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Grateful Dead 06/10/73
Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 6.29 GB (6755802130 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Source: taped and remastered by Monte Barry; Sony TC 2850SD portable stereo cassette recorder Sony ECM 99 single-point stereo mic is hand-held on mic-stand shaft, with arm raised up FOB center infield, between sbd platform and stage platform; Lineage: transferred by Matt Smith; MAC tapes > Nak BX300 > Apogee Mini Me > Mini DAC (monitoring/mastering) > Lynx One soundcard > Wavelab 5.0 > 24/96 FLACs > Samplitude Pro 7.22 > TLH > CD Tag 
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Grateful Dead
RFK Stadium
Washington, DC
June 10, 1973

-- taped and remastered by Monte Barry
-- Sony TC 2850SD portable stereo cassette recorder
-- Sony ECM 99 single-point stereo mic
-- mic is hand-held on mic-stand shaft, with arm raised up
-- FOB center infield, between sbd platform and stage platform

-- transferred by Matt Smith

MAC tapes > Nak BX300 > Apogee Mini Me > Mini DAC (monitoring/mastering) > Lynx One soundcard > Wavelab 5.0 > 24/96 FLACs > Samplitude Pro 7.22 > TLH > CD Tag

Set 1:
t01 - Morning Dew
t02 - Beat It On Down The Line
t03 - Ramble On Rose
t04 - Jack Straw
t05 - Wave That Flag
t06 - Looks Like Rain
t07 - Box Of Rain
t08 - They Love Each Other
t09 - The Race Is On
t10 - Row Jimmy
t11 - El Paso
t12 - Bird Song
t13 - Playing In The Band

Set 2:
t14 - Eyes Of The World >
t15 - Stella Blue
t16 - Big River
t17 - Here Comes Sunshine
t18 - Around And Around
t19 - Dark Star >
t20 - He's Gone >
t21 - Wharf Rat >
t22 - Truckin'
t23 - Sugar Magnolia

Set 3: jam with Dickey Betts, Butch Trucks, and Merl Saunders
t24 - It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry
t25 - That's All Right, Mama
t26 - The Promised Land
t27 - Not Fade Away >
t28 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
t29 - Drums >
t30 - Not Fade Away
t31 - Johnny B. Goode

-- this is a major upgrade in sound quality
-- replaces Monte's shnid 90351
-- these transfers are fixed up pretty good

patch list:
-- Morning Dew has SBD patch from 07:02.5 until 07:14.2, due to accidental pause/unpause by taper
-- PITB has AUD patch from 05:30.8 until 06:10, due to reel change
-- PITB set-ending announcement has SBD patch
-- Eyes Of The World has AUD patch at start until 14:52.5, due to taper getting stoned during break
-- Big River has AUD patch at start until 00:02.6
-- Around And Around has SBD patch at end from 05:13.9 to 05:41, "We're gonna tune up real good"
-- He's Gone has SBD patch from 14:30.2 to 14:48.2 (ending), due to reel flip
-- Wharf Rat has SBD patch from the start to 00:12.5, due to reel flip
-- That's Alright Mama has SBD patch from 06:11.2 to 08:59.5, due to tape damage
-- GDTRFB has SBD patch from 04:42.3 to 5:05.3, due to reel flip
-- I cleaned up most of the glitches, and I tagged the files

SBD patch Source and Lineage: shnid 90979
transferred by David Hollister and G.S. Hamilton
MR > PCM > cassette > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN

AUD patch Source and Lineage: shnid 89681
taped by Bill Gadsden
(FOB) Unknown Mics > Cassette Master > Reel (1/4 Track - 7.5 ips)
transferred and mastered by Charlie Miller
Reel (Sony TC-366) > Korg MR-1000 > Samplitude Pro 10.02 > FLAC

This AUD recording epitomizes the very best of the Grateful Dead "live sound" for the time. The  prototype Wall of Sound is nailed by Alembic and the sound crew for this show. Set within an outdoor Stadium, this close-up infield FOB spatially captures sound from the two Aux PA towers on the infield, behind the taper. This sound delay adds a touch of ear candy as it rolls around the stadium. June 9 was my first time taping. June 10 was a Modal Spectacle. These shows at RFK Stadium were by far the best sound I ever heard come out of a PA System, period. It was a sensational orgy of sound.

Matt Smith did a great job transferring these tapes of mine! Thank you!

Show Checksums
fc55fd9119743b158d84ad3a12daf173 *6-10-73_t01_24-96.flac
9a90ba9ce482fc25ed363b3a453395f6 *6-10-73_t02_24-96.flac
d4fb3ae07b56121d72677f3dc62a442e *6-10-73_t03_24-96.flac
7101b6810214de6f5ee858c0deb88c81 *6-10-73_t04_24-96.flac
c77d03dce355f96f6afbfae7a14ba5a5 *6-10-73_t05_24-96.flac
17619e3fa36cf4af00fdf30539b5c7d0 *6-10-73_t06_24-96.flac
94ebabde447d9ebdbd7c7270d0f24ef5 *6-10-73_t07_24-96.flac
2a9eeedbed31e639e150ec6bb0cfe107 *6-10-73_t08_24-96.flac
83f5ba5f8045e2d8f584b67283e6df4c *6-10-73_t09_24-96.flac
33bf9a34a96ec8bd311d2fe273a9f4c2 *6-10-73_t10_24-96.flac
66abf8e2fd97cf83bf39f8ea828845a0 *6-10-73_t11_24-96.flac
bc57d20db4644e4ee28a39cac95fb149 *6-10-73_t12_24-96.flac
bef4bc53e80eaedf4735d8b82aa9649f *6-10-73_t13_24-96.flac
93a674f6c4e46a8bcd7ca300629d5a4c *6-10-73_t14_24-96.flac
07f60893068853d6e96f6c25a781a29d *6-10-73_t15_24-96.flac
c0928f6d607163d4d32a6c5402c9b3ff *6-10-73_t16_24-96.flac
93ca3d4c5e995b9f8d744297ef6a71d5 *6-10-73_t17_24-96.flac
cb495e3e1131b729ea4a4dc9643bafe3 *6-10-73_t18_24-96.flac
36aa7889ba859f69607439e8a88ef6f0 *6-10-73_t19_24-96.flac
8cdedc56af91c82033621e38b0cad71a *6-10-73_t20_24-96.flac
dce24c7d156d4c93c2c46a72f32a19f3 *6-10-73_t21_24-96.flac
c13808c3925fe2721ddbcf56798fadff *6-10-73_t22_24-96.flac
e9bb0428696370828ae500484ac15629 *6-10-73_t23_24-96.flac
0496a2cfeab6b0fde828b2fdf3c84c97 *6-10-73_t24_24-96.flac
22a529ae01976ac412fb80bc8330b337 *6-10-73_t25_24-96.flac
719ce84adb1ac65148bd3e6fa2dff44c *6-10-73_t26_24-96.flac
b22ce8ea507c0abe6f7ab9cfd6890617 *6-10-73_t27_24-96.flac
f1f324682b005f374c2b1936e2107e97 *6-10-73_t28_24-96.flac
cbfe5f0335425c4a93b8b9e04bc8921d *6-10-73_t29_24-96.flac
3e24e4eb2ad3da26f40ff0fff324103e *6-10-73_t30_24-96.flac
c7d2ad05867102ad9aa561447efcd8c7 *6-10-73_t31_24-96.flac

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