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Grateful Dead 04/17/71
Dillon Gym, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary set1; SBD> Reel> ?> DAT> ZA2 (48>44.1)> CD; via R. Nayfield 
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The Grateful Dead
04/17/71 Set I
Dillon Gym, Princeton University, Princeton NJ

[This is the first set, the second set was circulated previously]

Growing up near Princeton, this show was one of the first dead tapes
I ever heard.  My copy was probably S:RCCCCCCCCCCC but I loved it anyway.
I later received a much better copy (sounded like 2-3 analog gens) with
a really lame flip at 45 minutes (aka middle of King Bee).

When I first got my DAT deck, a kind soul (thanks Mike) spun me a copy
of the set. This copy had a cut in Lovelight but beat the analogs any day.
I finally found a copy without the infamous cut in Lovelight and decent
levels to boot.

Since this set was worth the trouble of getting different copies
at least 5 times, I figured that I'd distribute it further than it has
been until now.

The lineage of these files is:
Main:  S:R?D
DAT was downsampled into my computer via ZA2 (48>44.1)

This tape is NOT an A+, healy master to DAT, multi-track remix, 96bit A>D
conversion.  This is from a reel made in 1971, so you will hear some rough
bits.  To the best of my knowledge, this transfer represents the best
circulating copy in existence.

Rod Nayfield [email protected]
with thanks to D.H.

Disc 1

01] Truckin' [8:58]
02] Big Railroad Blues [4:06]
03] Big Boss Man [5:26]
04] Bird Song [8:00]
05] Playin' in the Band [4:40]
06] Hard to Handle [8:43]
07] Loser [7:10]
08] Mama Tried [2:57]
09] Casey Jones [5:41]
10] Sugar Magnolia [7:28]

Show Checksums
839dc179d63af3c85b6e968913e1e9d7 *gd710417Id1t01.wav.shn
14602f8d7e81a91368a0435ea781f370 *gd710417Id1t02.wav.shn
f2044fa57074ac2be2d8f6f009f1f84a *gd710417Id1t03.wav.shn
cce4afe4044fee48a7b894d34b2061dc *gd710417Id1t04.wav.shn
77f2fe4e037f8bbf15eb8422791c7cc0 *gd710417Id1t05.wav.shn
79dc0a2e735c0ecbac94c3187fedd8dc *gd710417Id1t06.wav.shn
f2577991e8a019574e6e9fda7c82ab5d *gd710417Id1t07.wav.shn
ea3b20964e3973efc735003e15851519 *gd710417Id1t08.wav.shn
539f5eb2c96ed45b5d7fe0261765f1ac *gd710417Id1t09.wav.shn
1db8251f33c2c04b5941581c16bb7efb *gd710417Id1t10.wav.shn
d95a247a645085d4d3940e070b587187 [shntool] gd710417Id1t01.wav.shn
0d07c7861781a99fdf1e69640c1eef56 [shntool] gd710417Id1t02.wav.shn
4bcbccc02c675fb7111f613d464e35e9 [shntool] gd710417Id1t03.wav.shn
a5ddfdf15b55f6488ee0ebfa62f296af [shntool] gd710417Id1t04.wav.shn
475415c6e3da61b31237238808426157 [shntool] gd710417Id1t05.wav.shn
4a91e57c5cac42a47496c2e167b0303b [shntool] gd710417Id1t06.wav.shn
f8c9c6e6952561026fbb96786a02e961 [shntool] gd710417Id1t07.wav.shn
79dde7985bb0cb53a461476919ace5fa [shntool] gd710417Id1t08.wav.shn
ac7ef76c588103b051c1941af1ac49b3 [shntool] gd710417Id1t09.wav.shn
fe6d139af1bbd8741086af65e33bdeec [shntool] gd710417Id1t10.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
set 2; SBD>Reel>?> D, with... (2) flac16; source:... (1) flac24; source:... (0) flac16; Unknown... (0) flac16; Matrix 2... (0) DTS-Audio-CD 5.1... (0) flac16/48kHz; SBD... (0)
Date User Comment
11/19/2003 Chuck Frolio Why are set1 and set2 of this show listed separately? Couldn't they be combined into one listing?

11/19/2003 darrin Chuck, these were seeded into circulation seperately. Set 1 apparently didn't circulate on dat nearly as widely as set 2, so set 1 was not discovered and seeded by the seeder until well after set 2 had been seeded. Thus, some/many folks could have the set 2 shn set but not the set 1 shn set.
11/19/2003 Chuck Frolio That makes sense. Is there a way to add this show to my list with a single entry (and still link to the shns)?
08/05/2006 Albix SBE's found.