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Grateful Dead 12/27/81
Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums orig-ffp , orig-md5 , ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 903.22 MB (947100000 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Audience Cassette Master, Recorded, Transferred and Mastered by N. Hoey; 2 Nakamichi CM 300's > Sony TC D-5m (Dolby B)(Set 1-encore Maxell UDXL-IIS 90)(Set II TDK MA C 90)(FOB center); Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > A/D Apogee Mini Me (firewire)(transferred @ 44.1/24[soft limit] dithered to 44.1/16 bit) > (Peak 7 OS X editing-dithering) > Xact 
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Grateful Dead Oakland Auditorium Arena Oakland CA 1981-12-27

Recorded, Transferred and Mastered by N. Hoey
2 Nakamichi CM 300's > Sony TC D-5m (Dolby B)(Set 1-encore Maxell UDXL-IIS 90)(Set II TDK MA C 90)(FOB center)
Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > A/D Apogee Mini Me (firewire)(transferred @ 44.1/24[soft limit] dithered to 44.1/16 bit) > (Peak 7 OS X editing-dithering) > Xact

disc 1:

d1t01. New Minglewood Blues >
d1t02. Sugaree
d1t03. "Mick would like to..."
d1t04. Cassidy
d1t05. Deep Elem Blues >
d1t06. C C Rider
d1t07. Friend Of The Devil
d1t08. Passenger
d1t09. Althea >
d1t10. Looks Like Rain >
d1t11. Deal

disc 2:
d2t01. Samson And Delilah
d2t02. To Lay Me Down
d2t03. Playing In The Band > *
d2t04. Drums >

disc 3:

d3t01. Space > #
d3t02. The Wheel >
d3t03. Playing In The Band >
d3t04. Wharf Rat >
d3t05. Sugar Magnolia +

d3t06. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

The first set needed no patches (the deck was paused between songs and those breaks in continuity have been slightly edited to smooth the transitions), however the second set required three insert patches, at these locations:
* A. 03.56 seconds from shnid 96562 patched in between "To Lay Me Down" and "Playing In The Band" as PITB begins (pause deck error)
# B. 12.09 seconds from shnid 96562 patched 10 seconds into "Space" (tape flip)
+ C. 04.52 secomds from shnid 96562 patched at the finale of "Sugar Magnolia" (master tape 2 side b ran out - tape change)

shnid 96562 suffers from a drop in sound quality during the second half of the second set, I suspect they needed to lower their mics to avoid getting discovered by a security sweep. This version retains consistent sound quality throughout.

