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Ween 09/01/09
Fox Theatre, Pomona, CA
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Entered by dave!
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 994 MB (1042284544 bytes)
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Source Summary zoom H2 Digital Audio
120° wide stereo mic setting
48/16(@) sample rate/ bit depth record settings 
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Ween Live @ the Fox Theater
Pomona, California
1 September 2009

zoom H2 Digital Audio
120° wide stereo mic setting
48/16(@) sample rate/ bit depth record settings
(wanted to record 48/24 but not enough card space; i forgot the spare)
Dead center > 7-10 feet behind sound board > approximately even height with the stage
duct-taped to metal handrail

- security made me take my tripod back to the car
- minor hassle getting the H2 in as well.
- Thanks to the taper with the yellow duct tape (sorry your name escapes me)

SD card > card reader > sony sound forge 9 > isotope3 mastering limiter plugin for volume  >
wav 48/16 uncompressed > flac frontend level 6 FLAC

01- (Intro- fade in to audience)
02- Dancing in the Show Tonight
03- Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony
05- Touch My Tooter
06- Stroker Ace
07- Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
08- Back to Basom
09- Now I'm Freaking Out
10- Learnin' to Love
11- Transdermal Celebration
12- Dr. Rock
13- Mister Richard Smoker
14- Waving My Dick in the Wind
15- Woman & Man
16- Object
17- Buckingham Green
18- Birthday Boy*
19- The Mollusk*
20- Mutilated Lips*
21- Tried & True*+
22- Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain*+
23- I Don't Want It*+ (geener electric guitar solo)
24- I Gots a Weasel
25- Bananas and Blow
26- Powder Blue
27- The Enabler
28- Put the Coke on my Dick
29- Gabrielle
30- Don't Laugh(I Love You)#
31- Ocean Man
32- Pandy Fackler (slow tempo- great noodling between gleen & claude)
33- Roses are Free

(02:27:33 set runtime)

cut before encore due to battery
change - no fades on cut out/in


34- crowd
35- Your Party
36- AIDS(slow tempo deconstruction intro)
37- Fiesta
38- Piss Up a Rope
39- Spinal Meningitis
40- Licking the Palm for the Guava > Mushroom Festival in Hell(extended sonic jam)
(fade out on audience)

(00:42:26 encore runtime)

(03:09:59 total runtime)

*Geener acoustic guitar
+Deener acoustic guitar
#Deener bass guitar
(i think i noted that correctly)

@ nero or roxio will automatically dither to 44/16 for cd authoring...
  if not try audacity for dithering it is free!

great old vaudeville theater.
a very bass heavy room - the bottom end actually cracked my back saved me
a trip to the chiropractor.

recorded/edited/mastered by hhh
please feel free to pass this on.
do not sell!


it was nice to use my H2 to record Ween again.
I mainly use it to record my band @ dive bars & art galleries>
(no,  i don't play the skatar, i play the drums)
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1b289c663940fc4208bb835571f0947b *ween2009-9-01 track 01.flac
bee0b31081598e6df712087fb277255a *ween2009-9-01 track 02.flac
36a021b92e6b2b6e930b1a06919231f5 *ween2009-9-01 track 03.flac
34786104cc41d981fbe92421cc8636c7 *ween2009-9-01 track 04.flac
195f3aa3901950836c8260b7261c6212 *ween2009-9-01 track 05.flac
a6bd52faf4d539f2f9626047da44daf7 *ween2009-9-01 track 06.flac
ea5a8cc2c3ca9c7e95b9349dbf413c44 *ween2009-9-01 track 07.flac
a748a5b15ad1a1e3cd7b519fd2c35136 *ween2009-9-01 track 08.flac
e2bcc8f33c5b3a38cb9b3bad775547b6 *ween2009-9-01 track 09.flac
0789c11b3a0be10114a20453f34ca3dd *ween2009-9-01 track 10.flac
1fbec5ec53fbf6f54911689497c1cf42 *ween2009-9-01 track 11.flac
8949e5ebb7a900e4eecdf272830adb98 *ween2009-9-01 track 12.flac
4e9185d3f510a6f2e3fb2f8f7a52b0e5 *ween2009-9-01 track 13.flac
7585825a197d928fb27e8bca38c41055 *ween2009-9-01 track 14.flac
ba0fb3fc1321f16baf7e6af15ff85e98 *ween2009-9-01 track 15.flac
caae300690ce5915186e6e262e86f0cd *ween2009-9-01 track 16.flac
800b082305f8ccb5a9b8d34f8acde0d5 *ween2009-9-01 track 17.flac
f5e0e5fe7a945ee5eb2458fcc2739e4e *ween2009-9-01 track 18.flac
c01a951e5110a8cf02728c007c738ccb *ween2009-9-01 track 19.flac
005e6f546eb15e851616c832327320f8 *ween2009-9-01 track 20.flac
ccfaf42dd3b08677282242f9d4f762e4 *ween2009-9-01 track 21.flac
a1300331d0352e82c8147035efa20958 *ween2009-9-01 track 22.flac
7a8b48081a55c4254f7ef116f762b8ea *ween2009-9-01 track 23.flac
18f74b0946d32f1589a5f5644658ae14 *ween2009-9-01 track 24.flac
38bf4d0e2af1d628a16440b9350c6af5 *ween2009-9-01 track 25.flac
2ef1410bcdff6dd6ef01ca70de84f3a8 *ween2009-9-01 track 26.flac
29f622f1b8999ca4dc01f1112a7eaf30 *ween2009-9-01 track 27.flac
8815c39c430165e20a963deb794a9381 *ween2009-9-01 track 28.flac
b92598d117ad8e05e505bd579784bae9 *ween2009-9-01 track 29.flac
8f0c7b9df3ce8136f5623c0d627d0928 *ween2009-9-01 track 30.flac
7a4daaedb1f14b506199cb5c78dfb5fa *ween2009-9-01 track 31.flac
e490c8d978ea66f297c123545a8cca8a *ween2009-9-01 track 32.flac
b3b2098c54ab722a34006e6514463cf3 *ween2009-9-01 track 33.flac
33c0134020cf546ac43a6cb0d99b16b9 *ween2009-9-01 track 34.flac
cc438df93e62977aaf9bd0828ffa1cc3 *ween2009-9-01 track 35.flac
b489e52ff13892b34ce4f4b2c32c2551 *ween2009-9-01 track 36.flac
ef23be18e6c82e2aaec2d778299f9105 *ween2009-9-01 track 37.flac
66988c1eff30d064e98a20a341e36627 *ween2009-9-01 track 38.flac
a7dedd44dd6991a57348aa5e586060c6 *ween2009-9-01 track 39.flac
21d85601c2b2bba55850fc7133689d51 *ween2009-9-01 track 40.flac

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