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Grateful Dead 08/25/93
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD>??>DAT>CDR; See info file for edit notes and suggestion of a possible MC in the lineage; via Randy Perkins; Seeded to Etree by T. Wiley 
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Grateful Dead
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

Source: SBD>??>DAT>CDR>

Conversion: EAC(secure)>CD WAV>Cool Edit Pro>SHN(seekable)

CD 1 {53:49.60}
01. Touch Of Grey {6:30.47}
02. Greatest Story Ever Told {5:21.73}
03. Peggy-O {6:59.12}
04. The Same Thing {7:29.72}
05. Friend Of The Devil {8:06.13}
06. Easy Answers {6:53.06}
07. So Many Roads {6:20.26}
08. The Promised Land {6:08.36}

CD 2 {71:24.41}
01. Scarlet Begonias-> {11:16.50}
02. Fire On The Mountain {12:26.48}
03. Estimated Prophet-> {12:09.19}
04. Terrapin Station-> {17:52.30}
05. Drums-> {17:39.44}

SET 2 Cont.
CD 3 {39:27.37}
01. Space-> {12:53.20}
02. All Along The Watchtower-> {8:46.72}
03. Attics Of My Life-> {4:43.38}
04. Sugar Magnolia {8:31.35}
05. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds {4:32.22}

COMMENTS: This show could possibly have a CM in the lineage. D1t08
(The Promised Land) Left channel drop outs from 5:40-5:50 replaced with
right channel. D2t01 (Scarlet Begonias) first couple of notes are
clipped. I also spliced D2t05 (Drums) and D3t01 (Space) together before
tracking for seemless future use(no cass. flip noticeable). D3t02 (All
Along The Watchtower) static left channel from :45-:52 and 1:42-1:44
removed and replaced with right channel. D3t03 (Attics Of My Life)
digital pop @ :01 on left channel removed and replaced with right
channel. D3t04 (Sugar Magnolia) after the song was over it had about
5 minutes of silence that was removed. I know this seems like alot done
here and there might be more problems. I do have to say this show is
really good and the recording as well.

Conversion/Edit/Seeded to Etree by T. Wiley 8/27/2002.

EAC: Secure to extract all disks @ 100% quality no reported errors.
CD WAV: To select tracks.
Cool Edit Pro: Preformed only on tracks noted above. (see comments)
SHN: Via mkwact(seekable)

Thanks to Randy Perkins for the source disks.

Show Checksums
587f606d6a91a5d749bc9e73e00f0925 *gd93-08-25d1t01.shn
b23c5772bb945ab856c738c9b71ebb6d *gd93-08-25d1t02.shn
cff77b9faf35c18e5683e2179d518847 *gd93-08-25d1t03.shn
e008bdbebda74de479673b8bee5febfb *gd93-08-25d1t04.shn
83f1d51f281e4489eee42f0ab04364ad *gd93-08-25d1t05.shn
b2eb16d4f71905f0ce18d22a266798e7 *gd93-08-25d1t06.shn
bca4f1046967a8c3697037fde1f18b2f *gd93-08-25d1t07.shn
097e87dfd4d9ebd46533d3dc1809c4f6 *gd93-08-25d1t08.shn
377ef05cddcdbc744c2e8a9b2a0aaea8 *gd93-08-25d2t01.shn
6fbc60f6fdd522e03c6a03070a53a9d0 *gd93-08-25d2t02.shn
48e14f325363be80ad272792be57f695 *gd93-08-25d2t03.shn
96a88da35e537092f24afd05d84f3861 *gd93-08-25d2t04.shn
37ecb738db6884b87eb5832298428eb8 *gd93-08-25d2t05.shn
9727d80be458f443651690f49e9e6781 *gd93-08-25d3t01.shn
46e31f8880938ae74ff65dc416b437b8 *gd93-08-25d3t02.shn
c12d4bcd530bcd59914717879b06b498 *gd93-08-25d3t03.shn
b11b9c34685a22d172d30c978994d456 *gd93-08-25d3t04.shn
3560a2548ddbd455a8e02b800e5ff44f *gd93-08-25d3t05.shn
f5142383600d4d2fa1a67e6177d600ef [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t01.shn
8a19e2a0c4be96f6c2f3fb5c41bac23c [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t02.shn
95a0519ddb231231dbee90f90b28dd57 [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t03.shn
9c0c2bfaeb693ea7f119ba844ea83941 [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t04.shn
95c2e1cd5f397b123e4357bd9019ce0b [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t05.shn
ccdcdf9531fd80da4c604b09f368d5e9 [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t06.shn
bb1583be0ce41935cce82cea121f78fc [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t07.shn
36e9a55839fc7ef6293c87373fd2b020 [shntool] gd93-08-25d1t08.shn
6dfe9fcb6e615ae4bf9034962094c83d [shntool] gd93-08-25d2t01.shn
38c2b7642ec153d0a4a4b4a015f7c812 [shntool] gd93-08-25d2t02.shn
08d9793bc390886156cc500061a9cb95 [shntool] gd93-08-25d2t03.shn
fc93516a14ad391c36d77d924037d6b1 [shntool] gd93-08-25d2t04.shn
8ace4a5997357e1dbcaacd312d6c682e [shntool] gd93-08-25d2t05.shn
9785bfa83bec0bb32170a03672d087ea [shntool] gd93-08-25d3t01.shn
3a1dcda7bcae5799913353f85aa5319e [shntool] gd93-08-25d3t02.shn
6cc6ee4230ecc340bf858296490ee2a6 [shntool] gd93-08-25d3t03.shn
0fae20cae20ec4154407d7a8ead005ce [shntool] gd93-08-25d3t04.shn
f12be48264c605bd88204383350566fc [shntool] gd93-08-25d3t05.shn

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Date User Comment
10/17/2002 Clay There is some static during d2t2(Fire). I remember there being sound problems during this jam, so it is not a shn quality problem, it was a live sound problem.
02/01/2005 Joe Samaritano Some minor static throughout set 2 and LSD cuts off at the end