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Trey Anastasio 10/13/11
The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps CCM41V's > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sound Devices 744T @24/48 > S/PDIF > Sound Devices 744; Taped & Transferred by Ned Struzziero & Nate Evans 
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Trey Anastasio
Silver Springs, MD
taped by nate evans (tapernate)
ccm41vsource via ned struzz
Source 1
km140>xlr>[email protected]/48
Source 2
ak50(nos)>lc3>km100>shorty xlr>sd744 Ch1&2)

Source 3
Schoeps CCM41V's DINa>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 744T @24/48>digi out>sd744(ch3&4)

matrix is a equal mix of all 3 sources

Set I
In the Wee Wee Hours
Gotta Jibboo
Alive Again
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Money, Love and Change
Burn That Bridge
Burlap Sack and Pumps
Push On 'Til the Day
Black Dog

Set II
Simple Twist Up Dave
Liquid Time
Mr. Completely
Ether Sunday
Night Speaks to a Woman
First Tube
Encore Break
Clint Eastwood
Heavy Things
Sultans of Swing
Show Checksums
trey2011-10-13 41v T01.flac:1582c85c663c14a59335e4f393d78213
trey2011-10-13 41v T02.flac:504f0736001d1e83c9d9bf7909bcf702
trey2011-10-13 41v T03.flac:246943b279417ce2859aa391dc367739
trey2011-10-13 41v T04.flac:d45f039f72b3bb6f9ca41f126938bd19
trey2011-10-13 41v T05.flac:fce35fb2ecbdb5d754bdfba131190ef8
trey2011-10-13 41v T06.flac:cc5b2e9895701fe03d075b9997de76f4
trey2011-10-13 41v T07.flac:22fc2115fe0996640faebc1ba375a0a7
trey2011-10-13 41v T08.flac:53f76b9661e8ce9e5c2f90cb20eca508
trey2011-10-13 41v T09.flac:8c9b6e49a704e238a037140fd1fe6df7
trey2011-10-13 41v T10.flac:f65940a72a53c5d491f459265271275a
trey2011-10-13 41v T11.flac:af333f3a3cc0147a4c572da43df5c00b
trey2011-10-13 41v T12.flac:4ef810cc74a3166df6d2ed4f3cdd32c4
trey2011-10-13 41v T13.flac:e39d40eada7b7039b54d9a2d3b3cda62
trey2011-10-13 41v T14.flac:367934c93aecb5d6f7980943f0c395e8
trey2011-10-13 41v T15.flac:ac5f0dae0c72dcb44d05acbeb7378430
trey2011-10-13 41v T16.flac:dd5255a7b4b2802d72508fadb4938de2
trey2011-10-13 41v T17.flac:e267fbff7e36bc2dbf7c011184f8351e
trey2011-10-13 41v T18.flac:b8d883ddd778161260d7ce32f38c33e5
trey2011-10-13 41v T19.flac:c46e45513cf149041c766de404dcfd4d
trey2011-10-13 41v T20.flac:c12d3967de751e2716baec3f7d7836bb
trey2011-10-13 41v T21.flac:2f465d4372f4c2b72995376d792207c1
trey2011-10-13 41v T22.flac:7c0c83f1702c90ed87449cb2748116a9
trey2011-10-13 41v T23.flac:efe1681c52cc3064244b5f27c145aa86
trey2011-10-13 41v T24.flac:1b1eab3e8bb8cac053259d36a43a8770
trey2011-10-13 41v T25.flac:975899ed43a64bff1e838b2f60b24557
trey2011-10-13 41v T26.flac:5db1c4ddfae958c76fb1b56d7a36c96e
trey2011-10-13 41v T27.flac:ca9c2bbc9e567ec26d9a7e651ab1908f

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