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Grateful Dead 09/15/82
Capital Centre, Landover, MD
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Source # 11881 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Master Sondboard Cassette > PCM > CDR; With Audience Patches; Patching/CD Mastering by Scott Clugston; SHN'ed and Seeded to fungus by Scott Clugston; also to abgd via Charlie Connor  
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Grateful Dead
Capitol Centre
Landover, Maryland

Master Sondboard Cassette > PCM > CDR

Audience source supplies "Playin' in the Band" (d1t01) and first 4:31 of "Crazy Fingers" (d1t02),
the first 0:20 of  "Playin' noodle"(d1t08), the final 1:51 of "Day Job (d1t10),
a patch in "Saint of Circumstance" (d2t03) from 3:24 thru 6:30, as well as from 0:09 of "Drums" (d2t04) thru  "Space" (d2t05), and the first 1:33 of "Jam" (d2t06), as well as the first few seconds of "Touch of Grey" (d2t11)

on the previous shn set, the Sbd cut during  "Lost Sailor" and the balance of the show was supplied from the Aud source. This Sbd copy is virtually complete, less the cut in "Saint of Circumstance",  the omission of "Drums",  part of "Space" and the first few notes of "Touch of Grey"

Disc 2 requires an 80 minute disc

Patching / CD Mastering by Scott Clugston
SHN'ed by Scott Clugston

Disc 1
1st Set
1. Playin' in the Band>
2. //Crazy Fingers>
3. Playin' jam>
4. Little Red Rooster
5. Dupree's Diamond Blues
8. //Playin' noodle>
9. Let It Grow
10.Day Job

Disc 2
2nd Set
1. Shakedown Street>
2. Playin' jam>
3. Lost Sailor>
4. Saint of Circ//umstance>
5. D//rums>
6. Sp//ace>
7. Jam>
8. NFA>
9. Stell Blue>
10. A & A>
11.Good Lovin'
12.//Touch of Grey (1st time played)
Show Checksums
1452efcf92336c79985dddb7bd1b0697 *gd82-09-15Newd1t01.shn
843efdd6a08f0575649c0cd101d1489d *gd82-09-15Newd1t02.shn
76d69990f93c31989abb9dca81ca6cc9 *gd82-09-15Newd1t03.shn
9df6b1daf6fb3efc45f442b2f3635852 *gd82-09-15Newd1t04.shn
98032c724f9aa958e46260d20bf37681 *gd82-09-15Newd1t05.shn
ac7f3b29e079d246a913e6581f5a8aba *gd82-09-15Newd1t06.shn
5dc4f7938e9877a6b696d9318341f396 *gd82-09-15Newd1t07.shn
4543969f50b6d769e09f9a6eb027f555 *gd82-09-15Newd1t08.shn
5d050517d33be61b7e5e844cc3abb458 *gd82-09-15Newd1t09.shn
82a3d5b09728601936b6460e7e4c9527 *gd82-09-15Newd1t10.shn
4a98a323fa949fdde95a52447085e9d7 *gd82-09-15Newd2t01.shn
b196103377b1018a59dc17dea18e412a *gd82-09-15Newd2t02.shn
f954c21a96402aaebba3b69ecd0153a3 *gd82-09-15Newd2t03.shn
e5acaaeb3f2b0a27472af74e51c7ca80 *gd82-09-15Newd2t04.shn
79ccd94e9f96f2285a3b2575e7f82476 *gd82-09-15Newd2t05.shn
782ec92360a33bbb02f866333f6265d4 *gd82-09-15Newd2t06.shn
dee137f6ce6d4557ea1b51d7d065573c *gd82-09-15Newd2t07.shn
a28233c0f5fc5b54f94e379cbb902c5c *gd82-09-15Newd2t08.shn
34c394131377639440713d8fca3498db *gd82-09-15Newd2t09.shn
d859b0e69f3453bb3a8b194847ffcd87 *gd82-09-15Newd2t10.shn
5deefa47d568eda323d425e5256a88f2 *gd82-09-15Newd2t11.shn
aa1508e9eaf64fed9204ef5674f69cfa *gd82-09-15Newd2t12.shn
fea0bdf9d896e9a4ef23967a6df021ce [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t01.shn
f7139c2de804cf1d56debfb77e74594c [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t02.shn
8a7ff3a72b6131b37e53a03aad97b4cd [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t03.shn
3a847b88493a617e7a17e3a8ee91bfd7 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t04.shn
30fa9ca6328e41030ab93910e62e7037 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t05.shn
2aac979b68a9ba1ca53e81ad033c117d [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t06.shn
0694ba0770ea8892ef1285fdfb9fbef9 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t07.shn
30c68d8dbd4e2e5529c870fb4ca69fa7 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t08.shn
205e7c287ed8c80f611c5f3a76ae1e99 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t09.shn
036968b0e107b618ac3b1f83ab41718f [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd1t10.shn
d00709a4edcf2436a887487fd76afab5 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t01.shn
2af631aad6744e2f22da2322866f31a6 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t02.shn
bc5e97818c20c0d4400e55d8e1d6b7b3 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t03.shn
58f24a98fe469a18911a227e28d47b2e [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t04.shn
fb46d943809cf8c512c8edd3866d8484 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t05.shn
c2705eba510e01d799a0aeff607403ee [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t06.shn
17333e0a85bad7bd5149b45cb10bceb1 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t07.shn
766273e7d2f0868426ea1ea02a58b1e8 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t08.shn
b262477cee1fb957b54fb57c03ecf249 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t09.shn
94df458e8a5f1e22d630799a48aead44 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t10.shn
9236e34236869491dc94ec398ae8d113 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t11.shn
357b57a901d17ea40687a2d936299e06 [shntool] gd82-09-15Newd2t12.shn

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