Show Checksums
gd1981-12-27 d1t01. New Minglewood Blues.flac:dccc24b1f746fb713442f199151275af
gd1981-12-27 d1t02. Sugaree.flac:0bf661fde80cb93fb0a9674850f1e314
gd1981-12-27 d1t03. Mick would like to.flac:1d4f33b7825af79d9609c4bf5546d893
gd1981-12-27 d1t04. Cassidy.flac:d496e5fe6f28235cd47d33532c590843
gd1981-12-27 d1t05. Deep Elem Blues.flac:997f29d353139009632b76dc6ed82974
gd1981-12-27 d1t06. C C Rider.flac:fdbe88f8c8de02aa34f732c87eb6b7a7
gd1981-12-27 d1t07. Friend Of The Devil.flac:7b5c73167d6a569472f462b28577361b
gd1981-12-27 d1t08. Passenger.flac:6158d7fd6b3cb111d64a876a57bc872d
gd1981-12-27 d1t09. Althea.flac:d39d5f9212867e1e6492c86cc9e553c9
gd1981-12-27 d1t10. Looks Like Rain.flac:d4a532e95bf08dbf4aabbec9b5fc7ef5
gd1981-12-27 d1t11. Deal.flac:cba6696a077c5638db50ec46a9c63434
gd1981-12-27 d2t01. Samson And Delilah.flac:8f35274e19eabf9fc0cc93d7f743b62c
gd1981-12-27 d2t02. To Lay Me Down.flac:ee46f165148b80ae4a7d260b8aa7b243
gd1981-12-27 d2t03. Playing In The Band.flac:9b55ba662fcc23fa005e98d95c8ef4d5
gd1981-12-27 d2t04. Drums.flac:670c713183f3ab265829c8e552f8e50c
gd1981-12-27 d3t01. Space.flac:4d5b23c2a91664a3748e261fea8de9db
gd1981-12-27 d3t02. The Wheel.flac:7a73fa21276644174fcfc85a3f8d6966
gd1981-12-27 d3t03. Playing In The Band.flac:66c0d9a98234923069d69c429d4f1d3c
gd1981-12-27 d3t04. Wharf Rat.flac:3a8c12e9423d3f159117bb9f7d5b0ecc
gd1981-12-27 d3t05. Sugar Magnolia.flac:aa5865966ba7c5f1f210f5151b2a3357
gd1981-12-27 d3t06. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac:555111708696577027e481ad969bbd54
286dd716b9f178395edf184dd24b0b89 *gd1981-12-27 d1t01. New Minglewood Blues.flac
ec813114374e8c13df24a008f011ed9a *gd1981-12-27 d1t02. Sugaree.flac
ac91b3a57d35aa6a19fe8d6a4e57d61d *gd1981-12-27 d1t03. Mick would like to.flac
a3b19601a66955d25f15f39a12ebbd80 *gd1981-12-27 d1t04. Cassidy.flac
bced6ecb597a13089d9820d438963718 *gd1981-12-27 d1t05. Deep Elem Blues.flac
77a869d08a6dac63c3edfc7366ff94fc *gd1981-12-27 d1t06. C C Rider.flac
02fc6d167b7567572d0b597d368fcd1e *gd1981-12-27 d1t07. Friend Of The Devil.flac
07eeed052005dc246668088b1ef9db0e *gd1981-12-27 d1t08. Passenger.flac
a7d03ed1ab831782cdf89614c8638fbd *gd1981-12-27 d1t09. Althea.flac
6eb460a206fd76104d389e0ad7efe67f *gd1981-12-27 d1t10. Looks Like Rain.flac
bbe7780b1677eb072dd4821a10b7f7e9 *gd1981-12-27 d1t11. Deal.flac
f207b922344ae5c7f8215534deebee54 *gd1981-12-27 d2t01. Samson And Delilah.flac
af939d9e715276dce6acad5c711b57fa *gd1981-12-27 d2t02. To Lay Me Down.flac
b12a7345c7f4a6cbaf9057ab715c44ff *gd1981-12-27 d2t03. Playing In The Band.flac
e50cdd35fe536aed9a64a46736bc93bc *gd1981-12-27 d2t04. Drums.flac
985126f414db19543de53d4d59ad51cb *gd1981-12-27 d3t01. Space.flac
262c28a23c9eca4ec8927549dbce24bc *gd1981-12-27 d3t02. The Wheel.flac
99c89628bbdffeae7998239a86e11f6f *gd1981-12-27 d3t03. Playing In The Band.flac
01922c44e79684cae07378205d3b616f *gd1981-12-27 d3t04. Wharf Rat.flac
ea0d48b2e5a0dc4708a0a76ff7dd76cc *gd1981-12-27 d3t05. Sugar Magnolia.flac
7926f7bf17f718062275c62762af42b0 *gd1981-12-27 d3t06. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac
2fd6989cddd7329e476313bd602e039e *d1t01.flac
1e32b3ef835f22135d6511dba3fe2620 *d1t02.flac
dbe89a7b325c0b4a65b77e12585411c4 *d1t03.flac
bb7b102237437f01461fe7dd4d6441c6 *d1t04.flac
8690bb257eb89fd5cf9e08d8121d0d68 *d1t05.flac
484a6b9daae5082cba8bdf389196474d *d1t06.flac
e7d0cdc60fd512105eccdd88f4098fb3 *d1t07.flac
22e75ce67cce559c774965651cd20d7b *d1t08.flac
83717db81e934929b8ccf78e196ace8c *d1t09.flac
5cd22987d193d0287f7fcd5915836a58 *d1t10.flac
13657386af293959c51bd34a6e8c0e35 *d1t11.flac
b35ca4ac0a190529dd89071cd97834cf *d2t01.flac
a9b115b2528fd0164881234152bde603 *d2t02.flac
0af6a8a0e1eeed299f62093f8ffdda01 *d2t03.flac
1eec23af6f8d8f50739df036a6cd7a1b *d2t04.flac
83d2b0d1cc066bf51953a5a8c0132e2b *d3t01.flac
fcdfe8b4209e9a61a417d0d6ee3d51af *d3t02.flac
f72eb1752ffada25b7244ac5b006b3a4 *d3t03.flac
61f9dc3bd8f02ff0dc3dd0f5e40dd679 *d3t04.flac
5000e1cbf962f1cbfd438355d66f25c6 *d3t05.flac
910419fc0c082f3b5cb4cdc5246657a2 *d3t06.flac

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SBD>MC>DAT>CD; Missing Baby... (0) Master Soundboard Cassette... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Recording... (0)
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05/15/2012 Wharfrat73 Updated checksums.
05/18/2012 mvernon in the original seeding of this source, the checksums stored inside the flac files were incorrect. the flac files could be decoded - so i decoded to wav and reflac'd at level 8 and created new ffp and flac-md5 checksums which are shown here as ffp and flac-md5. this is also the files on the LMA