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Grateful Dead 04/18/87
Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA
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Source # 11659 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary AUD>DAT>CDR; Schoeps CMC 44?s; via Bad Man Brown; Seeded to etree by eD(efojr) 
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Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
Laguna Hills CA

AUD>DAT>CDR; Schoeps CMC 44?s

Disc 1: Set 1:
Crowd noise/tuning >
Hell In A Bucket >
Me And My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues
West L.A. Fadeaway
Far From Me
Row Jimmy^
Tuning/Neat lil Jerry Jam >
Let It Grow >
Don't Ease Me In
Fence Crashers Rap > Crowd Noise/Hard Days Night

E: Black Muddy River

Disc 2: Set 2:
Crowd noise/tuning >
Aiko Aiko >
Playing In The Band >
Terrapin Station >
Drums >
Space >
Gimme Some Lovin' >
Morning Dew >
Throwing Stones >

^Bob: "Billys got a broken snare drum and you can't beat that!"

d1t03 - 1:07 - d/o removed, glitch
        5:00 - d/o removed
d1t10 - 7:19 - d/o removed
        7:30 - blip static
d1t11 - 1:59 - d/o removed

Conversion Notes:

DAE (EAC: High, Secure, Offset Corrected) all track quality > 99.8%
eDiting via SF5.0
Show recut with CDWav.
All sector boundaries verified using SHNTOOL.
SHN(seekable) using shortn32 via eD(efojr) - 08/25/02

A nicely balanced recording that's really worth a listen ; )

Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!

Thanks to Bad Man Brown for the seed discs.
Show Checksums
524ee36eeb6c0d3413f2851ff6d90efb *gd87-04-18d1t01.shn
5905164da40d19d4c20c1cb79c34d367 *gd87-04-18d1t02.shn
c4021bbc97df0f05c3381293d7a3b9b5 *gd87-04-18d1t03.shn
0ad702fcfa57c5830ed75f53510d18de *gd87-04-18d1t04.shn
74dc33b7b94230680311e9214bd4c211 *gd87-04-18d1t05.shn
0a40128d878cc9732cb7b401acac8494 *gd87-04-18d1t06.shn
eb22fdc8c5f9fda0465d1e4abf21f104 *gd87-04-18d1t07.shn
c53ec1ffb2bc14a3e70f1728ff3d3851 *gd87-04-18d1t08.shn
3641509a409ea346e82a7b8e620e0271 *gd87-04-18d1t09.shn
8bd2b07aeb2fef0dd112465b7025f8f3 *gd87-04-18d1t10.shn
48b2d94d96f569f339036d833a75cee7 *gd87-04-18d1t11.shn
c6501a9a9baca06b9e49bd0fce382274 *gd87-04-18d1t12.shn
4ad8d8a1be958817bd718244c58572fc *gd87-04-18d1t13.shn
0936c99a18e7f6e8e02798013e96b00b *gd87-04-18d2t01.shn
242ec84a3369b6ae6b2c6e0017efd3a0 *gd87-04-18d2t02.shn
839268d147a1ad8a711269c13458501d *gd87-04-18d2t03.shn
a4d260b61b8c6c0ad19801e45d686a29 *gd87-04-18d2t04.shn
c6b89ea39bf12148aff2ce0e33ff6ca8 *gd87-04-18d2t05.shn
9ae85be6a1e57de0b6eb4b05f75ed577 *gd87-04-18d2t06.shn
dca60e7e6910ceaa3028989906d2b33c *gd87-04-18d2t07.shn
9da642857a15a85af97c75c96daacc4e *gd87-04-18d2t08.shn
5cc5add0f6671f276826ff87bbbe32ab *gd87-04-18d2t09.shn
6e1ecdafd1e0aaedbaed64bc84536850 *gd87-04-18d2t10.shn
130ffc62663c82546b538be55ce67e4a [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t01.shn
9556f6b46f676995e9d3ff540fcacb9d [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t02.shn
fde9ed0db895fdf2dd5b17125f9c78fd [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t03.shn
fb7a572afb1d1aef04b0ac07f1818a3e [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t04.shn
1d03659bd2e28faaf01c3269958256b4 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t05.shn
d491537bccc9c231ba0201107aaef619 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t06.shn
15f46e86e38387855c0dce565c412d36 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t07.shn
d0d88bc77ac3f3c61964a932e23f7568 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t08.shn
589006e977328e21ca60b41b0eb56506 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t09.shn
bd4556eee57fde65af87951e1c87bed3 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t10.shn
5d06161b7f49e68ac0b61a01cb5d9cb8 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t11.shn
bad2b049919bf18b7fe4f6b1067baec1 [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t12.shn
7756d57743db4f8fa0647fd2e1c6e00d [shntool] gd87-04-18d1t13.shn
d0cd001f09378f6349f9b38afb177c92 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t01.shn
07ec65cb40adf844a50c40dcea325175 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t02.shn
e17b0e3f19e11100b1e980d840d6be45 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t03.shn
d5ba86d9d8a4bc314f54595cef83edeb [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t04.shn
289ff9bb355cb88b5da8a6225d971e87 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t05.shn
02291af5b4d4e80f59eca249f1b764e9 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t06.shn
f9be7fcf9dfe493fbe4a1df837565faf [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t07.shn
26e451831193ceba31c22dc87eaf0b54 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t08.shn
c38d39544d769684e5844dffd31133a9 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t09.shn
ac25697667d229d8fbcc22496074a410 [shntool] gd87-04-18d2t10.shn

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