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Ween 07/02/11
Les Schwab Ampitheater, Bend, OR
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Entered by dave!
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Source Summary flac16: Studio Projects C4s (cards) > Fostex FR2-LE @ 24/48 > ? > FLAC 
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Les Schwab Amphitheater

Source: Studio Projects C4's (cards) > Fostex FR2-LE @24/48
Location: ROC
Recorded By: Zachariah Boes

01. Transdermal Celebration
02. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
03. Take Me Away
04. Even If You Don't
05. My Own Bare Hands
06. Bananas and Blow
07. Ice Castles
08. Final Alarm
09. Did You See Me
10. Your Party
11. Poop Ship Destroyer
12. Learnin To Love
13. Gabrielle
14. Stroker Ace
15. Monique The Freak
16. Lets Dance (David Bowie)
17. Slow Down Boy
18. "i got this guitar as a gift"
19. The Mollusk
20. Mutilated Lips
21. You Were The Fool
22. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
23. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo
24. Hey There Fancypants
25. You Fucked Up
26. Wayne's Pet Youngin
27. Fiesta
28. Baby Bitch
29. Birthday Boy
30. Buckingham Green
31. Crowd Noise
32. HIV Song
33. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
34. Roses Are Free

Notes: Big thanks to the other taper that let me use his hoodie as a windscreen.
It helped big time and this recording wouldn't be listenable if he hadn't helped me out!
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771ceb65db3e71202530cc80471fb8a1 *01. Transdermal Celebration.flac
981968d1d7457a122c0ff44f94573d3d *02. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy).flac
4f355b9865654f24492d876d40837124 *03. Take Me Away.flac
9fe7201aa91dbc179071fd2e705bf3bd *04. Even If You Don't.flac
b532d24d3a71727157bf5fdfa60e44c0 *05. My Own Bare Hands.flac
d73563b1d076f7bdace665c9399dc0a8 *06. Bananas and Blow.flac
3b0e43e6d0e4e60ad14e11a36539234d *07. Ice Castles .flac
22fbb0e2d0ca737f2849af2e81182978 *08. False Alarm .flac
b6ca8cf52acbb2562e4485ecc2eb87cf *09. Did You See Me.flac
973c3cf30f1f03218bc2803ef6a9c937 *10. Your Party .flac
f97765ff73a1ba37cc316008e6f5a113 *11. Poop Ship Destroyer .flac
b336d3f289ca40043086a807c189c527 *12. Learnin To Love.flac
bfb4bfed3ee73d6c8020ba0d15dc7f8d *13. Gabrielle.flac
35e5a883ab78eea35016526a22f45d7c *14. Stroker Ace.flac
2c9eefdfd78f73aea68cf1bb26f60094 *15. Monique The Freak.flac
10385982624555b4e9788620c6fc9747 *16. Lets Dance (David Bowie).flac
cbaa9f46ff0f19b3bd43e19aeef21004 *17. Slow Down Boy.flac
b115f477eeaf8653922d537ba7c45424 *18. _i got this guitar as a gift_.flac
b7404ff050bc1cc06d44b4b71ab5e57e *19. The Mollusk.flac
2e2d0f81f54bfb3d3d33b15472c114bb *20. Mutilated Lips.flac
d2799a2ede0b850daf9d13ff3b83b4e6 *21. You Were The Fool.flac
c627feb07d7d2fda028efcaac80451cd *22. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot.flac
c9241f0c3609cf301c0cdb9fa1facb14 *23. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo.flac
1713ff95f6f49a345b54d743000aceff *24. Hey There Fancypants.flac
5218c25c01910dbace32aac56f832d36 *25. You Fucked Up.flac
3a851b78f42f39468c66dbbfd26ec6c5 *26. Wayne's Pet Youngin.flac
f233a772e4daed27630a09695019dbb8 *27. Fiesta.flac
1aa093707ae7e0c10b66e06433c5a8b5 *28. Baby Bitch.flac
19aba016c3ad0d76c6314264008b2c41 *29. Birthday Boy.flac
0fafbf11d1f48703870cf42b85f9bbc2 *30. Buckingham Green.flac
2e0607b6f8ccecb52786daf0786c1320 *31. Crowd Noise.flac
dacaa13c458751ef3aecbd66bff9e919 *32. HIV Song.flac
302eab52edfaa9ecae37e306bff129f0 *33. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down).flac
7942fafed7df195f89340de5ee522c40 *34. Roses Are Free.flac

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