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Trey Anastasio 10/15/11
nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Charlottesville, VA
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 979.62 MB (1027208549 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) AKG 461s > Sound Devices MP-1's > Marantz PMD 661 (Oade WMOD) @ 24/48; Audacity (16/44.1) > CD Wave > Flac Frontend (Level 6); Taped & Transferred by DATBRAD 
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Trey Anastasio Band


Charlottesville, VA

"nTelos Wireless Pavilion"


AKG461s(DIN)>MP-1s>PMD661(Oade WMOD)@24/48>
Audacity(16/44)>CDWave(splits)>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD

Set 1

D101 Crowd intro >
D102 Cayman Review
D103 Push On 'Til the Day
D104 Alaska
D105 Burlap Sack and Pumps
D106 Money, Love and Change
D107 Valentine
D108 Let Me Lie
D109 Mozambique
D110 Gotta Jibboo

Set 2

D201 Crowd intro >
D202 Acting the Devil
D203 Simple Twist Up Dave
D204 Sand
D205 Magilla
D206 Burn That Bridge
D207 The Devil Went Down to Georgia
D208 Pigtail
D209 Snake Head Thumb
D210 Liquid Time
D301 The Land of Nod
D302 Last Tube
D303 Goodbye Head
D304 Mr. Completely
D305 First Tube

D306 Black Dog

Show Checksums
TAB 10-15-11 d306.flac:8f7a302407f102e0c017ea9f16752f6d
TAB 10-15-11 d101.flac:e8f807f8af52b74bd21cd99b2571197e
TAB 10-15-11 d102.flac:a6fe5694bc041d5bc9d3978854217df5
TAB 10-15-11 d103.flac:50943df8c36ee9e5b53f03942a1bacb8
TAB 10-15-11 d104.flac:c4e55fa8f15cabd4faa5f1813d38e055
TAB 10-15-11 d105.flac:3231b71d89cfa58ad3e0be944d6f99ae
TAB 10-15-11 d106.flac:6b14a9962aee020ba6eb6ef04822597e
TAB 10-15-11 d107.flac:1e5311e06a567be3fe7ca77cc4706db7
TAB 10-15-11 d108.flac:42b8fa1a5c6a2e9abf408b657e84e28a
TAB 10-15-11 d109.flac:5b2313a4484152d0cbce60e1dc3ff4ef
TAB 10-15-11 d110.flac:d5974038d1c9dc514accd539a7c9fd8a
TAB 10-15-11 d201.flac:f00e8a07ea8bed3c3c3b5d18bb0b124e
TAB 10-15-11 d202.flac:f0ac098177c116e2c6fa618fc230fa97
TAB 10-15-11 d203.flac:ac31dc24fc8fb34e7a8a1a95c8e9cbc8
TAB 10-15-11 d204.flac:88728e66d3680e531059b9e92e35c880
TAB 10-15-11 d205.flac:a0414707309d97e83885150ee2bce74a
TAB 10-15-11 d206.flac:ebbc8ffea8a179f0443902cab98464e6
TAB 10-15-11 d207.flac:d8238da3eab80f3c9fee3bb2849868fc
TAB 10-15-11 d208.flac:7637335789a05f52f8c43f903ef66e4c
TAB 10-15-11 d209.flac:479f49dc77ef939decf1ee650e7c5bfe
TAB 10-15-11 d210.flac:7f2380f0b1a29f94c963bd198a95c6b9
TAB 10-15-11 d301.flac:8874454a6406283a65d6b1dfa0b3681d
TAB 10-15-11 d302.flac:001f217492641b295cdc826865d43d9a
TAB 10-15-11 d303.flac:099285671e92245f8d1702426633a11b
TAB 10-15-11 d304.flac:55c062b7943af1937016c02256d14296
TAB 10-15-11 d305.flac:efebae473eeeb3d65127b4d4868e8bd7

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