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Trey Anastasio 10/08/11
Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
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Source Summary flac16; Neumann KM140 > Sound Devices 722 @24/48 + Neumann ak50 > lc3 > km100 > Sound Devices 744 @24/48 + DPA 4023's > NEVE Portico 5012 (silk) HPF 75hz > Sound Devices 744T @24/48 > digi out > Sound Devices 744; Taped by Nate Evans 
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Trey Anastasio Band
October 8 2011
Ramshead LIVE
Baltimore, MD
taped by nate evans
loc: DFC Balcony

Cayman Review
Money Love & Change
Simple Twist Up Dave
Let Me Lie
Burn That Bridge
Push On Til' The Day
Snake Head Thumb
Gotta Jiboo

Set II

Land of Nod
Night Speaks to a Woman
Burlap Sack and Pumps
Goodbye Head
Case Of Ice and Snow
Liquid Time
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
First Tube
Clint Eastwood
Ak40 source
Neumann [email protected]/48(nos)
AK 50 Source
Neumann ak50(nos)-lc3-km100-shorty [email protected]/48
DPA Source Via ned struzz
DPA 4023's NOS>NEVE Portico 5012 (silk) HPF 75hz Sound Devices 744T @24/48>digi out>sd744 ch3&4
Matrix is an even mix of all 3 sources
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trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t01.flac:f219cd9427c0e0c8c65733c87a0b8242
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t02.flac:6c28dd075b406acd8e2603d3e80a6772
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t03.flac:390ec483ddc019b062b3064d95c7f405
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t04.flac:6ba37a0170deebf2b57d72c9606728c0
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t05.flac:3b652f76d3e2dab71139a6c01fc26a38
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t06.flac:0466fb4fc1a22ecc7d9bad67c651a2ac
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t07.flac:15996d239e8b39bd4f3c39c427364ed2
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t08.flac:dc3ebe09622d32d89403a4e529d36bd5
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t09.flac:3d452f1acac3e9ee22acd8ba7864a0fc
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t10.flac:4ee4e7a88031462a6b32530defc236fd
trey2011-10-08 matrix set1 t11.flac:77048d659fe999e9abd2b6d96fe3ff74
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t01.flac:b08dc041474d82d5831d18ea62f4817e
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t02.flac:8d0339387d9524df545bc43fa207bd23
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t03.flac:01d0f3f9984f61ab749bc9b4cb7db271
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t04.flac:f398bca506ab97c756ab2b3e7f38cd1a
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t05.flac:f7047b7cb70b1b2da78c1b131c05eceb
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t06.flac:de3330ad2e7550ad5f22c35882a40b70
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t07.flac:c1cb32cc02d199deb55856f60ddd0457
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t08.flac:85de1716ac50cd23eb646a8a1610a537
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t09.flac:ef3e4e5490f8a5921e33be6bdecbb549
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t10.flac:84808f768025eadc2f1db70b62e9a7b5
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t11.flac:87a051b49447731462d525ba64789e47
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t12.flac:1f91aa1e7a1a3a0565ecf518138c34d3
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t13.flac:5596ee34b9c1e986e11d5fb1fe0813fc
trey2011-10-08 matrix set2 t14.flac:ea702413b2db9d0361de03ed0b8d04a5

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