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Gov't Mule 08/20/96
Garton's, Vail, CO
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Soundboard(Unknown Recording Deck)>3rd Generation Cassette
Transfer/Lineage: Sony TC-D5M cassette deck(Playback)>Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1 KHZ)
> CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.
Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders Little Helper. 
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Gov't Mule-Garton's,Vail,Co U.S.A. 1996-08-20.

Source:Soundboard(Unknown Recording Deck)>3rd Generation Cassette>Sony TC-D5M cassette deck(Playback)>

Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using

Traders Little Helper.


Grinnin' In Your Face->
Rockin Horse>
Temporary Saint
Birth Of The Mule
Game Face>
Don't Step On The Grass,Sam
Eternity'S Breathe jam>
Theolonius becK>
St.Stephen Jam>
I Shall Be released
Pygmy Twylte>
Blind Man In The Dark>
Mother Earth
Just Got Paid
Goin Out West
Young Mule Blues>
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl>
Young Mule Blues


1)Quality IS About A Or A-(Subjective Of Course).

2)I looked On The Etree Tracker For This Show And Could Not Find An Upload Of This Show,So I decided

To Upload This One.

3)Received This Show Over 15 Years Ago Doing A Cassette trade.

4)First Few Seconds Of "Grinnin In Your Face" Missing.

5)Tape Flip After "Game Face"(1st Few Seconds Missing From "Suffer")

6) Tape Flip After "I Shall Be Released"

Show Checksums
4c39b74fa36e02856f0c12b20df08ab7 *GM-Disc01,Track01.flac
d6f630e52c7d947c51beb80efbc40654 *GM-Disc01,Track02.flac
261b6241590f57acd3349a855e36cc11 *GM-Disc01,Track03.flac
ffb72164bb7df1e0011fea43653c7291 *GM-Disc01,Track04.flac
1d6e224ab4fc2947f0d8da6e88442a51 *GM-Disc01,Track05.flac
1a61f8834c7fa81fbb0f36b04b892524 *GM-Disc01,Track06.flac
5f3fefa36ad2fe7fb370254b77578185 *GM-Disc01,Track07.flac
1bc7423d3ed1cb76b84f27baa298456b *GM-Disc01,Track08.flac
09335c84675abb17f0bea54a6fabfa4a *GM-Disc01,Track09.flac
56a3a176fb03f14f60215e316efccdf6 *GM-Disc02,Track01.flac
af843be264f84f194fc274f155df2ec2 *GM-Disc02,Track02.flac
7d59e5491bde11039ba8037afa8dbe16 *GM-Disc02,Track03.flac
44fe1d5274c3da085182bd9b79974442 *GM-Disc02,Track04.flac
8a75cff1b24b8d82405de45a5f05fec9 *GM-Disc02,Track05.flac
2acbe1cfde516720b7e5309474ec2ee4 *GM-Disc02,Track06.flac
3900105fa35a5ac4d538935731369a98 *GM-Disc02,Track07.flac
6830818006dac226eb80f5eb509edc4b *GM-Disc02,Track08.flac
9a14aef3419ce7e135f2b2986cf60a2f *GM-Disc02,Track09.flac
67df1f88057af585dac14d0d10aaba9e *GM-Disc02,Track10.flac
561ad9ba9be393324f6afd3339c148dd *GM-Disc02,Track11.flac
e18249bdf8f3f49a3dac74c8a5b1f9a7 *GM-Disc02,Track12.flac
5c7b8d6d9a1b743f53386633baf23a4f *GM-Disc02,Track13.flac
f4b7bb90686f068184f9b88633a388a0 *Gov't Mule-Vail 1996-08-20 Text Document.txt

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