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Disco Biscuits 08/10/02
TCC Reading Park, Norfolk, VA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Source Summary EARLY SHOW AKG 391> PS2> AD20> M1; M1> Audiophile 2496 s/pdif> SoundForge 6> CDWave> Shorten32 
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disco biscuits

tcc reading park
norfolk, va

spaga ->                    10:17
the very moon ->            18:59
vasillios ->                11:41
grass is green ->           11:16
house dog party favor ->    09:56
grass is green ->           00:58
house dog party favor       19:13
pilin it high               05:47

AKG 391> PS2> AD20> M1
M1> Audiophile 2496 s/pdif> SoundForge 6> CDWave> Shorten32

there is a 1/2 sec dropout in the beginning of Spaga...the rest of the set is perfect sounding.
not real sure how to break this set onto cds exactly. Spaga>>>House Dog is over 1'22"
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21725667da24ec9b8775fbde8d3a06de *db2002-08-10a01.shn
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309d9a618e8139b357f94a7a6ace42ff *db2002-08-10a03.shn
2ecae319996abb18afbc0ae270ac30ad *db2002-08-10a04.shn
cf8ffc2a32eaa881d434ec653db72cbc *db2002-08-10a05.shn
84ea1c9d9fb8b3163da80d3d2c989ec8 *db2002-08-10a06.shn
bef08b4f5afdc8339ffb26fa6132a215 *db2002-08-10a07.shn
50b5641126000fcc5f0a9c7c2515961a *db2002-08-10a08.shn

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