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Grateful Dead 04/15/71
Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
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Source # 11652 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD>MR>DAT>CD; missing 5 songs; See info file for details; via Bill O; Seeded to etree by eD(efojr) 
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Allegheny College
Meadville, PA


Disc 1: Set 1:

Beat It On Down The Line - missing
Loser - missing

Big Boss Man
El Paso
Playing In The Band
Stage banter*
Good Lovin' >
Drums >
Good Lovin'

Disc 2: Set 2:

China Cat Sunflower > - missing
I Know You Rider - missing
Me And My Uncle - missing

Next Time You See Me
Sugar Magnolia false start
Sugar Magnolia
I Second That Emotion
Truckin' >
Not Fade Away >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
Not Fade Away >
Casey Jones  
The Pump Song >
Johnny B. Goode

*Phil reminds the crowd that the DA is here tonight.

This is insanely good!

Conversion Notes:

DAE (EAC: High, Secure, Offset Corrected) all track quality 100%
Show recut with CDWav.
All sector boundaries verified using SHNTOOL.
SHN(seekable) using shortn32 via eD(efojr) - 08/24/02

For Matt ; )

Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!

Thanks to Bill O for the seed discs.
Show Checksums
48d4c4bc51e9111a02a8c3e5b42ec267 *gd71-04-15d1t01.shn
5f06f0023378d1065a73e5fb40b37327 *gd71-04-15d1t02.shn
0621c511b4c622a702a64fd8f4ae0406 *gd71-04-15d1t03.shn
c1e3f4c76038528fe8d15e7e6beab00a *gd71-04-15d1t04.shn
d51eda71c4a745f52f3fbfef2ba4864a *gd71-04-15d1t05.shn
36f41f138a356674179d3519e94044d5 *gd71-04-15d1t06.shn
9c923ca7862284180b3a22f5ca54072f *gd71-04-15d1t07.shn
05d7b70c683a5493f2ad673d7784a72e *gd71-04-15d1t08.shn
e09915d06b875e97002edc22ae2f29d3 *gd71-04-15d1t09.shn
a57c396855f299543e3f8b79bc2beef5 *gd71-04-15d2t01.shn
dd87b536c7fe9b5f4c0e0461c1e701d5 *gd71-04-15d2t02.shn
e1a4da70b8280ffb758341dfb68600f9 *gd71-04-15d2t03.shn
477b3d7a6d4c6d96625cd8ac9261fedc *gd71-04-15d2t04.shn
d37532e735806a8a0294c184b7908d95 *gd71-04-15d2t05.shn
8377ea0a412a9c0674b521a4306f1449 *gd71-04-15d2t06.shn
20e2c59b692fd6019d46c1991a7d7254 *gd71-04-15d2t07.shn
88e5c6acf0c4dc540362b431c4227325 *gd71-04-15d2t08.shn
f740db6c5a2bcb7e4eae251bd7e40bf1 *gd71-04-15d2t09.shn
58940f28e557d8ef34a9725713c5d6e1 *gd71-04-15d2t10.shn
cb4d23352f685c48ecf36f69d12679ac *gd71-04-15d2t11.shn
266715f201dd865c78ad65fafc0510bd [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t01.shn
9e746d6c72f83e33d0c237d176d6e7f6 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t02.shn
58c4ff8c0e218dde16792163ad4ab1f1 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t03.shn
39ecaa4a5f63f7457ee4e34b8a48c903 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t04.shn
eda5ba4f2d187755c06894320d0788f6 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t05.shn
5ef651a3b79f12ec15261970112aea97 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t06.shn
6fe5bc9005cf92d19e8f0218660f8cf1 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t07.shn
f1dc23bcbeb2d7d35cbe7c945c67b918 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t08.shn
7c4090c5c6eb2bc7a2d563fc4f767f32 [shntool] gd71-04-15d1t09.shn
8dc9c134a2901e3cbc17d236fd073264 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t01.shn
7df7dcbb73a9a9a53114060050ce4551 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t02.shn
d5093d15e192d58ba3f48d645a556ad3 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t03.shn
9a537281e5b2ff17c0984723c1eaf58c [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t04.shn
d7f405f9884b848a899af039f39dc015 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t05.shn
2680630c1349ca970b8b5222fb89f863 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t06.shn
e38b22e1fe921b5615eb6e3a1b880ba9 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t07.shn
8c003c111806bed252f5fea040b06580 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t08.shn
7b968aa20f877b6b01c1d3e7f510cc00 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t09.shn
c6e464da0cf7b781e2e98b408347773d [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t10.shn
8fcf120ae1a3f3693cd7a82b905e5c76 [shntool] gd71-04-15d2t11.shn

