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Robert Hunter 10/10/86
Biddy Mulligans, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.md5
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Source Summary Master Cassette Soundboard>Nakamichi CD1>Korg MR1000>Korg Audiogate>Bias Peak, Izotope Ozone's MBIT+, Weiss Saracon SRC (all sample rate conversions)>Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager>FLAC 
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Robert Hunter
October 10, 1986
Biddy Mulligans
Chicago, IL

Master Cassette Soundboard
Recorded by Justin Lee
Maxell XLII90 cassettes

The Master Cassettes were played back with Azimuth adjustment and Dolby Decoded on a Nakamichi CD1
into a Korg MR1000 at DSF 1 bit 5.6MHz. Subsequent conversion to 24/96 AIFF done via Korg Audiogate software. Redbook CDR standard 16/44.1 files were created using Bias Peak,
Izotope Ozone's MBIT+ (for all dithering), and Weiss Saracon SRC (all sample rate conversions). FLAC'd using Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager.
There are some anomalies due to a patch cable, nothing serious.
Transfer by Dave Cohen

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Tagging, checksums and text February 15,2012 - John Wenzel

--Early Show- -46:25--
01  Jack Straw
02  Friend Of The Devil
03  Bertha
04  Rock Columbia
05  Aim At The Heart
06  Reuben And Cherise
07  Tiger Rose
08  Ship Of Fools

--Late Show- -68:16--
01  -banter-
02  Brown Eyed Women
03  Easy Wind >
04  Mister Charlie >
05  Easy Wind
06  Yellow Moon
07  Dire Wolf
08  Rum Runners
09  Doin' That Rag
10  -banter-
11  Promontory Rider>
12  Alabama Getaway
13  Amagamalin Street
14  Touch Of Grey
15  Scarlet Begonias>
16  Ripple
17  Boys In The Barroom
Show Checksums
5cbd17655955c97148f4e96f1d782faa *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t01.flac
cca8324d0088ecfed533b0d3364d93dc *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t02.flac
cdb45241148e2b03d70f8efd07e26057 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t03.flac
bf780ae6ad74ed0908402cc4eceb0d58 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t04.flac
d26b17441368d08cd159853a0d6aee2f *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t05.flac
965520adb8836086a28c51c7ee593efe *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t06.flac
376f2ea90bf994aff82ba372576cc761 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t07.flac
048631985b00e8d84441916779b22411 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d01t08.flac
d513fd0049e42f10851519ecaf3eea86 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t01.flac
52e27e2a8241c682cc41117d062579b9 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t02.flac
a17433f60dc40d0c7a9a11c1ee199b8a *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t03.flac
f5e830d8c8661328b0a1c9512a321644 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t04.flac
c12fc6fbbfe5fd06221fa69f4fca22dd *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t05.flac
038b2825170e3e6b4c19aa4954b34dd8 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t06.flac
c048c9977dcf4dac825db6749b9f1fb8 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t07.flac
c74d9c61898f6e5ddf94d5fb6fb7120d *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t08.flac
c1758bfc2e714e2b39e2e1b578b1ce9a *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t09.flac
4a3b78e035e6d2b20ec8a82a7f73ea60 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t10.flac
3cf8d2bda8923346713794a7b8bf2947 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t11.flac
75822ed61b3a726b3cd42a760e98699f *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t12.flac
509af960734ac88c66bcc7eafa2bd1da *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t13.flac
c83bfc5d6b37b85bc12cb9892e8e9074 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t14.flac
2e3bc2c0bdac50b9bd321aaeca3882c1 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t15.flac
f087d3e344c17a22f015abc535a48bcb *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t16.flac
5b6d1b8fcc58aa5a1ca1773015b45157 *rh1986-10-10.sbd.lee.d02t17.flac

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