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Phish 06/08/12
DCU Center, Worcester, MA
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 879.25 MB (921956174 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps MK4's > Schoeps CMR's > Naiant Tinybox > Edirol R-09HR; Adobe Audition > Cakewalk pyro > .WAV > FLAC (5) 
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DCU Center
Worcester, MA
June 8, 2012

Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps CMR's>Naiant Tinybox>Edirol R-09HR>Adobe Audition>Cakewalk pyro>.WAV>FLAC (5)>You

Recorded from behind the soundboard, DIN @~12'

Set 1

Kill Devil Falls
Roses Are Free
Theme From The Bottom
Axilla I
Bouncing Around The Room
Bathtub Gin

Set 2

Down With Disease
Nellie Kane
Mike's Song
Makisupa Policeman
Weekapaug Groove
Wading In The Velvet Sea
Character Zero
Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
Suzy Greenberg

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Set 1\Track 01.flac:0d2e370cf29bd1d257de605d53afd1bf
Set 1\Track 02.flac:65a23c9f3eb11622368f930a63e34f7b
Set 1\Track 03.flac:8ec2b6edc54e1b4a0ea6c8152aaf7a64
Set 1\Track 04.flac:afbb3b17ec3f11feb01577713a037303
Set 1\Track 05.flac:0ef4c59220ea3a0b30a52eb6b59d5b59
Set 1\Track 06.flac:ad6f06bb988292e116a444b30702c9ff
Set 1\Track 07.flac:0ee7cb2c34ad8666dca82d4bb3e6350b
Set 1\Track 08.flac:373d779a25b7ce018d09479f8d7fd961
Set 1\Track 09.flac:96d8c37b149094a6177bef0c821fe198
Set 1\Track 10.flac:32c61f2e8005e6d37e45c6d36890a825
Set 2\Track 01.flac:7ddbfb96dd1ac9bda89d5b5cee3bd893
Set 2\Track 02.flac:7591d667a141c6510efe840293bbe08f
Set 2\Track 03.flac:82d9bc1819a17f1bc84e8f5008d71f22
Set 2\Track 04.flac:932421aa14b2d426c6333c41790852f3
Set 2\Track 05.flac:db9bb09140681e691772e1281b0482c1
Set 2\Track 06.flac:54dc02200ccdf87ffaf1756229134b88
Set 2\Track 07.flac:58f784bcbc8d2b989cf1d19aa089266e
Set 2\Track 08.flac:8e653feae95f5defd0c9efad8d08f0ff
Set 2\Track 09.flac:10bd17ab27fbb57283f3a1c750e5a76f
Set 2\Track 10.flac:88b9eaf9348aaa2783d36b5d41a699a5
Set 2\Track 11.flac:f8c8d9dedaed81f091f2696ec9c87d08
Set 2\Track 12.flac:13e44fc0d67bf877654c584b8a15a2f0
e6e4af4daa2ad4b81ada008ee205a99e *Phish 2012-06-08.txt
8017433dd2e0830b5396e424f42bc643 *Set 1\Track 01.flac
44efe5677cca1d2ec52e636c20a64944 *Set 1\Track 02.flac
f6e1bcc82fc110ec3758d1b3b7235bc1 *Set 1\Track 03.flac
2e33b93b37e270f212f554fcf26e6fdc *Set 1\Track 04.flac
9ae075efee46c42a9cf4fac8a941b735 *Set 1\Track 05.flac
efc9b0840401034c4a14cfd1c77b529f *Set 1\Track 06.flac
090f577190f4e30943735c79ed125e9f *Set 1\Track 07.flac
600061b2a093aaba3f0cf3c976cb2222 *Set 1\Track 08.flac
e57fb28f0a33826e219a10491ccc49cf *Set 1\Track 09.flac
4356e466ea984495f1ef2b335933db51 *Set 1\Track 10.flac
545cfd79db5965f61262ef672e809e19 *Set 2\Track 01.flac
f4d97b7b82647d5a3d94ddf8680d4c84 *Set 2\Track 02.flac
a09657ef13b4819728aad55790cb5dfb *Set 2\Track 03.flac
282ac5e40e658a5d07892dfea5dc22b7 *Set 2\Track 04.flac
664af57eeb7d688c73b86ccdcefa099c *Set 2\Track 05.flac
3634e8023b2322330b725506f16885c9 *Set 2\Track 06.flac
56a54e140c2955b932f6a58eeee6d122 *Set 2\Track 07.flac
72b3c53a1961c43e59f0940a2340ed88 *Set 2\Track 08.flac
64c0d89cd793e16116e75fc4ac77a901 *Set 2\Track 09.flac
a8fd42f719707304c700049da274f2f3 *Set 2\Track 10.flac
2bc77a188c638b6aef6d7e55a91ffeaa *Set 2\Track 11.flac
1074c7d9afb9820a92b2be1dbf305ab3 *Set 2\Track 12.flac

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