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Grateful Dead 09/29/71
Studio Rehearsals with Keith Godchaux, Santa Venetia, CA
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Entered by rumrunners
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16 Bootleg CDs "Unsurpassed Master Vol 4" And "Unsurpassed Master Vol 6" > EAC > Wav > FLAC 
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Grateful Dead
Keith Rehearsals
Santa Venetia, Ca
Compilation Of Dates Probably 9/28/71 To 10/1/71

Bootleg Cds "unsurpassed Master Vol4" And "unsurpassed Master Vol6" > Eac > Wav > Flac

Unsurpassed Master Vol4:

1-2 Saturday Night (take 1,2),
3 Brokedown(take 1),
4-6 Tennessee Jed (take 1,2,3),
7 Bobby McGee,
8 Brokedown(take 2),
9 Casey Jones,
10 Truckin,
11 China Cat,
12-13 Bertha (take 1,2)

Unsurpassed Master Vol6:

1 Ripple,
2 Cumberland (take 2),
3 Deal

The Rest Of Unsurpassed Master Vol6 Is 8/73 Wake Of The Flood Outtakes And Is Not Included Here Since It Is Of Much Inferior Quality To What Is On Etree

The Rest Of The Rehearsals In This Set From Bootleg Label "dead Man" Is On "unsurpassed Master Vol5" Which Is Already On Etree

Source And Date For The Bootlegs Is Not Specified And Are Described As "1971 Studio Outtakes - 1st Sessions With Keith Godchaux On Keyboards"

Deadlists And The Tapers Compendium Vol1 Disagree On The Order Of Songs For Some Of The Dates. Deadbase 9 Also Does Not Match The Others.  So It Seems The Rehearsals Have Circulated In A Number Of Different Versions Not On Etree.

Quality Varies For Different Songs On The Bootlegs And Cousinit's Versions At Etree. The Cousinit's Versions Seem To Have The Standard Cousinit Noise Reduction Processing And Added Humm On The Left Channel Applied. For Example On Ripple, The Cousinit Version Sounds Slow And Is More Muffled With More Hiss Than The "unsurpassed Master Vol6" Version. There Are Probably Other Differences Between The Quality On Other Songs.the Unsurpassed Master Vol5 Has A Lot Of Static In The Last Track T16. Tapers Compendium Vol1 Rates The Sound Quality B+ For The First 3 Dates And A/b For The Last Date.

I Didn't Really Want To Circulate Bootleg Sources Since Someone Probably Has Better And Can Hopefully Top The Bootlegs, But Since No One Has Come Up With Anything Better In The Year Since I Posted A Query About This At The Workingmans Tracker Forum, Here It Is.
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671b331333f94a93426a4486f7aebcb9 gd71-09-um-vol4-t01.flac
aec81674fe34caecf443b40c4cb00601 gd71-09-um-vol4-t02.flac
c906eb2db06ff39c73e32a97d3171884 gd71-09-um-vol4-t03.flac
6d4c81e50dd793f4d2770e6519538514 gd71-09-um-vol4-t04.flac
cfcea09a6514a5307c6b240fd91a0671 gd71-09-um-vol4-t05.flac
d517c3c15df836fc2475718e207b7c5a gd71-09-um-vol4-t06.flac
656136e20dda3cf0a3f9c941840727e0 gd71-09-um-vol4-t07.flac
7113587061e702c9d59b22b74bdbfeef gd71-09-um-vol4-t08.flac
b0685d8efa37af4f6e753faa752962ab gd71-09-um-vol4-t09.flac
f620223081d0d97929cde6d10dfc778d gd71-09-um-vol4-t10.flac
879cea29d07fc5fbe60bde8524aee773 gd71-09-um-vol4-t11.flac
499e78ba5a8b436f3b913a71436d893f gd71-09-um-vol4-t12.flac
373eebb1f9cd747ecff53731327252d9 gd71-09-um-vol4-t13.flac
f5c7f8c056f65518decb1ff0f7d6819d gd71-09-um-vol6-t01.flac
61345588567d3b342f595210aa3e075b gd71-09-um-vol6-t02.flac
d78dd554f01c345f6c82ab95d43f3fd2 gd71-09-um-vol6-t03.flac

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