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Grateful Dead 10/25/80
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
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Entered by Gary Field
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Source Summary flac16; Nak 700's > Sony D-5 > AMC; Recorded Dead front center loge by Keith Gatto & Pete Jaeger; AMC > DAT > CDR > EAC > FLac (EAC > Flac by Michael Turi); Equalization: Used a multifilter with the following order: 20-band EQ with linear increases from 0-500 Hz. One subharmonic synthesizer set at 125 Hz. Two expanders (dynamic noise in expander mode) to increase the dynamic range. May, 2012-Dan McDonald 
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Grateful Dead
October 25, 1980
Radio city Music Hall
New York, NY

Nak 700's > Sony D-5 > AMC
Recorded Dead front center loge
by Keith Gatto & Pete Jaeger

AMC > DAT > CDR > EAC > FLac
(EAC > Flac by Michael Turi)

Used a multifilter with the following order:
20-band EQ with linear increases from 0-500 Hz.
One subharmonic synthesizer set at 125 Hz.
Two expanders (dynamic noise in expander mode) to increase the dynamic range.
May, 2012-Dan McDonald

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Deep Elem Blues
102-d1t02 - The Race Is On
103-d1t03 - I've Been All Around This World
104-d1t04 - Monkey & the Engineer
105-d1t05 - To Lay Me Down
106-d1t06 - El Paso
107-d1t07 - Bird Song
108-d1t08 - Heaven Help the Fool
109-d1t09 - Dire Wolf ->
110-d1t10 - Ripple

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ->
202-d2t02 - Franklin's Tower
203-d2t03 - Me & My Uncle ->
204-d2t04 - Big River
205-d2t05 - High Time
206-d2t06 - New Minglewood Blues
207-d2t07 - Ramble on Rose
208-d2t08 - Looks Like Rain
209-d2t09 - Deal

--Set 3--
301-d3t01 - Cold Rain & Snow ->
302-d3t02 - Lost Sailor ->
303-d3t03 - Saint of Circumstance
304-d3t04 - Uncle John's Band ->
305-d3t05 - Playing in the Band ->
306-d3t06 - Drums ->
307-d3t07 - Space ->
308-d3t08 - The Other One ->
309-d3t09 - Black Peter ->
310-d3t10 - Around & Around ->
311-d3t11 - One More Saturday Night

312-d3t12 - U.S. Blues

This recording, like the other Gatto-Jaeger recordings of this run, has excellent high-end energy, but was
lacking a bit in the lower frequencies. The recorder was paused between most non-sequential songs creating
abrupt tansitions, most noticable in the first set. The second set contained several sonic anomalies scattered
throughout. Several songs were not ideally tracked with a couple of songs in the third set combined into
one track. I asked Dan if he could boost the base without affecting the mid-range and high-end and clean up
the transitions and anomalies.

Dan's Change Log:
101- OK
102- Cross-faded about 2 seconds
103- Cross-faded about 3 seconds
104- Cross faded about 2 seconds; Quasi-fadeout (-12.42dB) for track 4
105- cross-fade to track 6
106- Trimmed about 1/4 sec. of silence from end
107- Trimmed 1/4 sec. of silence from end 107; crossfaded 3 secs
108- faded out 107 and let 108 start as it was because music was already cut for beginning of track 108
109- clapping at first note of Dire Wolf so faded out HHTH applause for about 3 sec then a fast fade in to DW.
110- Did a slightly faster fadeout

201- faded in; anomaly at 5:28 Interpolated so it's not noticeable now.
202- anomalies at 8:02 & 8:10 (8:02 has a funny sound; fixed the tape start, but not the odd sound;
     fixed by cutting out about 1/4 second and interpolating the two pieces; 8:10 fixed the same way)
203- OK
204- anomalies at 5:54, 6:16, 6:29, & 6:52  Interpolated
205- anomalies at 8:55 & 9:04 (crossfaded the first, cut the second out)
206- anomalies at 7:55, 8:51 & 9:03 interpolated
207- OK
208- OK
209- abrupt ending faded out

301- There were two level changes, and a gradual increase in level, so I added 2dB to the second change,
     4 dB to the first change, and then added a linear increase from 3 to 0dB for the first few seconds.
     Still starts abruptly, but the music sounds about right after it starts.
302/303- blank space cut out; cut to two tracks
304- Crossfade
305- OK
306- anomaly or cut at 8:39 looks like digi-mess from the transfer.  Blocky spots and blank spaces.
     Only option was to cut it out or paste over from another spot.  About 1 second removed.
307/308- Split into 2 tracks
309- Ok
310- OK
311- Redid fade
312- faded in; cut a small section of blank space at the end of song.

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files.
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
however audio data will remain unaffected.
If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 5-18-12

Show Checksums
f70acf1a85a261a2fb2f73879daf6c11 *gd80-10-25d1t01.flac
dbf34e5b1fdd39263b1ae444424ddce2 *gd80-10-25d1t02.flac
c3c05b5c3a78b2fa1c02b0364e677cd3 *gd80-10-25d1t03.flac
b16d413f83a6d0097f8020e9acff288c *gd80-10-25d1t04.flac
511ea958e521393887418d8390e74e87 *gd80-10-25d1t05.flac
f2b996403fe453f139cd740e33c082b3 *gd80-10-25d1t06.flac
1bd240d6f71ee140b000bf4ab7871681 *gd80-10-25d1t07.flac
72a4e203af1dc0597512c179b75b6579 *gd80-10-25d1t08.flac
3fb7a6ed8d78bcbdedb7294cdf5bb10c *gd80-10-25d1t09.flac
e6105a0c45abf50fa88a66f3bd64eb52 *gd80-10-25d1t10.flac
45cb4cda097ad3e06b5cd59f11ea6576 *gd80-10-25d2t01.flac
e97ec75821321b50ff32b1ce855d2996 *gd80-10-25d2t02.flac
035b12e8cb6d3fc0dd006c52200ab1e6 *gd80-10-25d2t03.flac
337c5100d82566b25d39cb5eecf99db1 *gd80-10-25d2t04.flac
1711267dab0e78db366142e988512ff6 *gd80-10-25d2t05.flac
c4b03cf1660b952fc7f73deb582e78b7 *gd80-10-25d2t06.flac
1fbb77d5ec95e11e9487f44033256899 *gd80-10-25d2t07.flac
63e7db54a4b7fbe7894c870d16150e61 *gd80-10-25d2t08.flac
e8310e02ce7fbcfd16600f884cc0ce6b *gd80-10-25d2t09.flac
3ed2b5b75c2604ebe6ec843df5d4e2b9 *gd80-10-25d3t01.flac
4cbeb50a2c7685061d673eaa1216c177 *gd80-10-25d3t02.flac
cd82e19f67b44f70201432778660bba9 *gd80-10-25d3t03.flac
71ff62ea5dc2b01792697c611803eb3f *gd80-10-25d3t04.flac
9856d7cff4716aec1b743902928b968f *gd80-10-25d3t05.flac
a43fe5128354a6ff848f82d95dd09e1a *gd80-10-25d3t06.flac
331aa05a73de456e5fd2402ffab6a415 *gd80-10-25d3t07.flac
da8467486aa181c6067ebb27ec7bd1dd *gd80-10-25d3t08.flac
76985b9d205b265566059a614492bbc0 *gd80-10-25d3t09.flac
ccd20eb61001f5303b9b3534b9968100 *gd80-10-25d3t10.flac
0d3f42f38fab4cb30462045e2202fee4 *gd80-10-25d3t11.flac
aa655a41d1f698efe62a6d87a49a1574 *gd80-10-25d3t12.flac

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