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Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 11/12/11
Big IV Amph. Stg, Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neumann TLM-170R (cardiod)> Grace Lunatec V-3 (Analog out)> Sound Device 722 (@ 24/48); Transfer via M-Audio Delta 192; Soundforge Pro (Mastering, edits and fades)> R8brain (Resample and Dither)> CD Wave (Tracking) > CK Rename > Flac Front End (Highest Setting)> BT Easy > Your ears 
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Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Bear Creek Music Festival
Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park
Big IV Amphitheater Stage
Live Oak, FL

November 12, 2011

Recorded, Transferred, Mastered and Seeded by TaperSteve at g mail dot you know what.

ATTN: Bittorent n00bs, there is nothing to be afraid of, this is easy as pie.  Please copy and paste this link:
into your browser, and it will download a .pdf document that will lead you through the entire process, including
links to the free software you will need to enjoy the virtually endless supply of free live music in the bittorent

Location: 30' from stage, DFC @ 9' high ORTF

Lineage: Neumann TLM-170R (cardiod)> Grace Lunatec V-3 (Analog out)> Sound Device 722 (@ 24/48)
Transfer via M-Audio Delta 192
Soundforge Pro (Mastering, edits and fades)>
R8brain (Resample and Dither)> CD Wave (Tracking) > CK Rename >
Flac Front End (Highest Setting)> BT Easy > Your ears


Please be kind to my and others' bandwith, and stay connected and seed
the show after you are done downloading. Enjoy.

Two Discs:

- One Set -
Disc 1
01.  [07:54] - A Go Go
02.  [10:16] - Down The Tubes >
03.  [14:23] - Hanuman
04.  [09:08] - Little Walter Rides Again
05.  [06:22] - Drum Intro > Miles Behind

Disc 2
01.  [07:52] - Julia
02.  [12:46] - In Case The World Changes Its Mind#
03.  [01:14] - 'Scofield Speaks'
04.  [09:16] - Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing*
05.  [11:01] - Hottentot > Guitar Outro [@8:18]

# Roosevelt Collier - pedal steel guitar
* Johnny Vidacovich - drums

Copyright 2011 in the sound recording only by Taper Steve
Please feel free to trade, NOT for sale under any circumstances.

Enjoy and share.
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MSMW 2011-11-12d01 t01.flac:162d618238ff458909f95b880a4706b3
MSMW 2011-11-12d01 t02.flac:6afe458b4c884793fb95ca5d5bb0d1dc
MSMW 2011-11-12d01 t03.flac:31bbede78914b3c71daee5cc675d51fd
MSMW 2011-11-12d01 t04.flac:492963c5e74b401f46c9362439e5b08a
MSMW 2011-11-12d01 t05.flac:0af38f9439785d1e06454ef5059369ef
MSMW 2011-11-12d02 t01.flac:6dde0397b4048ef1f56f715632b083c0
MSMW 2011-11-12d02 t02.flac:0465d0cf51560f77e7d9b3709ae74bde
MSMW 2011-11-12d02 t03.flac:c75d0cac8cf4b1d872d0a2399e5eb89d
MSMW 2011-11-12d02 t04.flac:50ebb0486c637de5e3bcd7c18cbfbdf0
MSMW 2011-11-12d02 t05.flac:9ce2e21c6686aa273d096969fd6cdfbc

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