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Allman Brothers Band 03/14/02
Beacon Theater, New York, NY
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Source Summary Source: Oktava Mics>MP-2 Preamp>D8; Taped in Row H Seat 106-107 (dead center)
Transfer to WAV: D8>Oade cable>Midiman Dio 2448>CDWav>SHN
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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theater, NYC

Disc 1:
1. Tuning
2. Midnight Rider
3. Come And Go Blues
4. Trouble No More
5. Woman Across The River
6. Black Hearted Woman
7. Old Before My Time
8. Rockin Horse>
9. Done Somebody Wrong
10. *new instrumental* (I'm calling it Charlie for Derek's new baby-email me for an explanation)

Disc 2:
1. Tuning
2. Don't Keep Me Wondering
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Firing Line
5. Worried Down With The Blues
6. Maydell
7. Same Thing
8. One Way Out
9. Encore:Mountain Jam>
10. Drums>
11. Bass>
12. Statesboro Blues

Taped in Row H Seat 106-107 (dead center)
Source: Oktava Mics>MP-2 Preamp>D8
Transfer to WAV: D8>Oade cable>Midiman Dio 2448>CDWav
Conversion to SHN using mkWACT

Posted by Yossi Pollak

[email protected]
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320321a3ba9a3304a16d36852da8aae6 *abb2002-03-14d1t1.shn
3a9d546570ea84e25885ea2f71037a62 *abb2002-03-14d1t2.shn
e8f01304dbb186bed1e6b2731093ab19 *abb2002-03-14d1t3.shn
1ad28e0d2d16c85435e22642d62b217b *abb2002-03-14d1t4.shn
af1d8966ff2f44181432b9877e2accd9 *abb2002-03-14d1t5.shn
4bc11f049d7187fc9f792332278d28b1 *abb2002-03-14d1t6.shn
8c9beff2d6c35a45433f0bba220d5ab0 *abb2002-03-14d1t7.shn
13b99962e1b4f92897fb1291b85c59da *abb2002-03-14dt8.shn
2a190db9d065e6d64e58f25e3f8ca3f8 *abb2002-03-14d1t9.shn
527b6afc03f37f9904fdb79f03d6e4c8 *abb2002-03-14d1t10.shn
7242e0b9b9790660c4e9e7a52b932266 *abb2002-03-14d2t1.shn
d046196dd525a57fcd20ed5342e9a403 *abb2002-03-14d2t2.shn
17a9daf5dc2fceda3da2dff6632bbe45 *abb2002-03-14d2t3.shn
74fd7f1a976770219a34f5d242b1ac40 *abb2002-03-14d2t4.shn
8893161137fbb438088767c5389fdc77 *abb2002-03-14d2t5.shn
520a63e369268165a5a55023d1a9453c *abb2002-03-14d2t6.shn
39201590a9d01c2c1821380dff3bee31 *abb2002-03-14d2t7.shn
0464da7edb288f9bd7e87c9bca77d487 *abb2002-03-14d2t8.shn
f962670008a7937b59ec53b13aeaf232 *abb2002-03-14d2t9.shn
89a3f73ae4227092d093c52be212a0a2 *abb2002-03-14d2t10.shn
c47dcc1ca8b3f42c4cfd90ce000274a3 *abb2002-03-14d2t11.shn
28a9194a04bfc7f9e77168b67461781b *abb2002-03-14d2t12.shn

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