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Disco Biscuits 07/30/02
The Backyard, Austin, TX
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Source Summary AT4051>MV100>DAP1; Transfer: Seagate CTD-8000>Wav (normalized to 0DB via Soundforge)>SHN; Taped by Brian Cox; Transferred by Mark Avy 
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The Disco Biscuits, 7/30/2002
The Backyard - Austin, TX

Opening for Phil Lesh and Friends

Source: AT4051>MV100>DAP1
Transfer: Seagate CTD-8000>Wav (normalized to 0DB via Soundforge)>SHN

Disc 1

1. Svengali
2. Little lai
3. Sound 1
4. Above The Waves
5. Whiskey River
6. Grass Is Green

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bb49d8d6cb14b973edade3e919916b8b *db2002-07-30d1t6.shn
396d979e5aa6977691b7e3b6c7937c71 *db2002-07-30d1t2.shn
5130d7d2e83fd06363631152075c46bf *db2002-07-30d1t3.shn
70079a54c993bf6bd766c9ea91871e07 *db2002-07-30d1t4.shn
24e0698fcf5b46adbd3d53fd4bee10ba *db2002-07-30d1t5.shn
b437cb78185f094d9527e08386e1496b *db2002-07-30d1t1.shn

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