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Trey Anastasio 10/13/11
The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
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Source Summary flac16; Neumann km140 > Sound Devices 722 @24/48 + Neumann ak50 > lc3 > km100 > Sound Devices 744 + Schoeps CCM41V's > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sound Devices 744T @24/48 > S/PDIF > Sound Devices 744; ; Taped & Transferred by Nate Evans 
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Trey Anastasio
Silver Springs, MD
taped by nate evans (tapernate)
ccm41vsource via ned struzz
Source 1
km140>xlr>[email protected]/48
Source 2
ak50(nos)>lc3>km100>shorty xlr>sd744 Ch1&2)

Source 3
Schoeps CCM41V's DINa>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 744T @24/48>digi out>sd744(ch3&4)

matrix is a equal mix of all 3 sources

Set I
In the Wee Wee Hours
Gotta Jibboo
Alive Again
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Money, Love and Change
Burn That Bridge
Burlap Sack and Pumps
Push On 'Til the Day
Black Dog

Set II
Simple Twist Up Dave
Liquid Time
Mr. Completely
Ether Sunday
Night Speaks to a Woman
First Tube
Encore Break
Clint Eastwood
Heavy Things
Sultans of Swing
Show Checksums
trey2011-10-13matrix T01.flac:540a2b9269f2c6371faa90ecce8aaa56
trey2011-10-13matrix T02.flac:2a6756d616b8cf013c92f85487057deb
trey2011-10-13matrix T03.flac:80251eebaa3d1db03f439ab80aad0198
trey2011-10-13matrix T04.flac:7d2878b8ae09fc36881b63a9906c6623
trey2011-10-13matrix T05.flac:6e48defef01f23717af88526d0556620
trey2011-10-13matrix T06.flac:2f15666ccd6868b4c571b36eea025fff
trey2011-10-13matrix T07.flac:52dc420553ccd2cbc58f44b6ed57d0ea
trey2011-10-13matrix T08.flac:1749dcbd31f3a43a96470e170cb32e1b
trey2011-10-13matrix T09.flac:d7b5785f2c34737516bdd1b5a59fec67
trey2011-10-13matrix T10.flac:11b070074aa4dd465dedc87e07c7e8b2
trey2011-10-13matrix T11.flac:334035d3200e34d4754facd9cd5b5d24
trey2011-10-13matrix T12.flac:bd2e4b86497226e9245ce6a2d6e06573
trey2011-10-13matrix T13.flac:9c51088c985db7791e490f56470ab1be
trey2011-10-13matrix T14.flac:16edec3f7c945b4a678d0a358bb2b0fe
trey2011-10-13matrix T15.flac:73314460b937782c05aed598193b26cc
trey2011-10-13matrix T16.flac:2d59a83b850b2b66bb3b9b5735178383
trey2011-10-13matrix T17.flac:aa42e5b1b5d994dffa5493b2e5286d71
trey2011-10-13matrix T18.flac:9b3df5506796aa1f65af5e014c9e431d
trey2011-10-13matrix T19.flac:78e8f763984c45ccc416f2ee2494339f
trey2011-10-13matrix T20.flac:9607df9d2ee2d90667c10fda24217184
trey2011-10-13matrix T21.flac:b52611fa3876423e644429e1dd22b9c5
trey2011-10-13matrix T22.flac:5f6b00a78f9e0d2ba9ee7a35fe14899f
trey2011-10-13matrix T23.flac:f303b173024643e61d42edc074117425
trey2011-10-13matrix T24.flac:caf8f8726f0896c5297280f8b74400af
trey2011-10-13matrix T25.flac:74720d83775d8f9385ed6edf9daa0cb4
trey2011-10-13matrix T26.flac:e8c7bb109f4a6499ac7c827dea84123a
trey2011-10-13matrix T27.flac:925d95f29370b48818f18f880479b3d2

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