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Grateful Dead 10/19/81
Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain
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Entered by Gary Field
Checksums ffp , flac-md5 , orig-md5 , orig-ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16: recording: aud master recording lineage: master analog tape SONY low noise 90 x 2 > aiwa wx 220 > audacity> cd wave ed.>TLH> flac equipment: unknown recorded : by Zappa edited by carbobueno 
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Grateful Dead

         Date 19th Oct 1981

Palau d'Esports de Montjuïc


recording: aud master recording

lineage: master analog tape SONY low noise 90 x 2 > aiwa wx 220 > audacity> cd wave ed.>TLH> flac

equipment: unknown

recorded : by Zappa edited by carbobueno


1. Jack Straw >
2. Franklin's Tower
3. Mama Tried >
4. Mexicali Blues
5. Loser *
6. CC Rider
7. Tennessee Jed
8. Passenger

1. Althea >
2. Let It Grow
Set 2:
3. Scarlet Begonias >
4. Fire On The Mountain
5. Lost Sailor >
6. Saint Of Circumstance >
7. Jam//

1. Drums >
2. Space >
3. Spainish Jam >
4. The Other One >
5. Stella Blue >
6. Sugar Magnolia MISSING
7. Don't Ease Me In  MISSING

* 2 second dropout closed  MISSING


This is the first and only concert of Greateful Dead in Spain.There are many problems before to start the show
with the sound equipement used for the band.The show was near to be cancelled for this problems, but
finally the patience of the audience and the good job of the band on the stage made possible the show.

I know that exist a bootleg album of this show on SB sound with some missing parts, but I'm sure that this source is a new one never uploaded before.The end of the show
is missing but few parts missing on the SB bootleg are complet on this take.
I've got these master tapes from the guy who recorded the show.I don't know wich  equipement was used
for this recording .I upload the show without EQ but I  turn the volume up for the problems of the sound  I explained  before.

I try to be acurated on the set list cuts, I'm very soory is there any mistakes.

Please share this show and enjoy too!!!

Inclueded you'll find the ticket and original promo poster.

The band:

