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Disco Biscuits 07/28/02
Double Diamond, Aspen, Co
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Apogee PSX100; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO2496 >Samplitude>SF4.5(fades)>CDWav>SHN; Taped by John Schmidt and Kevin Hughes; Transferred by Kevin Hughes  
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The Disco Biscuits
Double Diamond
Aspen, CO
July 28, 2002

Source:  Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Apogee PSX100
Transfer:  Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO2496>Samplitude>SF4.5(fades)>CDWav>SHN
Taped by John Schmidt and Kevin Hughes
Transferred by Kevin Hughes ([email protected])

Disc 1
1. Banter
2. Ulua
3. Confrontation>
4. Little Betty Boop(1)>
5. House Dog Party Favor(2)>
6. Crystal Ball
7. Kitchen Mitts
8. Floes

Disc 2
1. Tune up
2. Awol's Blues
3. Crickets>
4. Confrontation
5. Banter
6. Spy
7. M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>
8. Mindless Dribble>
9. Crickets(3)

Disc 3
1. Rock Candy>
2. Mindless Dribble>
3. Rock Candy
4. Crowd
5. Spraypaint Victory

1 Inverted version
2 Completes 7/25. Last 'Awol's Blues' 9/24/99
3 With 'Larry' lyrics

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9845223f158513eab250c695b645d516 *db02-07-28d1t8.shn
1d526e0f95089db524c2ac0a491b8a0c *db02-07-28d1t2.shn
fa78904829a1cffaa92e32e1133bfdeb *db02-07-28d1t3.shn
59a76e3377b84d090144655decf09c76 *db02-07-28d1t4.shn
e6009918afd0015699377bfda3a33346 *db02-07-28d1t5.shn
2390fefbd3d1024ba181bfce8a11e070 *db02-07-28d1t6.shn
e6080a17d9bc29d5cb71f889dddc28bc *db02-07-28d1t7.shn
64bcbe6450b8e46d77e634ec953e572c *db02-07-28d1t1.shn
737fb94d63d9a49c295bd5589ef1d348 *db02-07-28d2t9.shn
8ab39e0e4619549a6464696c1160fe2c *db02-07-28d2t2.shn
e66fcd55effe09cc522648c463dc6f5f *db02-07-28d2t3.shn
abed944d2108c03c90489c538fc46870 *db02-07-28d2t4.shn
fa33f58cdeb927e4910c65881c09ab24 *db02-07-28d2t5.shn
3be211b0ad8b5bf206e8fc9d904629bc *db02-07-28d2t6.shn
71115f827a05e5912645c42383464bbb *db02-07-28d2t7.shn
385f2d068d027180d3f5ce7eb36d0d59 *db02-07-28d2t8.shn
0d22f81914e34c4c55aec74bea69fa13 *db02-07-28d2t1.shn
5bc9105321aca9b36196740a4dbc9da3 *db02-07-28d3t5.shn
94ba4e1f109d80a46d7bbc1dc5cfcf74 *db02-07-28d3t2.shn
7ed0f6b5c6a3a52b275e20b0de2ea7c4 *db02-07-28d3t3.shn
d18dcb636534c86740a240be1aadd29a *db02-07-28d3t4.shn
ee04b161c6e0b67e8f5f6ffd5edce3ec *db02-07-28d3t1.shn

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