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Grateful Dead 09/20/73
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Complete; Mixed Aud/SBD sources; See info file for details; via Michael Dixon and Scott Clugston; Seeded to etree by JCotsman 
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Grateful Dead

The Spectrum,

Source 1: AUD>MR>?>CD>EAC>SHN

Disc 1 (66:29)
set 1:
1.  Promised Land (3:14)
2.  Tennessee Jed (8:05)
3.  Mexicali Blues (3:32)
4.  They Love Each Other (5:39)
5.  Looks Like Rain (7:10)
6.  Loser (6:36)
7.  Beat It On Down The Line (3:29)
8.  China Cat Sunflower--> (8:06)
9.  I Know You Rider (5:43)
10. El Paso (4:34)
11. Row Jimmy (10:15)

Disc 2 (66:36)
set 1 continued:
1.  Greatest Story Ever Told (5:23)
2.  Deal (5:24)
3.  Around & Around (6:05)
set 2:
4.  Truckin'-->* (8:20)
5.  Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam*--> (3:44)
6.  Eyes Of The World-->* (18:06)
7.  Stella Blue* (8:15)
8.  tuning (1:35)
9.  Sugar Magnolia* (9:41)

*with Martin Fierro & Joe Ellis on horns

the audience portion supplies:
--Promised Land through BIODTL;
--patch in China Cat from 5:30-->5:51
--El Paso
--the final 1:30 of Eyes through to the end of the show

--the audience portion is in mono
--Sound Forge was used to correct the pitch, splicing, and other minor edits

part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002

Thanks to Michael Dixon for supplying the audience recording and Scott Clugston for providing the SBD shns which were used for this compilation
edits/encoding by JCotsman
Show Checksums
ba46ca6f9e01a703219637c9c208b762 *gd73-09-20d1t04.shn
7ba63ec7da978e1a99308949170c4b70 *gd73-09-20d1t02.shn
f7d6fab647fe005b9689707752a8d4f7 *gd73-09-20d1t03.shn
43a3bc385e915804b976c8c26639ea25 *gd73-09-20d1t01.shn
937c1ec64a849e118dc842380036b058 *gd73-09-20d1t05.shn
170bfe571d61907d4b34c990598b2961 *gd73-09-20d1t06.shn
719dbf7bc3586da1eb5dbf3e7e6e0190 *gd73-09-20d1t07.shn
85ac8bd2be4c82c9ff71e2fea08eb363 *gd73-09-20d1t08.shn
a72edfd97b43af62543b5d0ccad898a9 *gd73-09-20d1t09.shn
484fb0670536a28fe7bf8e827d081b05 *gd73-09-20d1t10.shn
2c8d77e49b38e204d457a310ea93ce85 *gd73-09-20d1t11.shn
baac2b8ee1f67b16342a5ac40647735d *gd73-09-20d2t04.shn
469b558ff953b7735fea4cd9883a6c85 *gd73-09-20d2t02.shn
357e3c4cd2aa07d08eb4a44e9626a533 *gd73-09-20d2t03.shn
4160e7307f365f7b3c3a1e18117e3a1a *gd73-09-20d2t01.shn
b14f6e2803dae81a4f8f00d315feea91 *gd73-09-20d2t05.shn
50b79fc849b6134b0488e75bd4476bc6 *gd73-09-20d2t06.shn
5680758b0577a336d36f3aa6626f20e5 *gd73-09-20d2t07.shn
cb28fbcee144c7ca7bbd234e79979062 *gd73-09-20d2t08.shn
3f4203e55dcff79adf9ac632e4a9d438 *gd73-09-20d2t09.shn
cb923f8be8a45ebdcd1aea005d68768b [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t01.shn
a750d2098bab01d17de0bc14c65bc0b0 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t02.shn
95431d0f0e87505af46d430ea3f0b2b2 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t03.shn
b5ffee6286befce46c3b59890a4da84b [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t04.shn
e952d4ed0ee881b69bdc42f1361f9981 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t05.shn
c776e7cc990e7bdb9e4fde8719054430 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t06.shn
eb62b71977fc4411d2b1607a07a7feac [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t07.shn
aa56fe3baa065b279cde4f68eee8bd41 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t08.shn
c68ea022376579e0df07ae3586829b0f [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t09.shn
e9ba853dd62e887b500eb3b940aeb657 [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t10.shn
d823cdaca2ac74b496a60055f3736f4a [shntool] gd73-09-20d1t11.shn
6489a84aff4fede2902ea8acb2015b32 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t01.shn
ffdf27a56326c5dca070ab6c84d02288 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t02.shn
5b94ef01ec33f4ffeb8184591cec495d [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t03.shn
40568d8c27df75ce6459c2cfa11435f4 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t04.shn
6d0d258a1aaaad82955252f572089069 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t05.shn
b7ad9982e900afb9377f88fce1648784 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t06.shn
70830450ab2453730aaad59c7ee4aa0c [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t07.shn
8c7b188c3f7ee88736e20c1d9e3699c9 [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t08.shn
1fc142002fc2a0ae3f4da35a10a3a2aa [shntool] gd73-09-20d2t09.shn

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