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Phish 07/14/92
The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary Nak 300 > Nak mx100 > D5 > SHN; Note: md5's separated by set, not discs 
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07-14-92 The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA

1: The Landlady, Rift, Guelah Papyrus, Maze, Sparkle, It's Ice, Runaway Jim, Horn, Brother, I Didn't Know, Poor Heart, Cavern

2: Tweezer, Fee, All Things Reconsidered, Reba, Llama, The Squirming Coil, Paul and Silas, You Enjoy Myself, Take the A-Train, Tweezer Reprise

E: Sleeping Monkey

Source:  Nak300>Nak mx100>D5>SHN

0:00 The Landlady 4:03
4:03 Rift 8:02
12:06 Guelah Papyrus 6:06
18:12 Maze 9:19
27:31 Sparkle 4:22
31:54 It's Ice 9:41
41:35 Runaway Jim 8:01
~gap~ on DAT Cut out of CD & SHN <2 sec
49:38 Horn 3:58
53:37 Brother 5:34
59:11 I Didn't Know 4:21
63:32 Poor Heart 2:52
66:30 Cavern 5:07
71:45 Total Set 1

s2: 98min long
7:27 have no regret 7:27
11:52 Tweezer 19:20
5:23 Fee 24:45
3:50 All Things Reconsidered 8:35
13:17 Reba 41:52
4:50 Llama 46:42
~gap~ <2sec
9:04 The Squirming Coil 55:47
3:05 Paul and Silas 58:53
21:18 You Enjoy Myself 80:12
4:56 Take the A-Train 85:09
4:14 Tweezer Reprise 89:23
1:17 ~crowd~ 90:41

6:12 Sleeping Monkey  97:02


From: [email protected] (Ray Gates)
Subject: Phish show at Norfolk's Boathouse......7/14
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1992 12:20:53 GMT

returned from my first Phish show........extremely happy......only wish I
get to Richmond and Charlottesville and beyond........IMHO, HOT

Wondering about the availability of tapes from last night's show......let
me know....
thanks........also....anybody out there want to trade ...would love to get
some more
                                       |        Ray Gates
        "Mama, mama, many worlds       |        CSC/NASA-Langley
         have come since I first       |
[email protected]
               left home."             |              (
                                       |        Phone:  804.865.1725
DISCLAIMER: The comments/opinions contained within are my own and do not
            necessarily represent the opinions of my employer(s).


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03b0a5d0605c384eed26c53a118434c7 *ph920714s1t01.shn
2d3c9b53470465dc345aa54e786ac187 *ph920714s1t02.shn
112cb01d9adc9d2b931586c4d6522b6f *ph920714s1t03.shn
af60cb1558ef13dfb93d547cf87e0d41 *ph920714s1t04.shn
535c4f09fb8d65a5208fe89e6093731c *ph920714s1t05.shn
0fecaaa44351656930b6ae28f5073481 *ph920714s1t06.shn
29e4728d0559e7ec56aa3020d64fa320 *ph920714s1t07.shn
8a20ba2e84e3116517ea262dcc34d0c7 *ph920714s1t08.shn
51cc9f52655a59799cd6137d481e7a34 *ph920714s1t09.shn
cf8292065acfb7392530390ec2bc065b *ph920714s1t10.shn
ce082d054fe540d41ca25dc274d8b68a *ph920714s1t11.shn
cfd6642ed69e0f1dc148794f97c5c617 *ph920714s1t12.shn
16fef81c53173049192da91bc0becfff *ph920714s2t01.shn
c1f3af67f0eb994b44d11823bf57025a *ph920714s2t02.shn
0513dff7a490dfd5b7614b3c2d94351f *ph920714s2t03.shn
ce97d886d5a81b0e1cb4a94afc7473b9 *ph920714s2t04.shn
3f54506531c41ad84774c53b432aa3f1 *ph920714s2t05.shn
5274c8012f55e2c919f6d2bd1ff19d7e *ph920714s2t06.shn
b5f69139927bafe0f1d2fe902bfdc447 *ph920714s2t07.shn
a676712ea6769da861c87bd96a41bc39 *ph920714s2t08.shn
f098868095e883ba5ee4888f1083a276 *ph920714s2t09.shn
a005fd6c90738a2936f82ad119031c20 *ph920714s2t10.shn
afadaa88d8f28c711c1786d17aebadc8 *ph920714s2t11.shn
333c3bc8dfbe02cbdb774e68e244ab53 *ph920714s2t12.shn
11f5c68899fdd213231d51d28e9f709c *ph920714s2t13.shn
030b37f0810bf49af933178fa9766310 [shntool] ph920714s1t01.shn
10b2c3cce27c03318e0dd5275513d816 [shntool] ph920714s1t02.shn
7e4aa389ba48cbfca162b801849faf50 [shntool] ph920714s1t03.shn
d855ca8862cdb2c4aa8bff3b8f2c2574 [shntool] ph920714s1t04.shn
9db35aa566cb5ef6b9ddd4809361aba4 [shntool] ph920714s1t05.shn
f6bfe872bac5640e0e913ebb84b53df1 [shntool] ph920714s1t06.shn
49d5ad6212fb3d47731130dad8fa80d5 [shntool] ph920714s1t07.shn
f7ff8ff8bd750077dbf1ec55702fc8ee [shntool] ph920714s1t08.shn
037b0d36fd3e4c8c6a77477a496ee67a [shntool] ph920714s1t09.shn
a61b5f8b424b38ce78845c7360751152 [shntool] ph920714s1t10.shn
f9805079c7d8f7986301ac5d432cd07c [shntool] ph920714s1t11.shn
5e56863e666a570f1ca21fc1e34c87a4 [shntool] ph920714s1t12.shn
60f652b70ac37a4450a7bf091ef2fc46 [shntool] ph920714s2t01.shn
65ff84e279c1846e94356bafedf03d21 [shntool] ph920714s2t02.shn
7ee29b7bcbba0221c47f9e7fdf74003a [shntool] ph920714s2t03.shn
5365afd7e20d9e2d5e5f729d92bd71a5 [shntool] ph920714s2t04.shn
0294cf410313e08075a5acbc38f42501 [shntool] ph920714s2t05.shn
1e6363313ceb7003ed1c3f36f9367312 [shntool] ph920714s2t06.shn
996c005455a748b3e47a21f3b3473cf4 [shntool] ph920714s2t07.shn
5bbb307e7c362155d85370746885277c [shntool] ph920714s2t08.shn
705d4530d8cad3bc1b70284fb5037549 [shntool] ph920714s2t09.shn
5745ef8a56980195c8890fe7987da899 [shntool] ph920714s2t10.shn
c0ca66a8b246e92ae24853231e8f2bd8 [shntool] ph920714s2t11.shn
7ba8ec381b115c77ea176f9306111d64 [shntool] ph920714s2t12.shn
3db9b2d1614f300ee81e47a3bbc2c911 [shntool] ph920714s2t13.shn

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