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Garcia 11/24/91
Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1991-11-24.atr35.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 1 KB (620 bytes)
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Source Summary JGB; flac1644; FOB Master audience recording by SJ; 2x Audio Technica ATR-35 mics > Sony PC-39 adapter > Sony WMD-6C (Dolby C) > 2x Sony Metal SR-100 tapes (Tape 1, Set 1 Lot #9210122; Tape 2, Set 2 Lot #9342022); Harmon Kardon TD 302 playback (Dolby C on, heads aligned to each tape segment) > Zoom H2 @16/44.1 > SDHC card > PC > Wavepad for editing & tracking > traderslittlehelper for Flac level 8 & checksums. Transfer and all mastering by arfarf. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
November 24, 1991
Target Center,
Minneapolis, MN

FOB Master audience recording by SJ

Two Audio Technika ATR-35 mikes>Sony PC-39 adapter>
Sony WMD-6C (Dolby C)>Two Sony Metal SR-100 tapes
Tape 1, Set 1 Lot #9210122
Tape 2, Set 2 Lot #9342022

Master tapes>Harmon Kardon TD 302, Dolby C on, heads aligned to each tape segment>
Zoom H2 @16/44.1>SDHC card>PC>Wavepad for editing & tracking>
traderslittlehelper for Flac level 8 & checksums

Transfer and all mastering by arfarf, April 10, 2012

--Set One- -59:52--
01 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
02 Stop That Train
03 You Never Can Tell
04 Run For The Roses
05 And It Stoned Me
06 Lay Down Sally
07 My Sisters And Brothers
08 Deal

--Set Two- -69:18-
01 The Way You Do The Things You Do
02 Waiting For A Miracle
03 Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
04 Shining Star
05 Don't Let Go
06 Midnight Moonlight
07 tuning
08 Wonderful World

Notes: Tape flips @ end of d1t06,
@ 08:32 of d2t05.
Tape pause @ end of d2t06
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3aad27bb779e62247c9e21741de43404 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t01.flac
623089704d0f6f4899f3d7ad72066c9e *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t02.flac
15dd124aa167ef883710e6a0028a26c9 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t03.flac
68f0dcb4214fdc8f5cf860d139c3935b *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t04.flac
dd06f2c9a21fc92a23231ef42f998a0f *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t05.flac
52d738e8e4dc2f5d38d8cfa991b7ddbc *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t06.flac
cf5dfabb53c9914f63ed2da29f4fb361 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t07.flac
b3df2648971232ec7184c3e87cb1131d *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d1t08.flac
88ce2c71bb6bd814870166283ae7121a *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t01.flac
23cfb282f4f484fcb425ce92ba0821c8 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t02.flac
866b6a5c2a1769d9108165446dae64d1 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t03.flac
a566b5114cc8d31b66fe003ed6e5aa9c *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t04.flac
54d0994da06287ec6b985beb523715eb *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t05.flac
82cb955d97fe421036dec9a7769ecade *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t06.flac
6d2f4a46e1bf7053843302e64c966670 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t07.flac
fb3fdd671bbfff0bd643fd435c4cb8c6 *jg1991-11-24.atr35.d2t08.flac

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