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Robert Hunter 10/10/86
Biddy Mulligans, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums rh1986-10-10.nak100.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16: 2 Nakamichi CM100s/CP4>Sony WMD6 w/Dolby>Maxell XLII cassettes>Nakamichi CD1>Korg MR1000>Korg Audiogate>Bias Peak, Izotope Ozone's MBIT+ (for all dithering), and Weiss Saracon SRC>FLAC 
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Robert Hunter
October 10, 1986
Biddy Mulligans
Chicago, IL

Recorded by Dave Cohen
2 Nakamichi CM100s/CP4>Sony WMD6 w/Dolby
Maxell XLII cassettes
The Master Cassettes were played back with Azimuth adjustment and Dolby Decoded on a Nakamichi CD1 into a Korg MR1000 at DSF 1 bit 5.6MHz. Subsequent conversion to 24/96 AIFF done via Korg Audiogate software. Redbook CDR standard 16/44.1 files were created using Bias Peak, Izotope Ozone's MBIT+ (for all dithering), and Weiss Saracon SRC (all sample rate conversions). FLAC'd using Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager.

Transfer by Dave Cohen

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Tagging, checksums and text February 13, 2012 - John Wenzel

--Early Show- -47:04--
01  Jack Straw
02  Friend Of The Devil
03  Bertha
04  Rock Columbia
05  Aim At The Heart
06  Reuben And Cherise
07  Tiger Rose
08  Ship Of Fools

--Late Show- -64:57--
01  -banter-
02  Brown Eyed Women
03  Easy Wind >
04  Mister Charlie >
05  Easy Wind
06  Yellow Moon
07  Dire Wolf
08  Rum Runners
09  Doin' That Rag
10  Promontory Rider>
11  Alabama Getaway
12  Amagamalin Street
13  Touch Of Grey
14  Scarlet Begonias>
15  Ripple
16  Boys In The Barroom
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84f0adfb036351091b3a27f65772452e *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t01.flac
a0f9512dda76a72c3b9982ceced8554d *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t02.flac
b9aa32bf5957063ba79abbbcc4ae265c *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t03.flac
d02f414719366ba51cd4812a2490ff20 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t04.flac
a4836e679d138e92ed93be0e9c1ff976 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t05.flac
5ff517016027f646b43ee7f2c2f141d4 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t06.flac
b0846418c09511f9727a94d73109f871 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t07.flac
dbe25a86013a051ec22711ce42ce380e *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d01t08.flac
7ca1f15fc9125aac1602fdb9985f1c25 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t01.flac
70d706aad9f6779948182a2c6ebe22de *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t02.flac
dd20dff99b830a50db70f1a831a505f4 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t03.flac
585d04ba2016039a7e45bea78492eea6 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t04.flac
30182799f455c00b2212117368f42596 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t05.flac
7371d29296dfea506b74b0264abb7d31 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t06.flac
700162070a8d6775f6349e7f32ee4222 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t07.flac
d37bb3fc5bdc2c24a8fa0e42ae0c9f50 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t08.flac
fc3837bf3c38788d1b364c0917f42a02 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t09.flac
0ab68eab2bb5c9d499a64f145ffd7587 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t10.flac
52acacf37256412561f1cc09d4fcdeba *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t11.flac
472389a84d26fa11d529de878aaf0791 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t12.flac
2d00ca24ee959228656f0864e312f82c *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t13.flac
963b60a98bcc02a3c57d341504a68da6 *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t14.flac
fb0465073f51bd430b12db64c1ff4c0c *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t15.flac
fa0ba5b7eef30afe6c5b7b00bdeadbaf *rh1986-10-10.nak100.d02t16.flac

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