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Gov't Mule 06/01/12
Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 811.8 MB (851229672 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>Edirol UA-5>Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1KHZ)
Lineage: Edirol R-09 HR(Playback)>CD Wav Editor>Traders little Helper>Flac Level 8.
Taped By Dave Boedicker. 
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Gov't Mule-Hunter Mountain,Hunter,N.Y. U.S.A. 2012-06-01

Source:Edirol UA-5>Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1KHZ)>Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>Edirol R-09 HR(Playback)>

CD Wav Editor>Traders little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders Little Helper.

Taped By Dave Boedicker.On The Lawn,Up The Hill,About 20 yards In back Of "Official" Taper Section.Mic

Stand About 8 Feet high.


1 Set:

Maggot Brain >
Thelonius Beck >
Yer Blues
Thorazine Shuffle
Child Of The Earth
No Need To Suffer
The Shape I'm In
Mule with Roosevelt Collier & Eleanor Rigby Tease
Love Ain't For Keeping >
Bad Little Doggie
Blind Man In The Dark
Endless Parade
Kind Of Bird with Happy Together Tease
I'm So Tired
The End >
Drums >
The End
30 Days In The Hole >
All Apologies

Encore 1
Steppin' Lightly with American Woman Tease

Encore 2
Bird On A Wire >
Fallen Down >
I Shall Be Released >
Fallen Down >
The Other One Jam with The Wind Cries Mary Ending


1)It Rained Moderately From About The 6th Or 7th Song Into The Show.Only a 1 Set Show.

2)"The End">"Drums">"The End" 1 Track.

3)"30 Days In The Hole" Is Split Into Two Tracks,As My Edirol Started Recording Another Track During The

Song(No Music Is Cut Or Missed During This).It Was Raining Pretty Hard And With My Taping Bag All

Covered Up With Garbage Bags,A Little Hard To Check During The Recording.

4)There Are occasional Light Pops Or Static From The PA System.


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5768808eba1f89b40a81a479f20540f0 *GM-Disc01,Track01.flac
2e86036ebf05f5905e04c07fd1295e26 *GM-Disc01,Track02.flac
1aadb8e4e1f3d139b05354e07cdd475e *GM-Disc01,Track03.flac
eb19e1b928eba5bf5539a5b3d544ec01 *GM-Disc01,Track04.flac
3b4246de6a7c365715540651c34a0c97 *GM-Disc01,Track05.flac
e6afd97ab1c23260be21c16b1620aa84 *GM-Disc01,Track06.flac
a401f9bd488cebaef3ca0c2581791544 *GM-Disc01,Track07.flac
4042b5ee46d793dc52a45798bc48698b *GM-Disc01,Track08.flac
2953b49920628707c5dd353d43780c0c *GM-Disc02,Track01.flac
a6da66dfa61bb132ed9986439c3221c8 *GM-Disc02,Track02.flac
b0addaf7f77ba4423ebcbded3424834a *GM-Disc02,Track03.flac
75838c50824878380fa000bb66e27fe7 *GM-Disc02,Track04.flac
b56e29f47a6a0851962e9cf39dec3cfe *GM-Disc02,Track05.flac
3be0d39cf505245dcfefa1ffbf4efe5b *GM-Disc02,Track06.flac
3708aea00f4478b6269bc1c7ef8a6cbf *GM-Disc02,Track07.flac
ff4b587a6ac61f592161839024706e48 *GM-Disc02,Track08.flac
bbedadeba0048af9a02cae7612fc313c *GM-Disc02,Track09.flac
c7f4be59f31604f9ad5c6d0dfae879f6 *GM-Disc02,Track10.flac
b35eae53b4b18ba7232fcc8520e630d7 *GM-Disc02,Track11.flac
d8cb2c17f4ca93c5e9c3dbfff76ac139 *GM-Disc03,Track01.flac
59d2090cca67e010e4f34473b52866b3 *GM-Disc03,Track02.flac
13c7eae9301a8549df89f2420e9b2a6e *GM-Disc03,Track03.flac
3bfe862a070418ea8e591793c13b3167 *GM-Disc03,Track04.flac
125ce1be0675826f49a942b844ce302d *GM-Disc03,Track05.flac
c21e20d64f3438aa82ac8e41f44c93ee *GM-Disc03,Track06.flac
32accf477bd37609b45f1811d4d4cf34 *Gov't Mule-Hunter 2012-06-01 Text Document.txt

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