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Phish 10/20/89
The Front, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary SBD > Cass/0 > DAT; Set 1 transfer: Sony PCM-R300 > SBLive Platinum > SoundForge 5.0; Set 2 transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > SBLive Platinum > SoundForge 5.0 
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10-20-89 The Front Burlington, VT.

Sony PCM-R300> SBLive Platinum> SoundForge 5.0 (first set)
Tascam DA20-MKII > SBLive Platinum> SoundForge 5.0 (second set)

Notes: The dat during the second set was quite cluttered with
digi-clicks.  I had to sacrifice some of the sound quality
by using SonicFoundry's Click and Crackle Filter with
a sensitivity of 12.  I then ran a soft-knee compression
to recover decent levels.  This also helped make percistent
clicks less noticable.  Enjoy.

Disc 1 set I: 74:50
1: Harpua* > 01:34
2: Bundle of Joy > Harpua* 01:51
3: Col. Forbin's Acent > 06:29
4: Famous Mockingbird 06:45
5: You Enjoy Myself 16:11
6: Oh Kee Pah Ceremony 01:48
7: Reba 12:21
8: Divided Sky 11:46
9: Golgi Apparatus 04:13
10: Run Like an Antelope** 11:51

Disc 2 set II:
1: No Dogs Allowed 03:52
2: Walk Away 03:59
3: Dinner and a Movie 03:32
4: I Didn't Know# 07:48
5: AC/DC Bag# 06:22
6: Donna Lee# 06:22
7: Split Open and Melt# 03:40
8: Split Open and Melt# 06:25
9: Harry Hood# 10:27
10: Swing Low Chariot# 03:01
11: In a Hole# 05:19
12: Giant Country Horns# 00:46
13: LaGrange# 05:48
14: Slave to the Traffic Light# 07:01

* Without "Poster" section or story
** With "Old McDonald had a Farm" intro
#  With Dave Grippo and Russ Remington on sax.
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a1112ff2e97ae2dcf8c5500645fc195c *10-20-89-d1-01.shn
5043708e8d284e61baa18a0fd857ddd1 *10-20-89-d1-02.shn
ede07d0c08e8d356e648696e9c44e8f0 *10-20-89-d1-03.shn
5936bb2b071954632b65e1a905ee16b9 *10-20-89-d1-04.shn
b24fbdceb8932268915f3edb5c6edbc4 *10-20-89-d1-05.shn
ad46e2ff07289fd51583d8c6b32120f6 *10-20-89-d1-06.shn
2120b109934bdf211b7841720621d6bb *10-20-89-d1-07.shn
1228dd9d8bf950e9897c4315a4abc6fb *10-20-89-d1-08.shn
5ca9079cac21499402a0344b49f939b7 *10-20-89-d1-09.shn
a32580066a738b891b95a53df88184de *10-20-89-d1-10.shn
3c37b29cd66bd11382aaa6e6b16f688b *10-20-89-d2-01.shn
900c01f7ac795c68df6a8a4586bb3142 *10-20-89-d2-02.shn
4ed893b8eaf70ba3bfbdca3329091269 *10-20-89-d2-03.shn
14454e3ba5eb0e9b3cc42b2a4641bfd0 *10-20-89-d2-04.shn
7ec7fb304965b1f91e33fa28286ce51f *10-20-89-d2-05.shn
0abb460fe395a5f6f3d6a227bbb235ae *10-20-89-d2-06.shn
eac0f3692029e4f68d67e8feb2434908 *10-20-89-d2-07.shn
96b8a43ff1f7fea0e9344f7fa7dd4fa7 *10-20-89-d2-08.shn
2afe6b5baa7686d29c262a87affa75b6 *10-20-89-d2-09.shn
1d7c83400dcb6dfd84913a05d53fff79 *10-20-89-d2-10.shn
2f1b744437667af6f55a1a403abc56d1 *10-20-89-d2-11.shn
5b796be0ea53ef535a99ed376bb8f4f2 *10-20-89-d2-12.shn
a7f0264cdc6d0568aeafa28e5e61be9c *10-20-89-d2-13.shn
2986f64e19d3f51df2ca1828a9187c69 *10-20-89-d2-14.shn
1577aa45a545e6dc15cc4bbee85eaac2 [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-01.shn
f2695ae40d6163399bb1bac74028d32c [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-02.shn
0c843060e9d3a57799b20e30c37f9c3d [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-03.shn
f9fb11982b33b0b4c164a799d890b1b6 [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-04.shn
befa2a12f4a10173dd4ffa8f81b41fa4 [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-05.shn
4e249ed81be4caf5badd82f1d78cea56 [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-06.shn
a6608d293144d7a9d8dd3f0353ff0b1d [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-07.shn
43532b675f65f9f52cae0725e4f9a557 [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-08.shn
0017f7c18fde80b744b1cd3d07c7d30b [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-09.shn
7b1dbd6f5a9237c8d6da8ab8ee1a57ba [shntool] 10-20-89-d1-10.shn
c68a3b2e9979e60d8531b4f5d6ff8a47 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-01.shn
d03463c1c60a338b9971ff91a12bef31 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-02.shn
aec88d7fdf1fee0e1ec59323ae75af1c [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-03.shn
8fe9ee859c405877a9efa92e17b7eb3b [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-04.shn
4f4349eb99ff6421039b49152efd39bb [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-05.shn
f9782f3de88941dbd7e23c50344dcd0d [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-06.shn
ecea24041ab92df4d1f7948dd9312472 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-07.shn
32a504ce7bafc3ab10eba339628d0885 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-08.shn
1e6fd157a6aa24bb36598adffcb4109c [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-09.shn
2c7331964e5d1a47523984f87dccd40d [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-10.shn
de05f4b26cb1c2eafb380b5a5faf7c65 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-11.shn
b3dedecae3a8317fc84b9ef0ac3bb214 [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-12.shn
6bc288607868eec235d8626a775f4c8b [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-13.shn
aea46c903d18f1557c1b15645ada254e [shntool] 10-20-89-d2-14.shn

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