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Phish 06/19/12
nTelos Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums 24bit-FFP , 24bit-FFP-renamed
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 3.81 GB (4091639109 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Schoeps MK41 > KCY > Schoeps VMS5-U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661; SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits; Taped & Transferred by jadedphan 
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19 June 2012
nTelos Pavilion,
Portsmouth, VA

Source: FOB (just) at left corner of FOH
On Stand, approximately 8'

Transfer: SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits

Transferred, Edited, & Track Split using Sony Vegas 9.0 by jadedphan

Set One:

Sample in a Jar
Party Time*
Simple ->
Kill Devil Falls
Water in the Sky ->
Babylon Baby
Bathtub Gin >
Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan
I Didn't Know** ->
Run Like an Antelope***

Set Two:

Back on the Train ->
Split Open and Melt# ->
The Mango Song ->
Backwards Down the Number Line##
Limb By Limb
Shine a Light
Lengthwise### ->


Mexican Cousin ->
Slave to the Traffic Light

* - Carl "Gears" Gerhard on trumpet.
** - Trey requested that Fish tuck in his shirt; Fish complied.
*** - Alternate lyrics: "Tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck" and "Tuck in your dress man, you're out of control!"
# - Alternate lyric: "Split open and tuck!"
## - Dave's Energy Guide tease from Trey.
### - with alternate lyrics "When you're tucked, I sleep lengthwise," "you suck at tucking," Trey wielding a light saber, and "Tuck" audience member appearances on stage.
^ - Included Trey playing his guitar with his light saber.
^^ - Alternate lyric: "Let the Tucker take over!"

Notes: Carl "Gears" Gerhard sat in on trumpet for Party Time. Trey acknowledged the crowd request by playing Tube.
During I Didn't Know, Trey requested that Fish tuck in his shirt; Fish complied. Antelope included alternate lyrics
"Tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck" and "Tuck in your dress man, you're out of control!" Split Open and Melt included the alternate
lyrics "Split open and tuck!" Backwards Down the Number Line contained a DEG tease from Trey. Lengthwise contained
alternate lyrics "When you're tucked, I sleep lengthwise" and "you suck at tucking," Trey wielding a light saber, and
"Tuck" audience member appearances on stage. Maze included Trey playing his guitar with his light saber. Fire contained
the alternate lyrics "Let the Tucker take over!" Mike and Trey sported sombreros for Mexican Cousin.

