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Phish 06/07/12
DCU Center, Worcester, MA
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Source # 121004 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 896.96 MB (940535347 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps MK4's > Schoeps CMR's > Naiant Tinybox > Edirol R-09HR; Adobe Audition > Cakewalk pyro > .WAV > FLAC (5) 
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DCU Center
Worcester, MA
June 7, 2011

Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps CMR's>Naiant Tinybox>Edirol R-09HR>Adobe Audition>Cakewalk pyro>.WAV>FLAC (5)>You

Recorded from behind the soundboard, DIN @~12'

Set 1

Buried Alive
Runaway Jim
Torn and Frayed
Funky Bitch
The Moma Dance
Beauty Of A Broken Heart
Rocky Top

Set 2

Boogie On Raggae Woman
If I Could
Quinn The Eskimo
Harry Hood
Buried Alive
Loving Cup

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Set 1\Track 01.flac:b2f56da13d0d09da8c2d406aa3892218
Set 1\Track 02.flac:85ea8819be66ca674035a111ef7fde1f
Set 1\Track 03.flac:ce605f80ebf6a87c018d8370c938d374
Set 1\Track 04.flac:4a1a4b34b635c742ffc13e772c77e8d3
Set 1\Track 05.flac:7f7c796e4814123decd7d3efc7c37edc
Set 1\Track 06.flac:b87db8068a8ea036772fc097b8d51bb6
Set 1\Track 07.flac:6d399db941e41ea64433f7d7461a99a5
Set 1\Track 08.flac:18b0a32c965967b5b4a5f77c97426ffd
Set 1\Track 09.flac:cec4922b2775caaf2df293821a137e17
Set 1\Track 10.flac:766b711b931ecdc0d5be9a2b758b9d41
Set 1\Track 11.flac:009cda123e8cc4620606ba0babdcf701
Set 2\Track 01.flac:d6c98626c714c1bfaec8ddff45a21975
Set 2\Track 02.flac:affa5352967e7ddf3f0a507e703fb1c1
Set 2\Track 03.flac:257dac39abe60dad5c6c1743fa6621bf
Set 2\Track 04.flac:2e49d620d7a93c3f33c15b70a2be618f
Set 2\Track 05.flac:22e90885b170c68fd234de5a5f96f9e2
Set 2\Track 06.flac:bca1c55087a7e46b2f70ae9b5937d0f1
Set 2\Track 07.flac:8c9714d0e4846b0321841071f3419fc7
Set 2\Track 08.flac:840d5eb334b40f20cd19cf43e6e9d522
Set 2\Track 09.flac:96432b8378194dd849cac9d453d6f21c
Set 2\Track 10.flac:842d773b92c92f6b92a9086cda3fc260
b1e1f0a337699d6bf67a8f4b9f8dbfaa *Phish 2012-06-07.txt
16004ba591848f39c9682abbff66ab78 *Set 1\Track 01.flac
d2cbcbca1f5996e717af4ff03e20db7a *Set 1\Track 02.flac
9f6ba1f727a63d516a2ce8cfa2642021 *Set 1\Track 03.flac
ea1e03daaf430b4f32d7cd402f36c175 *Set 1\Track 04.flac
e451a8da19626080dba855172c367296 *Set 1\Track 05.flac
68f2e814b5c36a1d017a1929ef3af7e1 *Set 1\Track 06.flac
53f567037e0d0cc88d2738caea8638d3 *Set 1\Track 07.flac
9cc528ad160a65e90f12fe6d0f45d5d2 *Set 1\Track 08.flac
09b50e520a90b0e6611802df45d5ce62 *Set 1\Track 09.flac
69e615e102aa13c5f02f3b6cc6e8e892 *Set 1\Track 10.flac
a805e61191e37a52c93ab4cd0b96ab2e *Set 1\Track 11.flac
6693916b4a0501ddbfbf80c669e6a78e *Set 2\Track 01.flac
d3fe2a8645927762cbbca7307ea5b9bc *Set 2\Track 02.flac
febd7c14dc247c294111d35f7084ce97 *Set 2\Track 03.flac
b6f56018cab585f660d6bf3e734e8e43 *Set 2\Track 04.flac
2b05f67878bcabe063571376559ead1b *Set 2\Track 05.flac
10cd3126c7396286a06aa396c791ed57 *Set 2\Track 06.flac
f7a13732d1cd38af556186823ee63fb1 *Set 2\Track 07.flac
abf67cb2f4a414017fd6047069f74465 *Set 2\Track 08.flac
001e1460d9d53fb90c19195afeba063e *Set 2\Track 09.flac
7df7a8d1b6268ebf8401c6bf81326a9d *Set 2\Track 10.flac

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