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Grateful Dead 07/31/83
Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA
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Source # 11933 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary AUD>MC>DAT>CDR; via Paul B; Seeded to etree by Ernie Dodd 
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Grateful Dead
Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura, CA
Eac >cool edit > shntool > cdwav >shnv3
Eac >shn (secure with proper offsets) by Ernie Dodd

Disc One
//Jack Straw
Friend Of The Devil
//Me & My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues
West L.A. Fade Away
Little Red Rooster
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain >

Disc Two
Hell In A Bucket > *
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain > x
Drumz > &
Space  >
The Other One >
Wharfrat >

Disc Three
Throwing Stones > $
Not Fade Away

Encore: Touch Of Grey  >
One More Saturday Night

Jack straw missing first few notes.
Me & My uncle missing first few notes.
*4:18 d/o in lc pasted in rc.
x dropout deleted at fire>drums transition
& suspect noise at 5:54
$ dropout deleted at Wharf rat > throwing stones transition.

Another installment of The Music Never Stops Project!!
Thanks to Paul B. for the show and Jerry's Kids for the discs!!

Show Checksums
6422a6e0f379604c68094979c234ae0b *gd83-07-31d1t01.shn
c115def1be8ce4cf95d211cd601b5a65 *gd83-07-31d1t02.shn
34cd4fbce26a689b68b4f506e1a2f18b *gd83-07-31d1t03.shn
bc7e678944301d271787417eaf1e78a8 *gd83-07-31d1t04.shn
cd08494d908e5ff589231195903d7a05 *gd83-07-31d1t05.shn
c9e8316453c26dbf48883b648ffe0f93 *gd83-07-31d1t06.shn
ebb4ec57ccf5ca5e38b7ce20367d5a02 *gd83-07-31d1t07.shn
06f2213093d42e1af0f2a6aa8d13dfb6 *gd83-07-31d1t08.shn
8563a9f0bd16131f8ad2aa79e1222b68 *gd83-07-31d1t09.shn
b2ae729f48ab3d394f391c18a18f6487 *gd83-07-31d2t01.shn
b7ce0efffe56270b5df8dac7ef0e4d8d *gd83-07-31d2t02.shn
2812850e985b0cb812e0242b212ce8e6 *gd83-07-31d2t03.shn
de5a59fa2e45446b1a885ccaac3752f2 *gd83-07-31d2t04.shn
ac25577e5850f0d61c8b6456e72ebe96 *gd83-07-31d2t05.shn
de307e8c7c82461406f53d0b1849b27b *gd83-07-31d2t06.shn
b1d396ac335cd4dff7db59fbac70679b *gd83-07-31d2t07.shn
bd03b6edfcc0d62bf2cadba6cd9b4101 *gd83-07-31d3t01.shn
125225d446964aee9557db89d15f5391 *gd83-07-31d3t02.shn
56bc9a470d6b391b848b599c8b18ea72 *gd83-07-31d3t03.shn
397ce741a75cff250e544f56b71577ca *gd83-07-31d3t04.shn
1d3f3fef0cf10b80ec2058f4729353ea [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t01.shn
39ce1e2bf7d28ea0c0a8e6c0fc307a04 [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t02.shn
347e6f982e43a16e88cb134fc8e8f85a [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t03.shn
5d70c77fe79225a79b52b445ce12e339 [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t04.shn
1ba21ae4e88ec55bb8cc8685c34f676f [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t05.shn
bc7197a3a4e2957a1ddaf43ef2e4d6e7 [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t06.shn
e22356ec9bc509f04c6735870fc4fb1c [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t07.shn
d2b491d8f94b2266b07d45dd06302c26 [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t08.shn
f8d3ea0a2118bdafcd5678c87860db76 [shntool] gd83-07-31d1t09.shn
72143daa31b6d09b236732303745745f [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t01.shn
bc9aff09d5ddaf7221b4018e753d90eb [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t02.shn
56a70b1dc1cbc859734e5333c57a04a9 [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t03.shn
d07a08f77d2eac8ee876200e725730cf [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t04.shn
566a7f7113c5ab6aa230b502d68e6191 [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t05.shn
8f48ec59b3e35a558903f34ee4f7865c [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t06.shn
c7580f0b7d31018b526a85abc3730ffa [shntool] gd83-07-31d2t07.shn
9a7c87e19311a84c945874902835f17f [shntool] gd83-07-31d3t01.shn
8a2609954500d9e88c8827fc49dcc69c [shntool] gd83-07-31d3t02.shn
96165667ce08f767a49acc88e709ff36 [shntool] gd83-07-31d3t03.shn
78c7dad015fe76f597bd010d6c21af2e [shntool] gd83-07-31d3t04.shn

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flac16; SBD ->... (2) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; SBD ->... (7) flac16/48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
10/31/2007 charlie miller My discs which are from the same taping rig are labeled (FOB) Sony ECM200T>Cass Master>Dat>CD
12/16/2008 charlie miller This is from Rango's Sony ECM-220T's. Not sure if it was Dolby decoded.