Thanks to for setlist and notes

FLAC level 8 using Trader's Little Helper

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Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track01_Sample in a Jar.flac:d0eff5633c96ca596f295b914998f467
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track02_Party Time.flac:cc62fb7ab848cbe3af92c6e205c98bbf
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track03_Simple_.flac:9a42445a84c426716d5a2b08eb5ff6a0
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track04_Axilla.flac:58e1979c79a3a75f3fb9414729dd9b3a
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track05_Tube.flac:cecac68aee50ca7a8fb73fa5dbd5de02
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track06_Kill Devil Falls.flac:1d834d9464b4e87848587b0cd4588c12
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track07_Water in the Sky.flac:7de404b0380fd1a29024a480dcfcb3a3
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track08_Horn.flac:553fc3e5f517450117fe26de14ae96c6
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track09_Babylon Baby.flac:e34f258e28bcdf736491af49956804fa
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track10_Bathtub Gin_.flac:119df005612a213cab8dba3de5017c00
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track11_Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan.flac:a726695da6e56757f6ff450b8e7a63af
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track12_I Didn't Know.flac:a354445d42182a3b9764e08fb05cb199
Set One\Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track13_Run like an Antelope.flac:6a2697b928e65a4d9df92ec4827af3ac
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track01_Back on the Train_.flac:d2fc14ba57928046dc0d4c64cea553a7
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track02_Rift.flac:7347f029dcfda32fc5ed480edbe24309
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track03_Split Open & Melt_.flac:8a946694154a4bb0b38b5a4666bb4f97
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track04_The Mango Song_.flac:14af14bb3b92de9663e14c168b43124b
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track05_Backwards down the Number Line.flac:4b01dd88947fea4087219c54c10cc242
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track06_Limb by Limb.flac:dfa4f1b2a50574a940a3f76ced3e927e
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track07_Shine a Light.flac:41e86b0d79957219b710e8fabfac71d0
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track08_Lengthwise_.flac:092c1d8d1312b3b60386a4164f446e82
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track09_Maze.flac:ccc572e547a0f11c9fcff44b6a14a5fd
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track10_Cavern.flac:56a1b158a0c8bb77599819bc5dd30829
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track11_Fire.flac:af9efb90ce58325201c2b5f05022b316
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track12_Encore Break.flac:14cae509bebc381caf00ac1b13286da1
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track13_Mexican Cousin_.flac:480658d9316273b7791f20436038259c
Set Two\Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track14_Slave to the Traffic Light.flac:4b5b8967a3a57fa9b70b8d6b4545db0e
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track01_Sample in a Jar.flac:d0eff5633c96ca596f295b914998f467
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track02_Party Time.flac:cc62fb7ab848cbe3af92c6e205c98bbf
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track03_Simple_.flac:9a42445a84c426716d5a2b08eb5ff6a0
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track04_Axilla.flac:58e1979c79a3a75f3fb9414729dd9b3a
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track05_Tube.flac:cecac68aee50ca7a8fb73fa5dbd5de02
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track06_Kill Devil Falls.flac:1d834d9464b4e87848587b0cd4588c12
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track07_Water in the Sky.flac:7de404b0380fd1a29024a480dcfcb3a3
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track08_Horn.flac:553fc3e5f517450117fe26de14ae96c6
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track09_Babylon Baby.flac:e34f258e28bcdf736491af49956804fa
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track10_Bathtub Gin_.flac:119df005612a213cab8dba3de5017c00
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track11_Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan.flac:a726695da6e56757f6ff450b8e7a63af
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track12_I Didn't Know.flac:a354445d42182a3b9764e08fb05cb199
Phish2012-06-19_Set One_track13_Run like an Antelope.flac:6a2697b928e65a4d9df92ec4827af3ac
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track01_Back on the Train_.flac:d2fc14ba57928046dc0d4c64cea553a7
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track02_Rift.flac:7347f029dcfda32fc5ed480edbe24309
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track03_Split Open & Melt_.flac:8a946694154a4bb0b38b5a4666bb4f97
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track04_The Mango Song_.flac:14af14bb3b92de9663e14c168b43124b
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track05_Backwards down the Number Line.flac:4b01dd88947fea4087219c54c10cc242
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track06_Limb by Limb.flac:dfa4f1b2a50574a940a3f76ced3e927e
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track07_Shine a Light.flac:41e86b0d79957219b710e8fabfac71d0
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track08_Lengthwise_.flac:092c1d8d1312b3b60386a4164f446e82
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track09_Maze.flac:ccc572e547a0f11c9fcff44b6a14a5fd
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track10_Cavern.flac:56a1b158a0c8bb77599819bc5dd30829
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track11_Fire.flac:af9efb90ce58325201c2b5f05022b316
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track12_Encore Break.flac:14cae509bebc381caf00ac1b13286da1
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track13_Mexican Cousin_.flac:480658d9316273b7791f20436038259c
Phish2012-06-19_Set Two_track14_Slave to the Traffic Light.flac:4b5b8967a3a57fa9b70b8d6b4545db0e

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Date User Comment
03/30/2017 mvernon on 3/30/17, a copy of the original ffp file was made with the tracks renamed by omitting the "Set1\" and "Set 2\" prefix from each track. Since the character used to demark sub-directories depends on OS, the original file requires some users to modify it to verify their tracks match.

The renamed ffp file places all tracks in the same directory so this is not an issue.