Jerry Garcia – lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir – rhythm guitar, vocals
Brent Mydland – keyboards, vocals
Phil Lesh – bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – drums
Show Checksums
7c9cce23f0dfa942532c3e73df8eefc7 * 01.flac
744cec4b36a8e2bd35360c4a1da02800 * 02.flac
f28865d928778b63f076f2dcec722f9c * 03.flac
585d03eeaad3f3117c48a03d29316efd * 04.flac
c15621c2370173ffd1364f85ed35dec8 * 05.flac
84256c977b8cb5d539fc609c9e4a1cd2 * 06.flac
c6353fbea40ad0eb6183850df2622a5f * 07.flac
f8f2a2069a9ad43ac48fa13855481719 * 08.flac
085c31b405111f4e0d6fc682eac8af6e * 09.flac
ee39132ebf6c5914da41b031e5a622a7 * 10.flac
f0072b15d354191091881fddf7b01f74 * 11.flac
49505f3280cf6187484e6f0efbefe376 * 12.flac
05eb4dc5c47631031839e17baf4623ac * 13.flac
889572b811a3e1ec318e0725964f2ef5 * 14.flac
d508a3033c15eb59b2dee7ec61de3a37 * 15.flac
d61dc88e1b6c9a226d877e655c770f5b * 16.flac
4563e3b7393fc2b2206063eaadc218c3 * 17.flac
6d1c792f75be1b0c7b5f7f7a6d4af531 * 18.flac
27c3c14d0c9cc935fdaa9a990f3ddedd * 19.flac
a128cd5cf6f34096c0ff9503d0dfd838 * 20.flac
7c9cce23f0dfa942532c3e73df8eefc7 *grateful dead barcelona 01.flac
744cec4b36a8e2bd35360c4a1da02800 *grateful dead barcelona 02.flac
f28865d928778b63f076f2dcec722f9c *grateful dead barcelona 03.flac
585d03eeaad3f3117c48a03d29316efd *grateful dead barcelona 04.flac
c15621c2370173ffd1364f85ed35dec8 *grateful dead barcelona 05.flac
84256c977b8cb5d539fc609c9e4a1cd2 *grateful dead barcelona 06.flac
c6353fbea40ad0eb6183850df2622a5f *grateful dead barcelona 07.flac
f8f2a2069a9ad43ac48fa13855481719 *grateful dead barcelona 08.flac
085c31b405111f4e0d6fc682eac8af6e *grateful dead barcelona 09.flac
ee39132ebf6c5914da41b031e5a622a7 *grateful dead barcelona 10.flac
f0072b15d354191091881fddf7b01f74 *grateful dead barcelona 11.flac
49505f3280cf6187484e6f0efbefe376 *grateful dead barcelona 12.flac
05eb4dc5c47631031839e17baf4623ac *grateful dead barcelona 13.flac
889572b811a3e1ec318e0725964f2ef5 *grateful dead barcelona 14.flac
d508a3033c15eb59b2dee7ec61de3a37 *grateful dead barcelona 15.flac
d61dc88e1b6c9a226d877e655c770f5b *grateful dead barcelona 16.flac
4563e3b7393fc2b2206063eaadc218c3 *grateful dead barcelona 17.flac
6d1c792f75be1b0c7b5f7f7a6d4af531 *grateful dead barcelona 18.flac
27c3c14d0c9cc935fdaa9a990f3ddedd *grateful dead barcelona 19.flac
a128cd5cf6f34096c0ff9503d0dfd838 *grateful dead barcelona 20.flac
grateful dead barcelona 01.flac:0368228f65b05af6df73db6dc691905b
grateful dead barcelona 02.flac:776f5db4a86f45e243d7bbcbecb0a5d3
grateful dead barcelona 03.flac:ba6301e1726a3c4ae197834b10a9607a
grateful dead barcelona 04.flac:a9d084aca9898a6fddea5750a3a32be3
grateful dead barcelona 05.flac:9219559e9e4e5cd3bebd7e9edb72afb6
grateful dead barcelona 06.flac:825015ecad35c97927d262a5b04b1288
grateful dead barcelona 07.flac:717e8fc86a76eb8d4301c26ea0e870f8
grateful dead barcelona 08.flac:f3de1f67f068af5dc0c80e300e78ed45
grateful dead barcelona 09.flac:8371cff5dcd0a5edbbf10f4ad46cd690
grateful dead barcelona 10.flac:c4d78ca3b260c0701bead530ad354a66
grateful dead barcelona 11.flac:6703546e2160217f27cf5f9d45809a78
grateful dead barcelona 12.flac:8ada1046fa8fe8d949aa9741bae57da1
grateful dead barcelona 13.flac:29875d63e608ff6c85aebca00c96ee9c
grateful dead barcelona 14.flac:26c5c94ff838bf1f9c98cf659b0f2db0
grateful dead barcelona 15.flac:cfc1f44a98478a6c7f7ec725648317bc
grateful dead barcelona 16.flac:dbfc9d0dcfd956021fab0ab0e43500aa
grateful dead barcelona 17.flac:25fa902b2d831300f4e5a50e30a42793
grateful dead barcelona 18.flac:14fec5bd427a1e3cb7b9e24d888f099d
grateful dead barcelona 19.flac:32f15c46a67b631f958e712769aaf751
grateful dead barcelona 20.flac:dcab6f82e79548990b3b33e13d963fdd

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Date User Comment
09/29/2013 nfagdtrfb Files are really badly clipped all the way thru. Track-list is off by one, correct list below:

01 crowd
02 Jack Straw
03 Franklin's Tower
04 Mama Tried
05 Mexicali Blues
06 Loser
07 CC Rider
08 Tennessee Jed
09 Passenger
10 Althea
11 Let It Grow
12 Scarlet Begonias
13 Fire On The Mountain
14 Lost Sailor
15 Saint Of Circumstance
16 Jam
17 Drums
18 Space
19 Spanish Jam
20 The Other One//
Missing: Stella Blue, Sugar Magnolia, Don't Ease Me In