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Gov't Mule 06/20/12
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 878.04 MB (920695422 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps MK4s/CMRs>Naiant Tinybox>Edirol R-09HR
Transfer: SDHC>Adobe Audition>Cakewalk pyro>.WAV>FLAC(5)
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Gov't Mule
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH
June 20, 2012

Source: Schoeps MK4s/CMRs>Naiant Tinybox>Edirol R-09HR
Transfer: SDHC>Adobe Audition>Cakewalk pyro>.WAV>FLAC(5)

Set 1

Tastes Like Soul Jam
Temporary Saint
Railroad Boy
Monday Mourning Meltdown
Time To Confess
She Said, She Said
Tomorrow Never Knows

Set 2

Banks Of The Deep End
Eternity's Breath
St. Stephen Jam
Love Ain't For Keeping
World Boss
Streamline Woman
Broke Down On The Brazos
Child Of The Earth

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04211ddae7bd773c582de24efdc2e65d *GovtMule2012-06-20.txt
2765a7ad042bfe16a8bd9f2f01254b24 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 101.flac
621627070652008e503a48f7dda6c382 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 102.flac
f89b70e0695a78a5caeb299ef1cbfedd *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 103.flac
1d520c6cdcb69643276673c62b2ae787 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 104.flac
dc5b75a582c8f517b3edc246396ebde2 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 105.flac
f318f27046170ccb585a1647a5ab10a3 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 106.flac
2bb6d47a74c048bbc820d28a3a9dee0c *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 107.flac
251c12a0dfc99b26fbbea5620f4a132d *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 108.flac
f42edcb4f30d4bd6b362b971b9bfd328 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 109.flac
a59aec9aed3e9d49c42a0c184ce94080 *Set 1\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 110.flac
53348e4b63fdf15c9e2bf576b3bdaaae *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 201.flac
cf7cc79ed3bd3377f1cda2619d9db245 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 202.flac
ef5dac9d5d88577c2bf9fe1753d677e5 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 203.flac
c85257e29884ea7b8867838a86707460 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 204.flac
6f070e56dff0641574860095bd73c04d *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 205.flac
787ae6fa5b9f967ac7afbcc78a225dd0 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 206.flac
c6b7604f66340b05da3f463732d07bc1 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 207.flac
0a3f7b4a4c1b95a81797f2987230948c *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 208.flac
d05710483e7ba15487fad33a1c6d4cfd *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 209.flac
10d5f56022d2bd76d2c78f1638037ea3 *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 210.flac
68ea221dc6fc85ef491022ead0ffa6bd *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 211.flac
56c8df9c3a28d52a274778471c62ebfd *Set 2\\GovtMule2012-06-20Track 212.flac

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