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KVHW 02/05/99
North Coast Inn, Arcata, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Date Added
August 2002
Source Summary {AUD} Neumann KM54s > Tascam DA-P1 (DAT); Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII (DAT clone) > Lynx One > Samplitude 6.0 & SoundForge 4.5 > SHN [no DAE] 
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North Coast Inn
Arcata, CA

Chuck & Janet's Neumann KM54s (tubes) about 10' back from stage >
Tascam DA-P1 (x2) - x'fer: Tascam DA-20mkII > Lynx One >
Samplitude 6.0 > SoundForge 4.5 > MKW > SHN

recording (thanks to Mark Keys for the patch) and post production
by Rich Selleseth at dbunkhouse

please forward any corrections, comments etc to [email protected]

disc 1/set 1
"it was me, the one armed man..."
"hey, how ya doin'?..."
It's Up To Me & You
5 B4 Funk
"...I feel naked without my guitar..."
City Of Tiny Lights

disc 2/set 2
tuning/"Happy Birthday" tease
Bad Hair
"...will the owner..."
Fly Away

disc 3/set 2 continued
Poonk >
Express Yourself >
"so they caught me making a run to the little room"
Spring Water
tuning/"we're gonna do this for Spirit..."
Better Days
"Not Impossible" rap
It's Not Impossible

Show Checksums
e875e9f34b5d65fb7edb4829ae90d165 *KVHW99_02_05d1t01.shn
4e092dbefc4a80e42c70b35f10d50fc1 *KVHW99_02_05d1t02.shn
0640758dad3c298cf1303b183097de98 *KVHW99_02_05d1t03.shn
a90e619cf52a656706828808243ed184 *KVHW99_02_05d1t04.shn
384c36aee90b32730f8265f330272a35 *KVHW99_02_05d1t05.shn
7d569f30b219a0a272e2f875acea0182 *KVHW99_02_05d1t06.shn
17820be7247c899689d83b1e592eb6a1 *KVHW99_02_05d1t07.shn
994e9be4cd7d865a4402fcda31a0abfd *KVHW99_02_05d2t01.shn
9d0aef51d8bdb95406b43ad1f7ead2b7 *KVHW99_02_05d2t02.shn
8d89d446fbef6c6cce6941b1a2c2d0af *KVHW99_02_05d2t03.shn
4168954a2992b3adab55dfdad16616ad *KVHW99_02_05d2t04.shn
abba7870bf49431e72cf7a741bbf0f53 *KVHW99_02_05d3t01.shn
d51ae59d4f18a1d07907f3729d9902e7 *KVHW99_02_05d3t02.shn
aaabd24555fab0caf06674f3ffbe9938 *KVHW99_02_05d3t03.shn
085697701e4b08b2bf02ebd1a3eca698 *KVHW99_02_05d3t04.shn
7775c56ddaf71bd0b098b96ba533a0a0 *KVHW99_02_05d3t05.shn
567e6449b756a6494fcd5042ab2ae728 *KVHW99_02_05d3t06.shn
6e64cafc91f65dd7ac122048ffa78cd1 *KVHW99_02_05d3t07.shn
2218495f05af6a82a89b3679be00030c *KVHW99_02_05d3t08.shn
cfe7fe8df37b1d40691b07dd7341760a *KVHW99_02_05d3t09.shn
16d95f2d2259cd5317b8ecb39e2c48f5 *KVHW99_02_05d3t10.shn
ac366058fa5ab6e31f16631faa362092 *KVHW99_02_05d3t11.shn

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