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Medeski Martin & Wood 08/23/02
Tonic, New York, NY
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Source Summary Set II; Source: Oktava MC012s (cardiod caps) > MP2 > D8 (3rd row center-right, in stealth bag on floor); Transfer: D8 > S/PDIF (Coax) > Audiophile 2496 > CoolEdit Pro 2 (48>44.1) > shn2k; Stealthed/transferred/edited by B3gROovE! 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
New York, NY

Source: Oktava MC012s (cardiod caps) > MP2 > D8 (3rd row center-right, in stealth bag on floor)
Transfer: D8 > S/PDIF (Coax) > Audiophile 2496 > CoolEdit Pro 2 (48>44.1) > shn2k
Stealthed/transferred/edited by B3gROovE!

John Medeski - Piano, Hammond A-100, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet, Melodica, Toy Piano
Billy Martin - drums, percussion
Chris Wood - basses

D2 - Set II

1. Tonic Reserve 082302-01  15:39.15
2. Tonic Reserve 082302-02  30:45.49
3. Swamp Road (Medeski)     13:53.42
4. Applause/Encore Intro     4:41.44
5. Zephim (John Zorn)        8:26.50
Total                       73:26.50

334 MB

Notes: Zephim was recorded for Masada 10th Anniversary compilation.
If you have a copy of this, please purchase the compilation (assuming the track makes the cut).
Named files using d2 because other tape exists, and it may be possible to get d1.
Set I tape is full of flaws, and not worth transferring.
Set II flaws: fixed uneven levels on t01 & t05.
Short silence & channel mixing in t01 replace loud static on tape.
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65c29463a62cc0e7839c7f9504f31379 *mmw2002-08-23d2t01.shn
269ff26a1e5a3239b063ad6eeed28f58 *mmw2002-08-23d2t02.shn
1c6dc3c19ca9237406d68b271a8c5cce *mmw2002-08-23d2t03.shn
98753b648b999660445aa54dd2aaf109 *mmw2002-08-23d2t04.shn
44c0df077e509985630fa7f87f7015e5 *mmw2002-08-23d2t05.shn
43d3ad15bf86dd0733cbfda762918fd5 *mmw2002-08-23d2t01.wav
b62e4b5b29c6563b9871cc5d5e206495 *mmw2002-08-23d2t02.wav
08f1f1fa3e9e75afc140aef9b4eaea23 *mmw2002-08-23d2t03.wav
e49d83cc8e33321a76eae8d900d15657 *mmw2002-08-23d2t04.wav
36fe41ccc43408e5fea8231024e71d03 *mmw2002-08-23d2t05.wav

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