens during a glow-stick war, with the light for the band coming from the fans.  Because candles were placed around and througout the stage, Trey
explained that they were in fact playing in a "temple of fire" as the advertisements for summer tour shows announced.  After finishing the jam, the band picked up tiki torches, lit them using the candles on stage and lit a small stone (?) temple at the edge of the stage, which was left burning overnight and throughout the band's performance on Sunday.

Last Sanity 10/31/1996 (139 shows)

Thanks to for the setlist
Show Checksums
b6076ee89d44276d8f3c5886f9afd0c0 *ph1998-08-15d1t01.shn
1e42198bf731bc6946f7c1f46da63ed0 *ph1998-08-15d1t02.shn
e3d50893fa053441b287e2e6a46e2abb *ph1998-08-15d1t03.shn
305b2b0edee2d0862dce2aed3955c9bf *ph1998-08-15d1t04.shn
b6810384a9be1fcf9991bce8312a8537 *ph1998-08-15d1t05.shn
17b050edd81ca6b504a8b3d406eb9ef5 *ph1998-08-15d1t06.shn
8ee5ffcdbd6780706452a9d040b03e5a *ph1998-08-15d2t01.shn
b8c373c268acf2553038cd2de4b8856c *ph1998-08-15d2t02.shn
2229fc6c4acc3b1b79a4ea49fa8a3645 *ph1998-08-15d2t03.shn
2384c512c3c65259ba8062d90ff4e254 *ph1998-08-15d2t04.shn
7f604e4190258719eb42618a75296535 *ph1998-08-15d2t05.shn
f2aeea31c9c6a06c940f5999f799b988 *ph1998-08-15d2t06.shn
4415051de5cc6f1412b6d1b614d3ec35 *ph1998-08-15d3t01.shn
aed25b9795102dab7809cbf71d2658ba *ph1998-08-15d3t02.shn
abadac1a76c24aa977d868baa9363950 *ph1998-08-15d3t03.shn
e77feb71459301cc4039bcae50f58922 *ph1998-08-15d3t04.shn
ef1da33e622786abd42c9acc3ec273bc *ph1998-08-15d3t05.shn
b03a3a98ed599e1cf80767f2df2cc26c *ph1998-08-15d3t06.shn
0d54aab6dd36627ff4621930a083152d *ph1998-08-15d3t07.shn
6c71a735bd638eff5e556367e231dc92 *ph1998-08-15d3t08.shn
ae40620eca82116f43f298d8340df6e6 *ph1998-08-15d4t01.shn
807b2bb19d8c58eafffcce05201d1906 *ph1998-08-15d4t02.shn
b05b24c36f0ed62219e48718e8caa6f5 *ph1998-08-15d4t03.shn
3a9fc152dca29f1da37bcdf8be74ef4b *ph1998-08-15d4t04.shn
29c713f4a968d1666f5663ccf5e2971c *ph1998-08-15d4t05.shn
3c0240f0e620627e025874b0e323f0aa *ph1998-08-15d4t06.shn
51c15cd1533e725fe1730c11428e315f *ph1998-08-15d4t07.shn
33a532fca87e32f35d43acf5e60bedad *ph1998-08-15d4t08.shn
658e2c9f3f818de922f05b002fddab39 *ph1998-08-15d5t01.shn
dbd159479cab8de5352b4585f3ebccd2 *ph1998-08-15d5t02.shn
d33b83276c78066a084993d0c0986f83 *ph1998-08-15d5t03.shn
29fbc11022d0e43d02b0e5c312d60413 *ph1998-08-15d5t04.shn
2925f27b2544d1999c460838549ad1a4 *ph1998-08-15d1t01.wav
ba89f851c336be4967cbc5097792b29e *ph1998-08-15d1t02.wav
ec80adde43c15f181356226f457a89b1 *ph1998-08-15d1t03.wav
8814df943ec4a76eef56c0cf5d0fc3e7 *ph1998-08-15d1t04.wav
