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Allman Brothers Band 10/30/80
Municipal Auditorium, Columbus, GA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 839 MB (879755264 bytes)
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Source Summary Unknown Audience > ? > CDR > FLAC 
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The Allman Brothers Band
Municipal Auditorium
Columbus, Georgia


Disc One
1. Don't Want You No More
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear
3. Can't Take It With You
4. Blue Sky
5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
7. I Got A Right To Be Wrong
8. Southbound
9. From The Madness Of The West
10. One Way Out
11. Jessica

Disc Two
1. Whipping Post
2. Pegasus
3. Ramblin' Man

Henry Paul Band opened

Show Checksums
8199ceaa086ae4000da79023e5585b76 *abb1980-10-30d1t01_Don't Want You No More.flac
a8a21daa39a2f3eed31e9e6f36df2e4e *abb1980-10-30d1t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac
e4a2ede87d6fb315ff1e8c8dd850ff19 *abb1980-10-30d1t03_Can't Take It With You.flac
f602fda7576b97dedbea5658b2ca7b7b *abb1980-10-30d1t04_Blue Sky.flac
81cdd1b9c717d57456035e6a2b607a90 *abb1980-10-30d1t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac
39b080d8c4a12298493504c9906f99c2 *abb1980-10-30d1t06_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac
fc57759080226b266915c8f6ce3f8709 *abb1980-10-30d1t07_I Got A Right To Be Wrong.flac
3818c2a7a5372b8da8e0d303613d4c41 *abb1980-10-30d1t08_Southbound.flac
1a6f698a26f66385a9b83c284da2a286 *abb1980-10-30d1t09_From The Madness Of The West.flac
7342fc8dc952341e5c7cc95b0942c815 *abb1980-10-30d1t10_One Way Out.flac
c7a2ba79661a9d296b130f705270c693 *abb1980-10-30d1t11_Jessica.flac
0c5044e03bd4cf531f3f725638f365bd *abb1980-10-30d2t01_Whipping Post.flac
ab693c8ec68b48b2fc0527f89b76a700 *abb1980-10-30d2t02_Pegasus.flac
e57efdd533531886f74e3e01ba4c0768 *abb1980-10-30d2t03_Ramblin' Man.flac
abb1980-10-30d1t01_Don't Want You No More.flac:110d995fff4c416a822d6df9072a731a
abb1980-10-30d1t02_It's Not My Cross To Bear.flac:987154645228a6f2a5d60235fce868cd
abb1980-10-30d1t03_Can't Take It With You.flac:68840cd5b4166fae964a6cd1f0d44b16
abb1980-10-30d1t04_Blue Sky.flac:bd1f070783b1a698264847a945634b13
abb1980-10-30d1t05_Need Your Love So Bad.flac:dcfbf0d5dbb5aebbd9ceeb65689a34dd
abb1980-10-30d1t06_In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.flac:6b52593a977a6b0ce457ddf7fe3ec6fc
abb1980-10-30d1t07_I Got A Right To Be Wrong.flac:dddbcc3c62603d95d963b7d6490672ec
abb1980-10-30d1t09_From The Madness Of The West.flac:57d7c3f2bcb43c6bd0db2315a0791260
abb1980-10-30d1t10_One Way Out.flac:c2f92bd3277a45397093161e700b9d65
abb1980-10-30d2t01_Whipping Post.flac:94fbe49c33f846b7f81f0478250f2ebf
abb1980-10-30d2t03_Ramblin' Man.flac:6310f62289b2b44d5aee0b105a04f0ad

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08/15/2012 mgoldey A solid, bright audience recording.