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Trey Anastasio 10/06/11
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 24bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.89 GB (2027028619 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Schoeps MK41 > KCY > Schoeps VMS-5U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661; SDHC 16 GB Card > Dell XPS m173- card reader > Dell XPS m1730 > Sony Vegas 9.0 & Sound Forge 10.0 > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by jadedphan 
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Trey Anastasio Band
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC
06 October 2011


OTS on stand, approx. 8' high, slightly roc

Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KCY > Schoeps VMS-5U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661


SDHC 16 GB Card > Dell XPS m173- card reader > Dell XPS m1730

Edited & Trackslpit using Sony Vegas 9.0 & Sound Forge 10.0

Set One:

Gotta Jibboo
Caymen Review
Small Axe
Push on 'til the Day
Burn that Bridge
Makes No Difference
Snake Head Thumb
Devil Went down to Georgia
Simple Twist up Dave

Set Two:

In the Wee Wee Hours
Burap Sack & Pumps
Clint Eastwood
Liquid Time
A Case of Ice & Snow
The Way I Feel
Money, Love, & Change
Show of Life

Encore Break:

First Tube
Show Checksums
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track01_Gotta Jibboo.flac:b9b9b1e96fdcaeaafdc9dbf2f0ae6da9
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track02_Caymen Review.flac:6378605a3ac58fc4e5d3b874695c591b
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track03_Small Axe.flac:b56f611e64c468e703749c28eaa525aa
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track04_Push on til the Day.flac:9d77ecff51d78c35cd0e7a0c149294d8
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track05_Burn that Bridge.flac:89995ff807fa4342b8fca2d21913e67e
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track06_Valentine.flac:32702a61fc7d3accf7dfe0e235e283b1
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track07_Frost.flac:118104b01ecec7155c499a8c8a8452da
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track08_Makes No Difference.flac:d7f9b93b3b2e15e0520cf157cec13f57
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track09_Snake Head Thumb.flac:87acf997d3c9759c4cdac74c2c00ea90
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track10_Devil went down to Georgia.flac:4688403e9bfacb20abc266ca93de3ec9
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set01Track11_Simple Twist up Dave.flac:1f248968a972130fa0856f318d6edc4c
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track01_In the Wee Wee Hours.flac:8979ab4d3e483f45adc6926803285262
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track02_Alaska.flac:d173657fda5608f2a78bbd1d54adf98b
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track03_Burlap Sack & Pumps.flac:854f7f33e40818e428e4b8d25c7fc8e0
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track04_Clint Eastwood.flac:7c164187a3d18ac4aedcf7901df5f134
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track05_Liquid Time.flac:b0807acc0345a282d8f20a575710df81
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track06_A Case of Ice & Snow.flac:b75c24a983bc5747856ce4a8660bb1ee
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track07_Magilla.flac:b0f02d4ed4eab592bfd982a2b87ec6c1
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track08_Sand.flac:775dcebea9ffa533afcdd73186b7c2a5
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track09_The Way I Feel.flac:ff812e33e1bf057e3c1b97765d46d86f
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTS MK41_Set02Track10_Money, Love, & Change.flac:dc2676a1e05d49378e0e61b5f2685ca1
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTSMK41_Set 02Track11_Show of Life.flac:12fd3953cd9072a301367ea49f98fdfc
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTSMK41_Set 02Track12_Encore Break.flac:671dc9e4d38e9a52fd81ada5ca9ed416
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTSMK41_Set 02Track13_Drifting.flac:da9107ae555e8642732756f15e5e33de
Trey Anastasio Band2011-10-06_OTSMK41_Set 02Track14_First Tube.flac:ca95085983f14561bf593479cc76b095

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