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Gov't Mule 07/11/12
Löwensaal, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 878.61 MB (921287923 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; oktava mk-012c [matched pair] > [busman 2p+] edirol ua-5 [16 bit/ 44.1 kHz] >
optical-in iriver120 [rockboxed] > .wav > usb2 > audacity [amp +3 db - normalized - fades] >
.wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac
mic-position xy, kfc, vfb, fob, dfc, 30 ft from stage
Taper: Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]
Assistant to the Taper: Rainer Neuburger [raimax] 
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Gov't Mule
Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany
July 11, 2012

Audience recording

Source: AKG C451B/ST > Sound Devices MixPre-D > Tascam DR-100MkII
Transfer: DR-100 > Audacity (edits, fades) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > TLH > flac (level 8)
Location: 30' from stage, 9.5' high, ab, fob, dfc, sge
Taped & transferred by msp_mule

Set 1:
01 Crowd
02 Maggot Brain*
03 Driving Rain
04 Gameface > Mountain Jam tease > Gameface
05 Little Toy Brain
06 The Shape I'm In
07 When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken > When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken >
08 Silent Scream (Pt. 2)
09 Slackjaw Jezebel

Set 2:
01 Crowd
02 Rocking Horse
03 Cortez The Killer
04 Gordon James
05 Brighter Days >
06 Like Flies >
07 Drums >
08 Reblow Your Horn > The Joker > Reblow Your Horn
09 30 Days In The Hole > I Don't Need No Doctor
10 Crowd

11 Child Of The Earth
12 The Hunter

Taper notes:
* some level adjustments at the beginning of the track

This recording is for free trade only, definitely never sell and do not share in lossy formats!
Support the artists, go to their shows whenever possible and buy their official releases!
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e8b029b56f249b5c54c6a5c1be2cb47f *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t01.flac
fad061aaf6092e0a6ced7994b861f137 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t02.flac
45f4875ca21ba505fa560304092fcd81 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t03.flac
4f243dbafb5aa213dd8087774f0ea590 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t04.flac
f7affbc8202d85d85a12742c05d434a7 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t05.flac
1f7b966233b393cc452b22a32eaf7f03 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t06.flac
a145beb4be23509a2977a831e7a31c3a *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t07.flac
7a0376e38340c97a488ae2102c477fe7 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t08.flac
7ea373183800503f4ca8474082d5bfca *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s01_t09.flac
d3dfb56dddde01d85e96dd8cb6d40198 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t01.flac
3055a2ed364ccaf301c7a02d70b5c573 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t02.flac
9a26d089353947cd050d990935d959ae *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t03.flac
4b4ecb2a3353fb3bdc71422d28fa6aa9 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t04.flac
8ded10d5bdd5f561dcf827f53047a003 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t05.flac
081075dffea19b3006db143bca280fb4 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t06.flac
9dd7267d5d1af4dad4e6ca8a8b643f3d *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t07.flac
90141013b6223621ca974a3a8fc3e485 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t08.flac
cc9ad9506b95fe78235542f2e8f9623c *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t09.flac
38ea3e61e03f44351f63c61c82992849 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t10.flac
ae0712bdf2d85e95d7a1ec136fd33245 *mule_2012-07-11_oktava_s02_t11.flac

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