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Phish 05/08/92
The Riviera Theater, Buffalo, NY
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Source # 11729 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Nak 300 (cardioid) > Casio DA-2 > CDR > EAC > WAV > mkwACT > SHN 
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The Riviera Theater

NAK 300's(cardoids)>Casio DA-2>CD-R>eac>wav>mkw>shn

Known Flaws: Bouncin' and Bowie tracked as one.

Disc 1
Set 1
1.  The Curtain >
2.  Cavern,
3.  Reba,
4.  Uncle Pen,
5.  It's Ice >
6.  Eliza,
7.  Llama,
8.  Mound,
9.  All Things Reconsidered,
10. Bouncing Around the Room > David Bowie,
11. Memories

Disc 2
Set 2
1.  Wilson >
2.  My Sweet One,
3.  Stash,
4.  Magilla >
5.  Maze,
6.  You Enjoy Myself,

Disc 3
Set 2 (cont'd)
1.  The Horse >
2.  Silent in the Morning,
3.  Chalk Dust Torture,
4.  Terrapin,
5.  Harry Hood,
6.  Golgi Apparatus,
7.  B.B.F.C.F.M.

Show Checksums
dea13c69aa8054e1dcd84400e5a1a7e1 *ph92-05-08d01t03.shn
88ce55af9a707f1609346879f47176ea *ph92-05-08d01t02.shn
a2602d390e938bfc4f80a56906f9ff62 *ph92-05-08d01t01.shn
be371e19c42795157ae7f52c5f3a3931 *ph92-05-08d01t04.shn
8685e89aac2d826b5b071b1528958de0 *ph92-05-08d01t05.shn
5018c098a57085c969d54cb9edefdffd *ph92-05-08d01t06.shn
15e2431dcad00bf54ebe20d071aacd8b *ph92-05-08d01t07.shn
23b2034529ec13fad5b05828a2167754 *ph92-05-08d01t08.shn
e5bb995e5bd8c846a52002523395036e *ph92-05-08d01t09.shn
dc07bce2703f5ad9259a304f8d7cd000 *ph92-05-08d01t10.shn
314045693b681aee16a17484ce18b4f3 *ph92-05-08d01t11.shn
8602bb7e9a54099ae83af6898e00ee7b *ph92-05-08d02t05.shn
2ad5e2bd3c0bb35dd9dd594a837cb017 *ph92-05-08d02t02.shn
b0e79b7876aa184aee5828bc9a039338 *ph92-05-08d02t03.shn
623f5083e9923a8bb43c880d045be574 *ph92-05-08d02t04.shn
172cb77edbd021bbef9eb456be16b615 *ph92-05-08d02t01.shn
df85eca03783a01b47403861debbb487 *ph92-05-08d02t06.shn
4cc6bf28f3a872de1e701480f92de1c2 *ph92-05-08d03t07.shn
0d7ae2741749954f042e3445b3895a5e *ph92-05-08d03t02.shn
afc33f6b839bf66ac8dc0d01518ffaf3 *ph92-05-08d03t03.shn
3001ce778c84ba3864042a04323cac3c *ph92-05-08d03t04.shn
363cea1edf219c74cc59e4cc86c46541 *ph92-05-08d03t05.shn
7a8a9613e18d509cf93d20807340b87f *ph92-05-08d03t06.shn
941d723bf44bb6beb12e4b081c44ed90 *ph92-05-08d03t01.shn
0392e72a7489b0780c2879e83193a67e [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t01.shn
bb8ad57134f60d7406a50059bd521d5f [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t02.shn
bd8180f0458bcaaf2ea031336117925b [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t03.shn
e17ab7bd04e1f01d4b031e3ecd81f06f [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t04.shn
fb5a3936d0524339c568f21efad48ec5 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t05.shn
94392cd7b3b9f340b8163f894ae31692 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t06.shn
d74a329e7c794a776573b78739621f60 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t07.shn
96565f114695c4182054916db18a7075 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t08.shn
aa18af2a828c0a2868f2380c451d9309 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t09.shn
8262716edb59097fd89edfaf52e58faf [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t10.shn
05f82891992a4585ad9b12eca4e90762 [shntool] ph92-05-08d01t11.shn
096c2bbcc7b54773789560b882f58a8d [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t01.shn
0abf6c74aa49e38c36424f7cd951cc43 [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t02.shn
099d5f3c94efda5fa22ab22ac102ac9f [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t03.shn
c67c81c0d46879042e08addde178f9b6 [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t04.shn
6862f9a82939b627064f586eec069577 [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t05.shn
3b5a37d31ffcb89ee27d0ba0bd399162 [shntool] ph92-05-08d02t06.shn
6fa6ff4740c83002915e2e5fe7c5c76f [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t01.shn
8aa1bc074426be188f4476f52369bed8 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t02.shn
cd7d2b2a2e638fb9ff6dbc3e5a7e2f09 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t03.shn
e7ed23e2398eda896e5dc25cade9d1f5 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t04.shn
14acb867325de043440abf50aee0e754 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t05.shn
24e6fddd53aff923c2b505162caa59d3 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t06.shn
7c8d0932758d13b4fec29f9750131ea3 [shntool] ph92-05-08d03t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
FOB Nakamichi 300... (1)
Date User Comment
06/05/2004 Dan What a beautiful recording. Nice to have a '92 aud sound less than a few years old. Kind of plays tricks on you, ina good way.
07/04/2004 Terrapanda TAO gen?? ACK!! Several users on bt.etree who downloaded Daniel Shay's BT seed of this source report TAOesque gaps between tracks on d1 and d2. I've got nasty gaps that you don't have to listen closely for AT ALL. My disc 3 sounds fine. No sbe's.
How has this been in the db for so long and no one has mentioned this?