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Grateful Dead 08/21/69
Aqua Theater, Seattle, WA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary partial; Soundboard -> Bear's Cassette master -> Cassette -> DAT -> CD; CD>EAC>SHN by Glenn Tremblay; via Frank Bove; cuts into China Cat 
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Grateful Dead
8/21/69 Aquatheatre, Seattle, WA

Lineage: S:Cm,C,D,CDR [Soundboard -> Bear's Cassette master -> Cassette -> DAT -> CD]

1. /China Cat Sunflower*-> Jam*
2. Doin' That Rag
3. Big Boss Man
4. Sitting On Top Of The World
5. Cryptical Envelopement->
6. Drums->
7. The Other One->
8. Cryptical Envelopement->
9. Dark Star->
10. Cosmic Charlie

* Charles Lloyd plays flute

CD>EAC>SHN by Glenn Tremblay ([email protected])
Show Checksums
05a50777718ec9bafb9b7602cc993b55 *GD69-08-21t01.wav.shn
aae04518e15c270cbe9cc32c32af92da *GD69-08-21t02.wav.shn
5307d3a35127cc4ce2d989bd900d677b *GD69-08-21t03.wav.shn
830da8d1ea086d870b82a000686450b6 *GD69-08-21t04.wav.shn
767b9b6d8c1978c289355a02fc10bdc0 *GD69-08-21t05.wav.shn
e18fe82f3c2dac8b2258fa4fe1f1d82f *GD69-08-21t06.wav.shn
35ef82a706a1dc40fe88ae6d3177186e *GD69-08-21t07.wav.shn
7793a2ca17b5b1b8234cb32a8017c6b9 *GD69-08-21t08.wav.shn
a0eaa9ffe0bc2e58ca728d9352c09967 *GD69-08-21t09.wav.shn
d2b0cc32a11bcc10d39c767c4a5762ad *GD69-08-21t10.wav.shn
1f0608a4f453fd9d9c991343edd75336 [shntool] GD69-08-21t01.wav.shn
498c95e784ec7e7a74265e234a0cff17 [shntool] GD69-08-21t02.wav.shn
36870f66d368a318564380ce3e129998 [shntool] GD69-08-21t03.wav.shn
4f8f6ec22af72f3fa8bac77ce1a404a5 [shntool] GD69-08-21t04.wav.shn
e317ed2ad96e9977d3edc14fac1da202 [shntool] GD69-08-21t05.wav.shn
3695392b98e59ecc5aa6bc964e1ff22f [shntool] GD69-08-21t06.wav.shn
26533eff71f9d416b4dc0ea62fed6a37 [shntool] GD69-08-21t07.wav.shn
f8ac84f6869a3b9bdeed4e349e71d55d [shntool] GD69-08-21t08.wav.shn
54334871a8c9101e70337884d420ed29 [shntool] GD69-08-21t09.wav.shn
c5216d77b1c1dcffd38f2e799e19a2b6 [shntool] GD69-08-21t10.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Date User Comment
09/12/2001 Martin M. Pedersen have a Aqua Theatre show at 08/20/69 but none
at 08/21/69
09/12/2001 According to DeadBase the date of the show "may also be 08-20-69".
09/13/2001 Hamilton, Diana As of 9/01,, whom I trust most on early dates these days, says: "This tape often circulates labeled "8/20/69" but Bear's cassette
master is labeled 8/21/69."
01/15/2006 A Dude Now Deadlists has reversed themselves, saying:

" This tape sometimes circulates mislabeled "8/21/69", because Bear's cassette master is labeled 8/21/69, but the posters for the show are dated 8/20. "