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Gov't Mule 06/10/12
Riverbend Festival, Chattanooga, TN
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Aud: Line Audio Cm3 Ortf/fob/dfc Approx 40 Ft From Stage
Record: Aud > Lunatec V3 [100hz Rolloff] [24-48] > Marantz Pmd-671
Edit: Sound Forge 8.0 [normalization] > R8brain [16-44] > Cdwave
Recorded And Produced By Chris Cantwell 
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Gov't Mule
Riverbend Festival
Chattanooga, TN

Warren Haynes Electric Guitar, vocals
Danny Louis Keyboards, trumpet
Jorgen Carlsson Bass
Matt Abts Drums

Aud: Line Audio CM3 ORTF/FOB/DFC approx 40 ft from stage
Record: Aud > Lunatec V3 [100Hz rolloff] [24-48] > Marantz PMD-671
Edit: Sound Forge 8.0 [normalization] > r8brain [16-44] > CDWave
Recorded and produced by Chris Cantwell
A HerdItB4 music production
Notes: Bud Light outdoor stage. Tapers were setup together FOB.

Disc 1
1.  Blindman In The Dark >
2.  Brand New Angel
3.  Steppin' Lightly&
4.  Inside Outside Woman Blues
5.  Bad Little Doggie
6.  Brokedown On The Brazos
7.  Railroad Boy >
8.  The Shape I'm In#

Disc 2
1.  Patchwork Quilt
2.  Child Of The Earth >
3.  I'll Be The One > Blue Sky Jam >
    I'll Take You There > Blue Sky Jam > I'll Be The One
4.  Thorazine Shuffle >
5.  Soulshine

& With "American Woman" riffs
# Danny Louis on trumpet

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222f20955c548011b56c71beb3263e78 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t01.flac
bf77b04658b6697f032594504f932dc4 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t02.flac
a566d2955dcd0167277ce3fad94c0d94 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t03.flac
9885ae936d660daabd70bf5acbaaccf0 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t04.flac
6dd3c3321d97ee0b7dcbb8eb8ef4e2a2 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t05.flac
600e15c50c0f30c61b987207347fa0be *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t06.flac
2b8490e7cc428018742d19e05666223f *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t07.flac
5fd5301e31001856e6b1774377547dbc *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d1t08.flac
4d2922cb372328546278c5de130ead97 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d2t01.flac
917b1c6d01eade7758f8805614726b21 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d2t02.flac
a97b45138bf21df6bc3f434e2d614538 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d2t03.flac
9229fd3c5aad1c4645db342388bcb588 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d2t04.flac
83280652463001d28382a9631a1c6e77 *govtmule2012-06-10.16-44.cm3.d2t05.flac

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