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Date User Comment
09/04/2003 CosmicDead Do people really want these shows with the best parts missing?
i dont.
09/04/2003 cryptical5 I'll take it. It's hardly missing the best parts.
09/05/2003 Larry C There are numerous shows with larger bunks of tunes missing. The best parts?? Well the China>Rider is not there, but these few tunes - they?re really enough to make you not want the show for that reason only? If you don?t want it, fine, but i personally think it was a bit harsh to comment like that, just cause it didn?t please you. The folks getting these shows into circulation deserves appreciation, not these kinda low remarks.
09/05/2003 Tim Wiley Cosmic D**khead~ 1. Who the hell are you???? For a 1971 recording this *IS* one of the best quality recordings I have heard so far for this era. Personal highlights on this one for me is the Bertha>Good Lovin>Drums>Good Lovin. Just because China>Rider is missing doesn't mean this one is not worth grabbing. This *IS* very worth grabbing!!! After searching thru users with this source and users with this show. Your name doesn't even come up!! Obviously you are a CosmicTROLL that has no idea about this show and/or the quality of it. You have nothing better to do than to be a total ass in public forum congrats man! I highly suggest everyone who loves Pigpen to grab this show. The text file is absolutely correct! "This is insanely good!" When I listened to this one I was beside myself on the quality of it. Very close to a Dicks Picks. Its a shame there are 5 missing songs but what is there smokes! I suggest anyone reading this to totally ignore the the first comment on this seed. The comment is incorrect and obviously done in a reckless intention to bash this seed and/or folks circulating it. Carry on~ Tim Wiley
09/05/2003 Diana First, cool it down or I will be forced to moderate.

Second, this date is not even in the Compendium Vol. 1, so I gather the show in any form was relatively recent to circulation back at the circ date, correct?

Third, are these missing songs even known to be in circulation, and in what form- or are they just known to have been played? (I miss .t's site for stuff like this!)

Thanks for any levelheaded facts!

09/06/2003 Joey Browning Every Deadhead worth their salt knows that any quality recording up to and including 74 is a keeper!
09/06/2003 Jon Pavuk Tim, this show sounds great! The venue is a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from me. Thanks again for getting these shows out to everyone!
09/06/2003 jeff If you must know, ask Mr. Gans if more is on the masters. I believe he originated the CDs, as this show was played in '98 or '99 spread across a number of Dead Hour broadcasts. Dick had unearthed a batch of unknown early '71 shows around that time. The CDs have one or two songs more than what was broadcast, so they may represent all that is available or was salvageable, though reel flips/glitches might have also kept some tracks off the discs.
09/06/2003 Tim Wiley Ok Ok. I slept on this and my post is a lil harsh. Sorry Diana. I wasn't really upset to begin with ;) I was a lil annoyed that someone would say this is not worth grabbing. After you listen to it... Anyone would realize it is very worth having in the collection. :) If someone does have access to the missing songs? My email is in this post I can patch the missing tracks in if they are available ;)

09/07/2003 Ziggy In this instance, only China>Rider and a few fillers seem to have been left out, but the question is a fair one. There are shows with no jams to speak of, and, no I would want to waste disc space on a show that consists of just Bertha, Beat it, and Sugar Magnolia. That's why I've never bothered to download 10-17-72.
09/11/2003 BoPs i just wanna know how many beats they start off BIODTL with =( quality stuff here people.. seek this one out =)
01/07/2004 Dave This is actually also missing Sing Me Back Home after Next Time You See Me according to Deadbase. But it's still the most complete version I've seen.