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Terrapin Flyer 05/05/12
Founder's Taphouse, Grand Rapids, MI
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Source Summary flac16;Source: SPLSD2(m/s) > DR-100 Mk II @ 24/48 Transfer: SD > Cool Edit Pro > TLH
WAVs converted to 16/44.1 with db Poweramp, then converted to FLAC with TLH 
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Terrapin Flyer
Founder's Taproom
Grand Rapids, MI

Location: SOB > DFC > DAO
Source: SPLSD2(m/s) > DR-100 Mk II @ 24/48
Transfer: SD > Cool Edit Pro > TLH

WAVs converted to 16/44.1 with db Poweramp, then converted to FLAC with TLH

Taped and transferred by Sean Fagan

Set I
1. Bertha
2. The Race Is On
3. Candyman
4. Me and My Uncle >
5. Mexicali Blues
6. Loser
7. Minglewood Blues
8. Born in Chicago
9. My Sisters and Brothers
10. Hard to Handle
11. China Cat Sunflower >
12. I Know You Rider

Set II
1. Feel Like A Stranger
2. Jack Straw
3. Aiko Aiko
4. Cryptical Envelopment >
5. The Other One >
6. Cryptical Envelopment
7. Death Don't Have No Mercy
8. In The Midnight Hour
9. Deal

1. Shakedown Street
2. Playin' in the Band >
3. Not Fade Away >
4. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad >
5. Playin' in the Band >
6. Not Fade Away
7. One More Saturday Night
8. The Last Time
9. Ripple
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59475ab424ad03caa77a6790c8331c67 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t01.flac
81d4cd686933321e548a17381b086b9c *tflyer2012-05-05d01t02.flac
5fe8953c83b4cbdb6f0608604cee71a0 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t03.flac
80a4b26044e29a261fd70a26000de8ed *tflyer2012-05-05d01t04.flac
273cf6c897120a1835d1ae36721b2617 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t05.flac
3945bc7abdc1fb3331479a7cd83ef77e *tflyer2012-05-05d01t06.flac
905d5197555098fa31122906840acc40 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t07.flac
aa293372bab3409f3524d08167118044 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t08.flac
6bf0c668f0af160176e712956ed5d7c0 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t09.flac
36489a9642cd7e420a7cd058ca5d467c *tflyer2012-05-05d01t10.flac
06648c6f7ce76953f7784e472f76ff39 *tflyer2012-05-05d01t11.flac
bab77f76892089f1911ae0d2a7f6e0ca *tflyer2012-05-05d01t12.flac
b7b0640278be2176fc951f15a5d98db0 *tflyer2012-05-05d02t01.flac
1efc5ed837882e2868188671f393a56e *tflyer2012-05-05d02t02.flac
eb4fc1d787f3b6e279fa8967209320d2 *tflyer2012-05-05d02t03.flac
5e7b5f9b418986bfbad0a0921c566218 *tflyer2012-05-05d02t04.flac
8993d5da1ee5d3321fdcdd6b7e799b8b *tflyer2012-05-05d02t05.flac
a8f1d5206f291428e8d77d8aaf3dba46 *tflyer2012-05-05d02t06.flac
921622299297194b56f7056d155e2015 *tflyer2012-05-05d02t07.flac
7772f8b7892c0c5fb1848e8bd1c2848e *tflyer2012-05-05d02t08.flac
a046f184376720e444712ae1422c791b *tflyer2012-05-05d02t09.flac
18f5157a5512004e83892f1616016067 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t01.flac
543fddc8cc1e9acacd5c03043b19e200 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t02.flac
825ab010c19b1fb4a3a5f761100e46ea *tflyer2012-05-05d03t03.flac
e5ab3328d8b4a2557cfb5af49e7356d1 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t04.flac
97aded58ea996935515ffac6a2ae5125 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t05.flac
d156f91b6a6dd7de9f47d7a37d15131e *tflyer2012-05-05d03t06.flac
7c9261e017a97a9cb1c729075a99dc84 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t07.flac
67b29d4709e106f963627c86d9106523 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t08.flac
f538f51d2f22ad50dd476ce4796fb267 *tflyer2012-05-05d03t09.flac

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