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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/05/02
High Sierra Music Hall, Quincy, CA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Schoeps ccm4 (ORTF) -> Sound Devices MP-2 -> Tascam DA-p1 @48kHz; DA-p1 -> Dio 2448 -> Samplitude 2496 -> CDWav -> SHN v3; DAT Master used in above transfer. Location: stage lip/dfc/2.5' above stage; Recorded, transferred, encoded by James Tierney 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
2002-07-05 Late Night, High Sierra Music Hall
High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, CA

(stage lip/dfc/2.5' above stage)
Schoeps ccm4 (ORTF) -> Sound Devices MP-2 -> Tascam DA-p1 @48kHz;
DA-p1 -> Dio 2448 -> Samplitude 2496 -> CDWav -> SHN v3
DAT Master used in above transfer.
Recorded/transferred/encoded by James Tierney ([email protected])

"anticipatory crowd"
is there anybody here that love my jesus
bass solo ->
ten dollar high ->
i wanna ride you -> Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho ->

percussion solo ->
pappy check
fire ->
blue pepper

E: bass solo ->
bemsha swing -> lively up yourself

show notes: this show occured from 1:30am to 3:30am on the morning of
july 6th, 2002. i have labeled it as "latenight 7/5/02" because that's
how it was billed; as the late night show for Friday night (the 5th), and
not as an early morning show on the 6th.

zony mash opened the show.
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da14bf98329182a6222711f2c8d33540 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t1.shn
22753a678f25ec0a699e9454f6b2248b *mmw2002-07-05-d1t2.shn
89c80f4ff8a70069c7978cc0d18b5aeb *mmw2002-07-05-d1t3.shn
8b35b160a758e753793347627dd2625a *mmw2002-07-05-d1t4.shn
eda43d47918121949f2043f801778630 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t5.shn
c75373ea8d2b7a8ada859906fee104f9 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t6.shn
09ee72d1b1d18e8a76f3c42acffbea5d *mmw2002-07-05-d1t7.shn
0a39453089803159b70ab76c82b1dfc8 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t8.shn
4a610b9f5ba328ebc5c48400664b1820 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t9.shn
6f6dd5283c75d1da6d2d4f06b9f422a7 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t1.shn
ec8f6aec82a84d575dabc587435e7d5d *mmw2002-07-05-d2t2.shn
43fbe1b64ab2da54f01109e4fc054deb *mmw2002-07-05-d2t3.shn
9b80983fad82be22c1c5f5d124490455 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t4.shn
085689f944c671c75a5a694a663cf750 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t5.shn
0e3bcae86bdb3b0ef4933b88dc09c16d *mmw2002-07-05-d2t6.shn
9e76ba88fe0953ff2c632b5301965bf2 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t7.shn

046e8ff0579a9cd55d3e68df85dd2665 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t1.wav
6f2bb1ce0c318bfda2ca248677e7c53a *mmw2002-07-05-d1t2.wav
fd38b4e517db91dab930e19bc5c4fbc8 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t3.wav
b1265b82b4b1e36697ccec6fe08e952f *mmw2002-07-05-d1t4.wav
cfab807e9fcdc7b6e9f830e78b5a348c *mmw2002-07-05-d1t5.wav
8b776790e77a2db7edfa735a2a06ec6d *mmw2002-07-05-d1t6.wav
702740c6cc782155a5449ba3247a887b *mmw2002-07-05-d1t7.wav
e83701c20c885f6865eeed09aada402d *mmw2002-07-05-d1t8.wav
8e97c800efd83faa137fb8b461566979 *mmw2002-07-05-d1t9.wav
3dfa3c8c2ff48199a3d6838dc5030394 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t1.wav
8eac8510c02efd9dfcebd7de66712ad7 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t2.wav
f8d63f6992f5638dfd817f9ee87d096a *mmw2002-07-05-d2t3.wav
738787998139a4803144e1bb77db2117 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t4.wav
2b5c6a8c3c238bdb942d09029daa6ab8 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t5.wav
a10213a57f798a5bfaab5a66adfa3e88 *mmw2002-07-05-d2t6.wav
cbf0c32dfb61293081e5d859527377ac *mmw2002-07-05-d2t7.wav

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Date User Comment
09/08/2002 Hamilton, Diana The switched Think<>Love My Jesus typo in the info file's setlist ise now corrected here.
09/11/2002 Hamilton, Diana Hey Hee Hi Ho is tracked with I Wanna Ride You, corrected in this txt now as well.

"OH MY GOD!!" - Audience member, during transition. :)