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Phish 09/03/11
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
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Source # 115922 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 935.98 MB (981450482 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Neumann AK 40 > Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, Uv 22 HR) > CD Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLACl Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, Co

*Brought to You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC > Neumann AK 40 (NOS) >
Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 (resample,Uv 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLAC
*-1db gain change

Set I
t01. Possum
t02. The Moma Dance
t03. The Wedge
t04. Ocelot
t05. The Divided Sky
t06. Funky Bitch
t07. Axilla
t08. Llama
t09. Fast Enough For You
t10. Wolfman's Brother

Set II
t11. Down with Disease>
t12. Tweezer >
t13. Golden Age >
t14. Limb by Limb
t15. Kill Devil Falls >
t16. Also Sprach Zarathustra >
t17. Light
t18. Julius
t19. Cavern
t20. Run Like an Antelope

t21. Sleeping Monkey
t22. Tweezerprise
Show Checksums
ph2011-09-03 d1t01.flac:7cca39e37d1f0496a0861efbfed6e7b7
ph2011-09-03 d1t02.flac:12461cc5a0220ac6bd3da63806d34614
ph2011-09-03 d1t03.flac:f490e463e0544e92629a44288a7073c6
ph2011-09-03 d1t04.flac:3ba557254295d23be4655df1336f5ffd
ph2011-09-03 d1t05.flac:e3d6f94249714e96b525cb227d7017b4
ph2011-09-03 d1t06.flac:bd586b1d0dc2b4a6e9bdb7f4bf46257e
ph2011-09-03 d1t07.flac:ec6552a8e9405168990b0c96671f2b42
ph2011-09-03 d1t08.flac:17ead22229fcec6a53c5298c309ae165
ph2011-09-03 d1t09.flac:a889bae1e0154fdb301f59ff7586c59c
ph2011-09-03 d1t10.flac:482daffcbf33a4f362b0aecb666a9a84
ph2011-09-03 d2t01.flac:e9a38666f48a0415fade710fee852cf0
ph2011-09-03 d2t02.flac:bfb4b9ff99f0133264cec2013193a938
ph2011-09-03 d2t03.flac:14f9a379d60646632df4ba07e0f2b688
ph2011-09-03 d2t04.flac:a378cf8f73f780bf29bf76fa23efc836
ph2011-09-03 d2t05.flac:56653b9ab38ed55ad36a6be73ac2339a
ph2011-09-03 d2t06.flac:0fd30fccd162a1ebf6f6ad5638c2a136
ph2011-09-03 d2t07.flac:7eecffad0851fb1dea1e259af6962118
ph2011-09-03 d2t08.flac:3311c1ac96b6cd25069836eb51bc27c2
ph2011-09-03 d2t09.flac:6e1adf5b25fea9bc411feaa40090f259
ph2011-09-03 d2t10.flac:df4387dc9dc143f7bf9529e407b175d8
ph2011-09-03 d2t11.flac:564746fbb40a9beb210bf4733950836f
ph2011-09-03 d2t12.flac:74d178c3f4c04538a1b759232bd94e72
2d84b15bdd9cd51ec1a0a220535e6844 *ph2011-09-03 d1t01.flac
859ffdbd82fc92a33b3c8a7f90b6185d *ph2011-09-03 d1t02.flac
b132eec3fd6752bedb1829aca9411611 *ph2011-09-03 d1t03.flac
e9ca15f78030371c5de19f25dc25303f *ph2011-09-03 d1t04.flac
67bdf78e2c86f277de0515a5be3ed960 *ph2011-09-03 d1t05.flac
5ac7159a4e65b13e364b1c8d00ac239b *ph2011-09-03 d1t06.flac
c079051fd0d3626dab64043bb3437ce2 *ph2011-09-03 d1t07.flac
eb63ecab090f2e950d8e026195c5aa95 *ph2011-09-03 d1t08.flac
52ed965285262a5fd18a60594803a7d1 *ph2011-09-03 d1t09.flac
60382e2964c6f3d70ce4172bdf595d06 *ph2011-09-03 d1t10.flac
21a84357fabbe18c4bfec7f74da5a2f0 *ph2011-09-03 d2t01.flac
21fdd2149434dbee701fee6ec5f54ec7 *ph2011-09-03 d2t02.flac
cab5517f63bb2ba8139591d9734db4b6 *ph2011-09-03 d2t03.flac
0752637bf862b5a1844982ac5caea02f *ph2011-09-03 d2t04.flac
f219c8db52398f4507526db284ea0a7f *ph2011-09-03 d2t05.flac
3bb25b761bf6d86858fac6cbdf32bb82 *ph2011-09-03 d2t06.flac
07ce0efa8b7f534e60786f3c4d088c4f *ph2011-09-03 d2t07.flac
5b6372b014600c2c25568c8bcb84a525 *ph2011-09-03 d2t08.flac
ca8e80faf27d11b9c7eba41c4249b76a *ph2011-09-03 d2t09.flac
86a31fc9a4073feb414c9456319bd275 *ph2011-09-03 d2t10.flac
fe4b83c55a29c5f1cbade61843fb41ba *ph2011-09-03 d2t11.flac
5e8fd8db4edfe5cb01f3b58c976425dd *ph2011-09-03 d2t12.flac

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