b69dab1238f0cf6cc5f997936574ced8 *ph1998-08-15d1t05.wav
72c3d3c72e3fedbcd519f4e0d1a41869 *ph1998-08-15d1t06.wav
41f030a4b8fad5ea47cb76be62b916a9 *ph1998-08-15d2t01.wav
c07370b3ed73ac86f01f6a6d6f7e7730 *ph1998-08-15d2t02.wav
48ae0951451380bd1a6608f0e5ba2a1e *ph1998-08-15d2t03.wav
7274e28dc7f69b2ba04807d16293433f *ph1998-08-15d2t04.wav
c41caea873f81bf0edeab3a61dfe2aa2 *ph1998-08-15d2t05.wav
d1c724e8c61dcf83ca71eb338b65f514 *ph1998-08-15d2t06.wav
cb47184fa5975b75210fbae0ffc17f08 *ph1998-08-15d3t01.wav
64c588a9f8ef25320a86f08f0f829829 *ph1998-08-15d3t02.wav
cc61ff12f785429bb7c14e0aaedb444c *ph1998-08-15d3t03.wav
18777973fdba9bd7cf96c8a8883d705d *ph1998-08-15d3t04.wav
4e6bbf103ee1f3d3ea276e54a3c02d44 *ph1998-08-15d3t05.wav
3c7c8ca11700e9a6712783dd52bf8508 *ph1998-08-15d3t06.wav
52a515e98a42739438f7c992b21bf3f7 *ph1998-08-15d3t07.wav
be46129aefac3d717f0828c60c99d8a9 *ph1998-08-15d3t08.wav
719ab35dc05c7b391778c5d698d44c8d *ph1998-08-15d4t01.wav
173f3a8c0139994ad364cd8748dc7b04 *ph1998-08-15d4t02.wav
50534b8b3a5b364cfe688c6e9a93c821 *ph1998-08-15d4t03.wav
962074e3e90d18d3567d9dfe5f5993ca *ph1998-08-15d4t04.wav
f2aa290fe64c165da016ef42f364b6f4 *ph1998-08-15d4t05.wav
6481fdb48a03273237fec87f432e8e3e *ph1998-08-15d4t06.wav
d8eb8962083159705f9b5559791e6ff5 *ph1998-08-15d4t07.wav
c632d0d583dca7ece184cd80973ca33f *ph1998-08-15d4t08.wav
c5a6e68c03dc5b49ca0c4b4ff8361db3 *ph1998-08-15d5t01.wav
38475888616f0890bb9904cc55734a79 *ph1998-08-15d5t02.wav
8c8b5fff2cdd0445dd9b5797c795d13d *ph1998-08-15d5t03.wav
9f829f6ac3a2e8b62369732f56f0f586 *ph1998-08-15d5t04.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
FOB Schoeps CMC521 >... (3) B+K 4006 omnis (about 8' up... (2) FOB Schoeps CMC6/mk21 >... (2) (FOB) Neumann u89i > Grace... (0) FM > DAT (@ 48kHz); Sony... (0) Sony WM-FX50 digital tuned... (0) FM > Sony TCD-D8; Tascam... (0) flac16; FOB; Schoeps... (0) flac16; Microtech... (0) flac16 48kHz... (0) flac16 Sony WM-FX50... (0)
Date User Comment
08/25/2002 Lucas taper's section? fob?
08/28/2002 Jim Raras BTP (aka FOB), baby! Listen and love...
10/13/2002 mullet neh... i don't think this is the so called BTP-FOB as described above.
08/25/2003 Mike the dankseeds for Lemonwheel are the best sounding that I've heard... I used to like the B&Ks but these have much better, up-front sound.
04/28/2006 Ford Prefect The copy I received has MD5's that match this one, and the text file is identical with one difference - it lists the source as MK21's rather than MK4's. I assume mine is wrong and needs to be fixed, can anyone confirm?