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Allman Brothers Band 04/24/79
Palladium, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Allman Brothers Band
April 24th 1979
New York City, NY

I have been trying to get this show for awhile now. This happens to be my first time seeing the
Alllman Brothers Band. I think it be cool if everyone put up there first time seeing ABB here.

After doing the snail mail trade and feeling that the show was not the Palladium gig. I contacted
Toe Moss and got A copy of the gig he had. And he does have it listed on Hittin' the web. I got
it as 2 disc with Jessica on both. And Hey Bartender  is within Pegasus, so I re-track it. That is
about it.

Linage : Aud > Unknown equipment > Cassette > CDR > me >
cdwave > CDR > EAC > THL level 8 > flac 16 > you > enjoy

Setlists :

01.    Don't Want You No More
02.    It's Not My Cross To Bear
03.    Can't Take It With You
04.    Can't Lose What You Never Had
05.    Need Your Love So Bad
06.    Blind Love
07.    Blue Sky
08.    Just Ain't Easy
09.    In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
10.    Statesboro Blues
11.    Try It One More Time
12.    Southbound
13.    One Way Out
14.    Jessica
15.    Whipping Post
16.    Pegasus
17.    Hey, Bartender *
18.    Pegasus  continues
19.    Band Introductions
20.    Ramblin' Man
21.    Midnight Rider
22.    Will the Circle Be Unbroken

*       John Belushi on Hey, Bartender

Band Line Up :

Dickey Betts - guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Gregg Allman - organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson - drums, percussion
Butch Trucks - drums, tympani
Bonnie Bramlett - vocals
David Goldflies - bass
Dan Toler - Guitar

Opening act: Delbert McClinton

Show Checksums
7eb5149ae3e93d53a69dd05b2bcc7162 *abb1979-04-24t01_Don't Want You No More.flac
01173204a302faf085eb95da61f6fc67 *abb1979-04-24t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac
3f6b15738952c5dba009efd56376a07a *abb1979-04-24t03_Can't Take It With You.flac
975315207e3cd600e7c6792d70548be2 *abb1979-04-24t04_Can't Lose What You Never Had.flac
14ff449ab49c82096fe8d4ac6945a46e *abb1979-04-24t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac
35d87cc016a223e601a7f761d886d4bd *abb1979-04-24t06_Blind Love.flac
8fb8337dd3abdfdc67dd73b4fc5ec746 *abb1979-04-24t07_Blue Sky.flac
59c9719073c8cd4edb74ac8674e4ddf2 *abb1979-04-24t08_Just Ain't Easy.flac
ca3a87c0035c8331f50ea5fdcafd3979 *abb1979-04-24t09_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac
d1b3f98c01e94aa2120a9c95204a07c5 *abb1979-04-24t10_Statesboro Blues.flac
48374bb824ad5d4110f858931152fc61 *abb1979-04-24t11_Try It One More Time.flac
44e400da531d0ceaa0ae10012a5ab676 *abb1979-04-24t12_Southbound.flac
1f834fed120833f8b6bf7c3cd1f7f354 *abb1979-04-24t13_One Way Out.flac
2bc0f9e1c7f5991c80ac0312b71c12fb *abb1979-04-24t14_Jessica.flac
6f31f69034147d26fb2fb286a2fe0351 *abb1979-04-24t15_Whipping Post.flac
091e841172c0b9e760a9186ff127f8b5 *abb1979-04-24t16_Pegasus.flac
715bf3b61c7b8aec2e3dca8124118d18 *abb1979-04-24t17_Hey Bartender.flac
309f9820006f6163ae50876a32276810 *abb1979-04-24t18_Pegasus continues.flac
fd07cbd8cf62fef372f4e9ef65655ee8 *abb1979-04-24t19_Band Introductions.flac
669eb6bc90753b874bc11f58a0ac36d7 *abb1979-04-24t20_Ramblin' Man.flac
5a191474f2bbb20d5083b5b2295cfb6e *abb1979-04-24t21_Midnight Rider.flac
7e29d67ff064ab4104fce96614405b75 *abb1979-04-24t22_Will the Circle Be Unbroken.flac
81c6a48a06e0c71faa5b57e91846e17f *abb1979-024-24 Palladium NYC ticket stub 300dpi.jpg
c60da4e94e7ff039f9def81106daad33 *abb1979-04-24 Palladium nyc back a 300dpi.jpg
71a7b75007b7aa4f31d6530a7e84a171 *abb1979-04-24 Palladium NYC front 300dpi.jpg
0fec94416652fbda251f0bf75b987458 *ABB 2a.jpg
3decb0ebbfb15f4da8edae0b0c14cb37 *ABB 2b.jpg
ccbc01eff25cb5d0f7829fdbd1509571 *abb1979-04-24.aud.palladium nyc.D1.log
eb4fcaa45c12b5228d2a4e590addee7c *abb1979-04-24.aud.palladium nyc.D2.log
530f0c626867c52873ebc3fbe909a88c *abb1979-04-24.aud.palladium nyc.flac16.txt
abb1979-04-24t01_Don't Want You No More.flac:4feb3c8f99bef9adfd59af304a1fc558
abb1979-04-24t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac:c1b71e0964491b6598a5c5474d918935
abb1979-04-24t03_Can't Take It With You.flac:aeafaf262d3b1953e3ddbfed4afec111
abb1979-04-24t04_Can't Lose What You Never Had.flac:0d2d81e80ed1ff32a0d4107a59905413
abb1979-04-24t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac:34bbb843058de928c09ae18da15fc49d
abb1979-04-24t06_Blind Love.flac:f1553d81487b2ed7c2abdc9e692246f3
abb1979-04-24t07_Blue Sky.flac:e21f9761115af6acc311fe4e8f9f1259
abb1979-04-24t08_Just Ain't Easy.flac:5055b63b13647f64a94399e3910575bf
abb1979-04-24t09_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac:328b40f478070de297d0a8ee3146409c
abb1979-04-24t10_Statesboro Blues.flac:50ef0d93458befee630d40a3d1fabb2b
abb1979-04-24t11_Try It One More Time.flac:4df0c0c4ecd163b1723d005652243f84
abb1979-04-24t13_One Way Out.flac:4be713cd134621374b193fcb410d346a
abb1979-04-24t15_Whipping Post.flac:cb406de613cac787a8cc30ddcf5de136
abb1979-04-24t17_Hey Bartender.flac:374ee28c4fbd265358edba54866d70a9
abb1979-04-24t18_Pegasus continues.flac:b157d81e31632a840b070e0aa21a1afd
abb1979-04-24t19_Band Introductions.flac:42f77cc4749405365553778e7cd91a13
abb1979-04-24t20_Ramblin' Man.flac:56a902447c33dcd6ca61ac51cd001fbc
abb1979-04-24t21_Midnight Rider.flac:400500aacccef691f7bde940ddc5be0f
abb1979-04-24t22_Will the Circle Be Unbroken.flac:bfbb1fd1c71cd42f9fb4c039863f88ca

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