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Phish 09/02/11
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
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Source # 115885 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FLAC-md5 , 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 97.37 MB (102102990 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Neumann AK 40 > Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample,Uv 22 HR) > Cd Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, Co

*Brought to You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC 50' Back > Neumann AK 40 (NOS) >
Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample,Uv 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLAC

Set I
t01. Sample
t02. Sparkle
t03. Sloth
t04. Sweet Virginia
t05. Suskind Hotel
t06. Strange Design
t07. Stash
t08. Sneakin' Sally through the Alley>
t09. Sparks *
t10. Scent of a Mule
t11. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan
t12. Shine a Light
t13. Split Open and Melt
t14. The Squirming Coil

Set II
t15. Sand >
t16. Simple >
t17. Steam >
t18. Soul Shakedown Party >
t19. Seven Below
t20. Suzy Greenberg
t21. Scents and Subtle Sounds
t22. Slave to the Traffic Light
t23. Silent in the Morning
t24. Sanity
t25. Sweet Adeline **

t26. Sabotage ***

* last played 11.29.1996 (463 shows)
**last played 08.01.1999 (285 shows)
***last played 11.21.1998 (318 shows)
Show Checksums
8e76d66adb1d94535a67c1300bc64aa1 *ph2011-09-02 d1t01.flac
b263375f212d20ec9630c06158fa08da *ph2011-09-02 d1t02.flac
03939d69339f45d6023b84b6a19ec648 *ph2011-09-02 d1t03.flac
3e62e55872e95d5d7da1f4f4d5c427c6 *ph2011-09-02 d1t04.flac
8a274ca64fb5bc92c352dfe463384fab *ph2011-09-02 d1t05.flac
7be69fe295ffcc50a1a4b7442e4f5a2b *ph2011-09-02 d1t06.flac
8847418f9d3453021d0dcd02a74c75f7 *ph2011-09-02 d1t07.flac
3bd612b959072a79c525e6f6366af3c1 *ph2011-09-02 d1t08.flac
09cd34602ccc176e5ee6465d41c0c280 *ph2011-09-02 d1t09.flac
1efbc6f925ca608690399742cb13e8eb *ph2011-09-02 d1t10.flac
642d62fd33c6a33748eee93c16b456e7 *ph2011-09-02 d1t11.flac
f9df2a11fb37afc87917761084794585 *ph2011-09-02 d1t12.flac
aff21e61d14043948daab171d4a0ef32 *ph2011-09-02 d1t13.flac
f19e51204ff0d000595934d5fd07f3dc *ph2011-09-02 d1t14.flac
86e740db61668913529b01fc453066ec *ph2011-09-02 d2t01.flac
080bb6de9924c122a0e461038f5d0d04 *ph2011-09-02 d2t02.flac
c6866be0ab3333631112ca0d477e6a16 *ph2011-09-02 d2t03.flac
c636be9a0c2b52fe9231807cc1b36d39 *ph2011-09-02 d2t04.flac
909de1b01b4625bd084a2c21e0dae5ae *ph2011-09-02 d2t05.flac
b3fdecbad6f2067abd5e92b92cf5962e *ph2011-09-02 d2t06.flac
265c1f0340fe9d0532ef0bed1bb5d800 *ph2011-09-02 d2t07.flac
763cf1f9e34d04170d78fc2fa70e6f68 *ph2011-09-02 d2t08.flac
cea48eb181c5e77348b5491bd36864bd *ph2011-09-02 d2t09.flac
47579276141a7b4fbd19ff847019e68f *ph2011-09-02 d2t10.flac
a478555166979602faf0b0b92d7e924f *ph2011-09-02 d2t11.flac
172af4d3b9fd1b56c30ab71bbf3792b3 *ph2011-09-02 d2t12.flac
ph2011-09-02 d1t01.flac:32d6cba9ac58a9d38daafb1d3f183fb4
ph2011-09-02 d1t02.flac:4158c38f0da0955c492ae89aafec3531
ph2011-09-02 d1t03.flac:3e142423d6c981d0290211e119eae0d6
ph2011-09-02 d1t04.flac:cc346d5238c92920ac04bc18fabf58b6
ph2011-09-02 d1t05.flac:f63ccd0c1c15ad6512c6013cffd27365
ph2011-09-02 d1t06.flac:8bd226a0965d00d8fca4cff1b40c0976
ph2011-09-02 d1t07.flac:1787c37569ec4ff4e19433505f7827fa
ph2011-09-02 d1t08.flac:35c688331380d2f64849c99463e8ae07
ph2011-09-02 d1t09.flac:cbb5190de728883f55bd93fdc59bad81
ph2011-09-02 d1t10.flac:c8567a2ade7476b86f1f1335a4139b2a
ph2011-09-02 d1t11.flac:eb946dd0849fb061f1653db3fbcf5073
ph2011-09-02 d1t12.flac:bc275cd25866a676f0ff74cdb9cbeaa0
ph2011-09-02 d1t13.flac:6d5249f69460cdd4d7d70ad8bf2b3a5a
ph2011-09-02 d1t14.flac:442ed98c5388f006c0d13ed406f191a7
ph2011-09-02 d2t01.flac:8e771c3305f4847f7cb1750a8feccf46
ph2011-09-02 d2t02.flac:e44f3313dc9ae399965f25947670a256
ph2011-09-02 d2t03.flac:f35cbbb3bfebddabe160deb49c78b598
ph2011-09-02 d2t04.flac:b70aebee1aedb39b9de5783e71c207ae
ph2011-09-02 d2t05.flac:3e5cd578f3a4d48f579984354c338a7c
ph2011-09-02 d2t06.flac:d40631fa4392881dd0e8acba4fecf534
ph2011-09-02 d2t07.flac:d601672eeb190461c30eb16198cac495
ph2011-09-02 d2t08.flac:5c3654ba616ad21311427b8164c36473
ph2011-09-02 d2t09.flac:e27d9da569d45f5727392267a9e1630c
ph2011-09-02 d2t10.flac:bb9c3c0a4e3324459497063a0ddbf579
ph2011-09-02 d2t11.flac:b195860a8706aa1373617292ac432ab2
ph2011-09-02 d2t12.flac:a3dbb8bc3b28c11ab73c923981e6e0cd

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