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North Mississippi Allstars 04/04/12
Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: internal Mics > Ls-20M @44.1-16 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Chameleon Club Lancaster,Pa

Lineage: internal Mics > Ls-20M @44.1-16>Sdhc (class 10) > PC  (Cool Edit Pro) > TLH (sbeok: Flac 8) > you

Tape,Transfered,Upped by Dragonz

01 Station Blues ...My Babe
02 Mississippi Bollweeevil
03 Shake ( Yo Mamma)
04 Lord Have Mercy
05 Stay All Night
06 Boogie
07 Someday Baby...Sugartown Melody
08 Steal Away*
09 Horseshoe...OL Cannonball
10 Never in my Days....Shake em Down
11 ML
12 Applause
13 Luther\' Solo
14 Moonshine
15 Po Black Maddie
16 Chevorolet
17 Skinny Woman
18 Cody Being Cody
19 Everything Gonna Be Funky
20 All Along 21 Alice Mae
22 Hear My Train A Comin
23 Mean Ol Wind Died Down
24 All Night Long Medley
25 Meet Me in the City...Snake Drive

About a 10 sec. gap between track 7 and track 8 due to batterry change

Nma put on a (Insert your adjetive here) show.  Chameleon was one of the last shows with Chris.  From one big man to another...Chris you will be missed Good Luck.  The people in the crew are so open and friendly (Shout out Shelby and good luck) that they are a Great Reflection of the band.

This recording is NOT FOR SALE.
It is to be traded freely.
If you paid anyone to get this.... FOOL!!!
If you plan on trading, please include all files included in the folder.
Never trade mp3\'s.
Personally what ever you do for personal use and for your friends is cool by me.

Most importantly always support the artist.
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d4983e3700cc714f75a7ae19862a6a24 *NMA 4-4-12.txt
daaaa589a0a93548f0124cc0e285e708 *NMA2012-04-04t01.flac
745ac1876bf4812493b5691872f293c4 *NMA2012-04-04t02.flac
59d0ce62a1e7d32968b8ecee897f3f01 *NMA2012-04-04t03.flac
277e9d18523f7a53143b548f4a80a0de *NMA2012-04-04t04.flac
85eb51438f42efa833d88b05e9ccca8c *NMA2012-04-04t05.flac
a7493cd7ea61495984d841357696dcd1 *NMA2012-04-04t06.flac
2654afc9efa8a545e325d31bad782399 *NMA2012-04-04t07.flac
92e2afa0432769f78ea2439e5b58f89f *NMA2012-04-04t08.flac
62c00063404b21f40cfc5fe2a4905ad4 *NMA2012-04-04t09.flac
1003161444fbb833ed62d221e78dfd2f *NMA2012-04-04t10.flac
e7ca90c80f8dac18d9e37511e4298c2f *NMA2012-04-04t11.flac
daf9b3431f9a74c4d3504c0ca9aa3c67 *NMA2012-04-04t12.flac
79b9d7e28f16a4b95c8904f399f9e1d1 *NMA2012-04-04t13.flac
ce3b35f2644bb6d4dff15f705e88eaa8 *NMA2012-04-04t14.flac
e740d08116798d36ba9856fef9cceaba *NMA2012-04-04t15.flac
45ccd0bf3fb69c9104e93722d321f39c *NMA2012-04-04t16.flac
6ecf0c4f8391187110657fb10208ae85 *NMA2012-04-04t17.flac
d83e061ab31074cb009f9f7b0530fe5c *NMA2012-04-04t18.flac
ff7ee2bf25f57ac879f19897e3a42c6b *NMA2012-04-04t19.flac
9cf7d2ae629bb2fc35db6147a92e9551 *NMA2012-04-04t20.flac
800dd66319ee5321fc244044fa1f7785 *NMA2012-04-04t21.flac
4984d67de582477db64005842082202c *NMA2012-04-04t22.flac
95f63456c89014addadb5d07914ef268 *NMA2012-04-04t23.flac
62f6f24fde9ea68dcf69506f985a7b21 *NMA2012-04-04t24.flac
d9fdcecfd7b03172a8fd0dd701cd9c31 *NMA2012-04-04t25.flac

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